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yeah the pressuring hand with of excuses and coming out the girl forward next month about my travels to Mongolia and Thank You Rebecca are coming Rebecca is here from trip hours for books still okay guys you know traditional publishing and infinite motion some of us have purchased starting out with bucks and some of us are very well established and I know we all read about horses we all love horses people that read my books will be hurt by Bucks will read your books so so what I'm really interested in is talking about not only interview questions Louis or in traditional publishing but discussing how we can relate tonight as authors and support each other through our various channels and really support equine hopper community I love to it's a hash that our authors you know raise your hands have you've written and published a book right raise your hand if we want to publish so far but who here has traditionally published raise your hand and then who's an indie author conversation brainstorming so questions I think would be a great way to yeah and don't forget we have Megan here that represent attrition publish so so when I when I first was developing my first book I did a lot research on my own and there is a wealth of information out there I also talked about other others we're always happy to help I mean you can call us anytime I will chat with you about educated myself and I did I took some notes I made some printouts I looked at the pros and cons of both independent publishing and traditional publishing and I really looked at what was best for me and how that would work with my schedule advise doing because and the choice is really yours things have changed a lot and in educating yourself is the best way I think to start something and don't feel overwhelmed just remember it's like baby stuff my baby stuff baby stuff by the pages that and there's people that help you along the way you know and then there's opportunity to hire people that can help you with book design and editing copy editing and formatting and then just chatting with your peers here at HP will really help you open that process for example how do they hope is a great example do you want to forget so last year we were sitting around there and yeah and this book that I kind of just partially jotted down some notes for us ever had anyway the idea was born for the book and for that started working at emedicine also and that was really helpful besides just the research piece just being able to have some what did you so that was really beneficial on that and I think we're the smartest things yeah it's just hard yeah so if I heard in a minute author does it you should do it all in the room you know you get professional yeah right may not hard to cover designer they never underestimate the powerful connections you know and that's exactly what we're trying to take here's and yeah and she did it in a year right yeah great and she had overwhelm in the beginning I never overbought but in the other great thing to us is by using all of us as resources we have contacts we can share with you that will save you time and well that would worked with and know what they're doing that can help you rather than you have yourself your resources in in this over here people talk to the process of self-publishing like how that works and how you find a publisher and what you do ring them sure printing and I did it I did a piece at a pen body conference about taking our blog and turning into books it's a lot of people at blogs wanted to book so it was really and I can certainly share with all of you guys it was really very basic about kind of the differences between different platforms you know that's the day but in different emotion right now there's a lot of platforms to choose from so that alone can be overwhelming Lulu Ingram you know Katie community created space which is the Amazon branch and so I really recommend you kind of look and do your research some of them are more user friendly than others some have higher quality prints than others some have more distribution and others so it really is a personal traits and preference the benefits of traditional publishing so like if someone's not sure about independent versus traditional may be you know kind of talked a little bit about the pros of that because I mean I think traditional publishing there's a lot of guidance that officers gather along the way who's he over Tina please well that's true and leave a couple of people in here who we've worked with various times and is as you can attest you maintain complete control over error and that simply isn't the truth if you got a publisher and wants to work with you I'm wearing investing a lot of money and a lot of time into your phone and so the agreement is decide where that to be able to influence how that looks we usually as and transparently but there is an editorial process and we also obviously share the proceeds that all comes down to the contract which is you would have to deal with unless your hiring out and then hiring some kind of removed some of the responsibilities from your shoulders so we have our own freelancers we have our own designers we edit in house we provide that service when we agree that our public we also pay for the printing and you take the responsibility to make sure that it looks a certain way and it doesn't and not see what that was but I mean obviously and especially when it comes to a real in fiction is a different world now I mean I do think that a lot of people have stories to tell and it's a lot easier to get your book out quickly and get it out the way you want it if you self-published especially if you have the time the energy to grassroots promote I mean you guys are examples of how I can be a success all right but um could you tell us about the benefits when it comes to distribution and marketing sure so again this is so it's a really fluid world right now but it has long been the standard we have national distribution so Ingram is our national distributor they have sales reps in the field and into specialty shops and into and they handle all our histories into Amazon and Barnes and Noble and into Canada and we also have destroyers in the UK and the distribution of English English language books into Europe Australia New Zealand so all that is already part of who we are however to be completely honest and forthright you know the role of the distributor is changing to a certain degree and Amazon is changing that so individuals can a lot of success not necessarily in getting women to independent bookstores but still a real challenge and it's very difficult for us as well sometimes but I do think that it's getting easier for people especially if they have successfully constructed a platform and bring marketing to to the table a little bit about what the submission process for working with would like I think that that's something yeah that some places won't take its submission foot without an agent seven senators should that will certainly be the case of major major publishers mainstream publishers you know big five big seven a lot of them are in archives at the submission and mr. coming in with an agent and often that agent actually has to have person on first-name basis with people within that publishing company it also is the case of your publicist just FYI so to help support your efforts selling your book in our case here I am it's just not how we have sufficient violence on our website a lot of small publishers to be honest or the same way you can go on their site they're going to have submission guidelines they accept unsolicited music except total estimated manuscripts often you can send them an email and they'll come back and they'll illustrate that and more detail as to what they require I would say unless you're trying to sell you know you looking for a six-figure advance and you're you're by the way to Simon and Schuster I'm sorry there's a contagion any any color shirts a small publisher worth its salt it's going to work with you and try to be there if there's a me back and forth and will be fairly transparent I think we all love horses well write about horses like but can we maybe go around the room and just talk about what genre were interested in that would be awesome because I need to be good at especially for connecting later kind of you know like I already nonfiction pretty much memoirs at this point so which is very different than Carly's and but there right at the question question I fix it so if you've got a nonfiction over here Maya is basically educational how to a little bit into the scientific medical aspect of it but that was just the one book and I'm working on something totally different on a business aspect so vlogger doesn't either talk to Martha but you know maybe making it's lent more towards the equestrian industry might be something that would be more of interest well as if right now when we published we brought back mark ratchet self-publish is his fiction which was is to date only other than that we did a number of years ago it's only 30 now we published but the door is kind of creaking open so we're interested in broadening our offerings as some of you may have seen we now have a number of memoirs that we published which is new we've always just been happy yeah but she saw in the option our three ages five to ninety five but their littler kids enjoy your courage read aloud and that I can create her V to the book for big people so that's that's the nation because I I'm gonna radiate Morris historian I've written three books I'm working on a book with a woman who was one of the big Arabian or show people of the seventies that's going to be out pretty soon I'm working on I don't look I like editor with 30 years experience I have an interest in learning why people opt for the self-publishing because as much as it seems to be so can I comment on that really quickly if anyone's experiences and we'll get to the rest so I wait the two before I decided to self-publish and I'll tell you straight out of the gate the reason why I decided to today dependently polish now I grew I started my career the music industry and back then there was distribution only through major record labels and you had to be lucky if discovered by any in our agent and I wouldn't want to messages there's a change happening in publishing that impacted movies and music and now is heading towards books but giving them the power kind of to the Creator so there's nothing wrong with an independent musician or bill or an independent film festival there's nothing wrong with being an author I chose to do that because I make more money and royalties I have a say about my cover design website I would say my content and how that goes but more importantly I retain my intellectual property so I can do whatever I want with my book whenever I wanted I can make audio books I can make a box shut I can put it on all the major channels that I want to put it on so I have a cupola to control and unfortunate because my background my preferred background provided me with the skills to be able to do would manage all those things so I understand the understan communications I understand marketing others do branding understand social media so I made a video a little bit dirty but I get to hire who I work with no one's telling me what to do and I kind of like that independent ownership of my own work I could read my books anytime I want to recover them I can immediately stones or filmmakers if I wish to which I'd like to talk to you all about that was one festival by the way but that's why I chose independent publishing and it wasn't always that easy they used to call it vanity publishing and it didn't it was very expensive very kind of mine in frowned upon their books within the vineyard you know garage because they're great and this is I didn't have as many as I want and it's available and all the mainstream channels and it's only getting better there are tons of resources out there that will show you how to independently published if you want to do the work that's the thing you have to do the work and you have to be responsible editing copy editing good cover design you have to you can't just put up I think the reason why independent publishing has gotten a bad name is because people don't do that work and they're not diligent about making sugar delivering a good product quality and I think that's changing because there's a community that are coming around coming together to have conversations around how to independently published correctly there are no organizations that support independent authors there's an author's Alliance there's no man called Joanna Penn of the creative attention as a podcast which is fantastic so much information a wealth of knowledge I'm the trends that are changing too that's allowable so I think independent publishing because both are great and it's cool that we have options right right that would probably be late a value for you Rebecca and author keep to you with a following and a brand already there with people wanting their books I mentioned you know there's a few years why did you go over to a memoir they would consider working yes you know that's how it works at the reason industry a fan you know like Dave Matthews started college campuses and we did with the Hector does and all of a sudden created this huge surge of grassroots fans and then you got signed you know so so you can do it that way too I mean you can go back and forth either way it just depending on what's right for you so I'm sorry I'm seven traditionally published books they're all nonfiction my interest for the future is to start doing fiction and I know that's a lot harder to get published I did start like it's very baby steps but I started like just for this kind of engagement so people can go on they could say like hey I'm looking for advanced traders are looking for reviewers I'm looking for help you know advice under this publisher I'm here and so that's so it's equine you quite an author community just hash tagging and Candice carapace right side little under canvas carapace that look right there only this mine I write fiction I mean intended as be published and just to speak to both of your points one of the things to also consider anything between traditional and independent is in fiction at least unless you're really big you're not going to get much marketing even from a traditional publisher so if you think one of the benefits of going traditional is I won't have to do any marketing that's not true you're still going to have to do the vast majority of your own yeah a lot of them they won't even decide about the you know I have a social media clever woman marketing scheme that's already established I'm Amy I published my first poetry books through jpg Amazon like Carly I hired my artists and you mind your honor my next project I'd like to work on it's like a Western fiction kind of fantasy I'm also have like jump created a little plan for I'm in California so we have Giant Sequoias so I'd really like to highlight them as well as somehow tiny horses and so that because in our area it's an hour to get there so we can write our horse through the wishbone tree you know so that's I may consider traditional publishing I don't know it I'm open to anything so I think it's kind of funny so Carly and I you know we became quite close a fiction fiction you know there's there's some people out there who are established and have really amazing reputations as writer or photographer River and then they go into books and then there's people who are kind of starting off and these books are kind of elevate them and to help build the reputation and I really like there's really no right way to do it I feel like that's the beauty of things and you know I started my blog last year well I rebranded last year and I launched the timid right at the same time as I at least confessions at this unit writer and I just it's been a whirlwind of just awesome thank the cool thing that's happening too with SEO and particularly on Amazon is you are actually able to drill way the heck down to get to equestrian categories they actually actually have an area for that so there is less color slits for equestrian even books which is which is pretty cool there's a little bit of assignments to you know getting into the right category so that's that's like a whole another topic but these are all like steps right so whenever I go to write a book or release a book I mean it got a list of my stats right and because I know there's a lot of them and it may seem daunting but you just check them off as we go you do your research which way do you want to go and then you just you know a checklist and then as you go along I mean the most important thing though about any of this is don't worry about it and sleep great your book yes since you're gonna sit your buns at your computer in schedule a time I'd like to do it in the morning because I was still fresh and write the book because you cannot talk all day long about writing the book but unless you actually have the vodka drink but this doesn't this conversation doesn't matter right a tradition I think there's like some weird statistic out there that 80% of humanity says that they want to write a book it will be like 3% you know so it's you know it's like I think one of the best books I've ever read also on writing is called operating a very interested in crucible the vintage was its background but it talks about his style and how many times he got a decline is rejection modernist and soybean Stephen King it's really a wonderful book but I think the best advice is just right the never worry about all this other stuff like number one on your checklist write the book you know and I think put out there to night I don't remember Sunday but if you write two pages a day or two hundred words a day like within a year you're gonna have a bug so yeah and then if there's actually like platforms out there like camp NaNoWriMo something like we said what we really want to do is unite all of us together and become resources for each other and answer each other's questions so after the thing yes thanks for coming I just wanted to mention the equus phone festival has a literary category I'm partnering up with them this year on the literary journal to actually really bigger spotlight on the author section I'm going to be there I'm gonna have a table Heather's coming and focus criminal story into her book a press release to put out through HP about my partnerships with them but most importantly there's a link but the criteria for how your [Applause] every log review yeah kind of all what are you gonna read first [Laughter] [Applause]

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