Automatic Team Generator (Excel/VBA)

This is a quick demo of a team generator
created for a customer, who wanted a quick application for generation of teams for sport events. So you have the team generator here and you have the amount of teams, it’s set to three, and it currently supports up to eight teams, and you have the names of the players here
and you have the level of the players and if they’re participating or not and
this is a quick randomized column, for randomizing the teams if the generator is not doing…. not changing the generation of teams accordingly to what
you would expect. B ecause it will just put these players into the
teams so that the team level is the same for each team. Okay so if we push
generate here. It will generate the teams here and you can see that you can change
this to five teams and it will generate again and it’ll create five teams
instead and if you want to change where the players are you can quickly do this
one and sort accordingly to that and it will change which players are on which
team so this is a quick demo of what I do and this is a quick and quick
solution where you just have a pretty pretty simple generator here but it can
be extended if you have those needs

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