Autumn Fashions READ ALOUD Fall Season Poem for Children

AUTUMN FASHIONS (Evergreen theme music playing.) The Maple owned that she was tired of always
wearing green, She knew that she had grown, of late, too
shabby to be seen! The Oak and Beech and Chestnut then deplored
their shabbiness, And all, except the Hemlock sad, were wild
to change their dress. “For fashion-plate we’ll take the flowers,”
the rustling Maple said, “And like the Tulip I’ll be clothed in
splendid gold and red!” “The cheerful Sunflower suits me best,”
the lightsome Beech replied; “The Marigold my choice shall be,” the
Chestnut spoke with pride. The sturdy Oak took time to think—“I hate
such glaring hues; The Gillyflower, so dark and rich, I for my
model choose.” So every tree in all the grove, except the
Hemlock sad, According to its wish ere long in brilliant
dress was clad. And here they stayed through all the soft
and bright October days; They wished to be like flowers—indeed, they
look like huge bouquets! (Evergreen Tales theme music playing.)

1 thought on “Autumn Fashions READ ALOUD Fall Season Poem for Children

  1. what a lovely little poem! new friends here, hope you can be ours too and read with us!

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