Autumn Poem (Orchestra & Harp) Gerald Wilhelm Braden

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10 thoughts on “Autumn Poem (Orchestra & Harp) Gerald Wilhelm Braden

  1. I am so happy you finished your Four Seasons pieces Maestro Braden! This is absolutely beautiful! As always, we are hoping to hear your music performed by live orchestras. There are very few composers in the world today that compose music as melodic and pleasing as your compositions!

  2. Dieses Stuck ist so schon, Herr Braden! Ich bin so glucklich, neue Musik von Ihnen zu horen! Ich hoffe, Sie haben ein wundervolles neues Jahr!

  3. Sir do you have score snippets (do but don't want ask for the entire score…). that you would share? Or better yet do a personal walkthrough of the score via YouTube. Much here that less experienced composers and students of theory could benefit from…

  4. Another great piece Maestro Braden! We are both hoping that orchestras will begin performing your music soon! My girlfriend has brought your music to the attention of her orchestras conductor and other professional musicians, and I know it's just a matter of time. I'm sure your music is going to sound GREAT with a live orchestra!

  5. Well composed! Had to subscribe. By the way, after reading the description: There are good sample libraries nowadays that get somewhat close to a realistic sound when programmed properly. Could be an alternative to expensive live orchestra recording.

  6. Let me congratulate you upon the completion of yet another masterpiece, Maestro Braden. I like this a lot, especially the huge amount of variation in rhythm that you've managed to put into this 10 minute long work. It is like we can listen to a bunch of separate movements woven into the the work, which slowly transition from one to the other.

    But it reminds me of the Overture for America, more than anything else, and there is, of course, the classic Bradenian optimism and hope which is the signature of almost all your music.

  7. Masterpiece, superbly done Maestro you have been blessed with a special gift, take full advantage of it and continue to share, thanks my friend!!!

  8. This is great, Gary. I really enjoyed it. It would be great to hear it performed by an orchestra! Good luck making that happen. While listening with headphones on and trying to visualize the music I couldn't help but think that the image of the swirling dancer you chose for the playback seemed to fit the score at 4:00. It was probably not your intention, but I chuckled a bit at myself for thinking it.

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