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I like to make my songs theatrical always. It’s kind of over exaggerated, but in a way
I’m really reclaiming the word psycho. The chorus mocks almost, the girl. This girl feels out of her mind, she feels
psycho, but she’s not. It’s kinda like she’s being gaslighted in
this situation. It’s okay to show all of your sides, and not
get judged, in a relationship especially. This instance, it was a girl who’s misunderstood,
when really she’s strong, and independent, and outspoken. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Be who you are. My personal music inspirations, they vary
from, there’s so many women in the industry, that are so strong, and talented, and have
been through so much. For me, it’s about the women who’ve been through
the obstacles, and came out stronger. Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Brittney, Christina. Whitney, Mariah, they’re so talented. Their voices, you couldn’t not cry, when you
heard them sing. She’s being called psycho, but she’s being
herself, and she’s being vulnerable. The guy’s kinda mocking her, she’s kinda
feeling psycho because of the guy in the relationship. She’s not psycho. I’m not at all, calling women psycho. Ever since we were little, we were told how
to think, how to dress, how to act. I don’t think it’s okay. We are not psycho. A lot of guys don’t like feeling vulnerable. So for me, it’s all about testing the guy,
and be like, “Hey, how vulnerable can you be, ’cause I can be vulnerable all day long”. The woman being so fierce and amazing, I don’t
think a lot of guys can handle it. I believe that women are the strongest creatures
on earth. By being fierce, and strong, and independent,
guys hate it, but they love it too. It’s a love-hate thing. Even guys have dualities to them. Everybody has dualities to them. It’s about how you handle them, in a relationship. At the end of the day, it has to be a healthy
relationship. Let’s be real. ‘Cause if it’s not a healthy relationship,
no one should stay in the relationship. She’ll do anything for love, she’ll do anything
for you, and she better get the same back. When you can tell the guy’s totally not wanting
you for all the right reasons, he wants you for all the wrong reasons. Just using you, like a doormat is not okay. It’s not okay ladies. The guy is literally thinking all of this. Because, the woman in the relationship, she
knows what she’s got. She knows she’s strong. I think guys, again, they need a little, they
wanna label us, and that’s not okay. My personal sweet side? I think it’s staying at home, and cooking
for someone I love. A nice home cooked meal. My go-to dish actually is chicken fajitas. Chicken fajitas, I have to say, I make a bomb
ass chicken fajitas. Basically I’ve turned into this person I’m
hanging out with. That itself, is crazy. ‘Cause how can someone just become someone
else? Right? Isn’t that crazy? I really do believe opposites attract. But then again, I think people who are with
people all the time, you feed off their energy. Well pain, necessarily, doesn’t mean pain. It means all the ups and down in relationships. All the blood, sweat, and tears. All the things we go through in relationships. If you don’t like this aspect of me, then
you’re not gonna get all this amazingness afterwards. You gotta love all aspects of me.

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  1. "Hey how vulnerable can you be? Cause I can be vulnerable all day long" HAHAH MOOD

  2. What an absolute trash bag. All she said was men label women, women are the strongest creators on earth, men think they aren’t vulnerable, blah blah blah. Grow up, learn some manners, and #StopFeminism

  3. All I heard was independent, independent, independent, independent and independent.

  4. When I see the thumbnail:Wait!, this is a poppy
    When open the video:Yo Wtf is not poppy (i'm not fan with poppy)

  5. yo i kid you not when i was 7 and on vacation in germany, the hairdresser cut my hair like this. i hated it sm and got bullied for it but seeing ava w this look is making me sooo happy

  6. Feminism has joined the chat (personally I don’t rlly agree with a whole lot of what she said because she was grouping all guys into one and it’s kinda not fair and I’m a girl so…?)

  7. It's funny when she named every artist except Gaga then sung exactly like Gaga lol

  8. 04:42 Ok, but that face she gave us there, she was DEFINITELY teasing an upcoming song! 😐

  9. When you want to cut you’re hair off because it will make your life easier, but your long hair looks 100x better

  10. Charlie Puth👑, Ava Max👑 and Billie Eilish👑 are angels. They are not human!!!!!!!

  11. when u confused choosing long hair or short hair, then accidently cut half. and want long hair again~

  12. 0:48 She forgot to mention Ariana!!!!! Omgg no! I'm mad like seriously!

  13. so basically its just as much of a borderline anthom as i thought it was. thanks for confirming.

  14. i hate people that winge about men saying this and that . mate . stfu its a few people . dont blame all of us

  15. she is literally the prettiest woman alive imo and she has the voice of an angel.
    Edit: I also think Anne-Marie is second.

  16. she beilieves wrong, womens are to make kids and to get fucked by man , fucking bitch

  17. I feel like a lot of people kind of are like "fEmiNiSt" but like, she's just thinks women are amazing and i think thats awesome.

  18. The Comments Section
    53%: Ava’s hair.
    37%: How Sia/LadyGaga had a kid (or some other singers)
    7%: autotune has left the chat.
    3%: Other

    (This does not include replies!)

  19. Damn i got this song all wrong. I thought it was about bringing out your crazy side. I love it

  20. WARNING: unoriginal!!

    Hairdresser: short or long?
    Ava: Yes
    Hairdresser: Okay? Um…Straight or curly?
    Ava: Yes

  21. 𝒽𝒾!
    ( ✰ – ✰ )
    𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝒸ℴ𝓂𝓂ℯ𝓃𝓉 𝒾𝓈 𝓇ℯ𝒶𝓁𝓁𝓎 𝓇𝒶𝓃𝒹ℴ𝓂 😂

  22. Ava without auto tune😑
    Go n watch of billie eillish without auto tune..that is 10 time good than this shit.!

  23. Ava Max: “all the ups and downs in a relationship ALL THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS”
    Me: stops everything Im doing and is like “THATS A BTS SONG!!!!”

  24. Every comment I've read is talking about hair, and no one's talking about the lyrics of the song (the whole purpose of this video) so I'm about to talk about the lyrics.
    I am fully aware that ALMOST EVERYBODY is going to come after me for this, but before you hate me, let me explain.
    As a person who has experienced legitimately diagnosed psychosis, this song is a little bit hurtful. In most cases, it's no light experience. It's certainly not something you forget in a week, usually, you carry it around for your whole life. Speaking from my experience, everyone's going to have a different experience
    So the word "psycho" is a bit emotionally distressing every time I hear it, because it definitely is stigmatizing, and it feels like people are shaming people like me with this type of mental illness.
    I completly understand that people use this word with no intention of stigmatizing anything, but if you think about it for a bit, it really is quite derogatory for people who are deemed "psychos". So to hear it in a light-sounding pop song being spread like the plauge with everyone humming it and whispering that word under their breath, it hurts quite a bit, even if the song has completely different intentions. But then again, I might be the only one who finds this song hurtful, so please let me know if you relate/ don't relate. Thank you so much for getting to the bottom of my rant

  25. Theres one thing I dont know about Ava and that is feminazism, like Im not saying women have had worse position in the world in the *past*, but nowadays men and women are equal in US, Europe. Theres still places like middle east where women have like really bad position (we should do something about that) but in places like Finland, women have better social position than men. But yea Ill shut my f up and just say for the last words, Im addicted to Ava's music

  26. 4:41 all the blood SWEAT and *TEARS!* mhahaha
    [evil laugh intensely increases]

  27. "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
    – ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭11:28‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  28. the lyrics has nothing to do about the real meaning, i mean the lyrics are way off and can be interpreted in many ways. i don't think that is a good thing viewing she wants to send a strong message

  29. i think she said few good think but she labeled guys and at the same time she said that guys are doing that XD kinda funny

  30. Ava: Hey guys long or short?
    Ava: Curly or straight?
    Ava: Alright say no more

  31. She didn’t know if she actually wanted short hair, so she tried on half of it, didn’t like it, left the other part long cause she didn’t like the short hair.

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