hey kids a fan man coming at you on May 15th 2019 the year of intersectional feminism taking a look at an article from The Hollywood Reporter thr written by Aaron couch and Patrick Shanley that's right couch and Shanley I know they're probably rock stars to you just like they are to me Avengers in came writers take on biggest fan theories now I want to just say this at the top of this video very briefly when you are a masterful storyteller and I'm not saying I am but I've read many masterful stories as have you gentle viewer you will find in really well told stories especially those that are serialized or that are building up to something right even if it's just in a self-contained work like one novel the skilled writer will layer in certain what can be called recursive elements of a story in other words things will reoccur you'll see the character experience something again but then they'll experience in a different different way perhaps it leads to a different outcome these are all elements of the story that can be used by a writer in a very masterful way to keep reader interest to keep the momentum and the conflict alive in the story that is that's writing 101 no matter what genre you're writing it and we've seen that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since day one so before anybody and I've seen these in you know these videos I've been doing on Avengers in shame a lot of people seem see you feel you feel untrue I have loved these characters many many decades before these movies were even a possibility thanks to Marvel's bankruptcy and secondly I was there reading about the development of Iron Man before they even cast Robert Downey jr. and I was there seeing it on opening day when many many people did not bother to see it until the word got out hey there's an after credit scene so no don't tell me I'm not a fan I'm a huge fan and also I have been told that I am simply upset with this film because it is not leading living up to my expectations and let me just be clear about that that the last Jedi force awakens' argument and it's as stupid now with this movie as it is with those there are certain properties there are certain stories but I would say any story really that's well told if it is going to be broken up into segments as has to be the case in some in depending on on the scenario the way it's told the genre etc the medium you're going to find that there are elements of that story that demand that you return to them as a writer as a director as a creator whatever it might be you're going to have to come back to it why because you've already established it in screenwriting specifically there's the old saying that you don't put a gun over a fireplace in act 1 unless you will have that gun fired in act 3 in other words that's a very good way of saying do not put in anything unnecessary in your story keep it lean and what you do put in has to have meaning and purpose and not all of it necessarily has to have a payoff later but much of it if not that's why I would say 95% of it should it should always be building to the future right you're always going again that recursive quality that we're talking about so the MC who's been doing that beautifully that's what that first post-credits scene was that was the beginning of something was laying a foundation and over the years we've all theorized as to where these movies could go each new movie has led to theories where is it going to be and who's gonna be next and how is this story gonna play into this and they're gonna do this from the comics and that's been the beauty and a genius of this franchise up to recently that they have been able to use these wonderful elements of storytelling great storytelling to keep interest and to keep fans theorizing as you can see here in this article that's what we're talking about fan theories so it isn't about my expectations not being met it's not that at all it's about the expectations that have already been established in earlier films being ignored entirely and not only in ignored entirely whole characters have been kind of painted with this uncharacteristic brush all in the name of contrivance the fact is that the reason there are so many fan theories of the on this film is because no one not even the director and as we're about to see the writers can agree on just what the hell happened at the end that's a huge problem and I will say this again I haven't gone back and watched all the MCU films in preparation for this film or infinity war but I would say probably safely that we could 100% say all the films up to this one with the exclusion of say Ragnarok and then captain man pants I didn't see but I would say most if not all of those films did have that cohesion they were faithful to character they were faithful to an overall arc and as self-contained contained stories they were faithful to the beats they had to be faithful to their so when you come to this film and you start throwing that out aka Ryan Johnson and many people say what the reason you didn't like the last GA is because you didn't meet up to your expectations either no as is the case now with the MCU although for many more decades Star Wars had and and in particular we need to say Lucas George Lucas had laid a foundation that was going to pay off that's why he did the prequels I know those are of course a mixed bag for many people and I understand that and I don't love them completely but I do think they get a very bad rap and so but he even as bad as you might think those films are their story elements there that are reflected in the original trilogy and vice-versa and there's a payoff if you watch all six films you get a sense of the story and of the universe that you perhaps would not get just watching three certainly you wouldn't just watch the prequels because you'd be missing out the story really is meant to continue there however even if I think you watched the the original three you could end it there but there's also some room to wonder what would it have been like and that's what the prequels are there Lucas saying this is what it would have been like and what it was like you don't have to like them but that's his that's his take on it and I think he has to some extent a right to do that of course as Professor geek so wisely puts it he also has and I think failed his duty to the fans because once your work becomes beloved and it goes into the zeitgeist the popular consciousness at that point it is no longer solely your work nor is it under your purview solely it is now the property of all those who love it it becomes in a way their custodians of it and that's why we're all so damn passionate this stuff and the same is true for the MCU there were threads laid down that were begun to be woven into this tapestry all the way back in Iron Man and many of those have been thankfully I think probably very well wrapped up they've been very well brought to fruition but many haven't characters who we've known now for a decade have been out of character written out of character in such a way that destroys not only this film and the ending that these endings that this movie is bringing to a lot of characters but now retro actively damages the other films and it's a shame really it's a shame and that is exactly what we saw with the last Jedi and the force awakens there are whole character arcs and characterizations that are just completely savaged and destroyed in the name of exactly as Rhian johnson puts it were however the hell you pronounce his name I wanted to subvert expectations so he knew Rian Johnson knew this is a franchise built on expectations I don't know if that's what's going on with the MCU I don't know but I have to think on one level they thought yeah you know what there's a level of expectations and part of all of this kids is arrogance the supreme arrogance of these these these far-left elites who work as storytellers and they look down on you and me they want our money but they look down on us and and the sad the saddest thing is that the MCU for so many years we felt like they didn't they cared about and seemed to care about what the fans want not anymore they look down upon us and they go they don't know what they really want they don't know what they need we know better than them we're the we're the elite screenwriters we've been set apart because we're screenwriters and directors and actors and filmmakers well you're out of your minds because we are the reason you're here and I guess you could go and use that old saying I pay your salary and I do believe that's absolutely true that we do how many of these guys and I love look there's really very few actors in these films even considering their political leanings that I don't really like they have a natural likability charisma charm and I and I want to see them succeed how many of those of them would be as successful as they are now in light of these films so they oh I think the fans a great debt to not finish this ten-year are or to finish it in this way that undermines what we've seen is I think a travesty it's it's truly terrible it's kind of like you've run this race and you are finally at the finish line and right before the finish line you completely give up you completely give up and you just barely make it past the finish line take out your phone and start texting like hey I need to get a cab to get out of here and you don't even stay you know you've won your first place but you don't even care you just move on now I know people will say this is the most popular film ever made it's made more money than all the movies ever made since the beginning of film combined so your stupid fan man whatever again if you want and that's another very popular argument right now whose money made billions of dollars it has to be good get back to me after you've gone look at the earnings of the Transformers films by Michael Bay and we'll talk about the money quality relationship and and I think you'll have very less little to say after that let's look at this article it's from thr I'm sorry I'm finally getting to the article and I know I don't want to get into this whole article I just really wanted to hit the big point here especially as a big fan of Captain America end game sorry I have an alarm going off here in game screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely tackled all of these burning questions yes has burning questions you know why they're burning don't they really want you to believe that these questions are burning because there was such a well-crafted film that dead oh it's thrilling to wonder where this is all going to go no no there are burning questions because of the huge plot holes and contrivances and mine deaths that riddle this film and that's where these burning questions are coming from my biggest burning question what the hell were they thinking and of course right now they're all immune to criticism right anybody running Kevin Feige and all of his little lackeys they're all immune to criticism because they've made all this money which is a kind of like Michael Bay you couldn't tell them hey your movie now your second movie let's and your first one wasn't that great either but it's pretty good you can't owe it look how much money you've made yeah so anyway perhaps the most hotly debated in-game plot point is the fate of Captain America who travels back in time to live out his life with Peggy Carter now let's be very clear none of the fates of the characters in this film with the exception of those who were going to continue on as the series progresses should have been left up for debate that is shitty storytelling Captain America the Winter Soldier established that Peggy had a husband and two kids some fans have theorized by the way some fans means Maura morons okay morons have theorized about this I think because there's really no basis in it I've seen these films too I don't get it theorized that Steve Roger secretly was this husband all along others have stated that Steve created an alternate timeline when he went back to live with Peggy and somehow got back to the main line MCU as an old man look here it says some are others have stated you know who those others are the dam directors of the film Markus and McFeely except that different people will have different viewpoints on this topic but in their minds Steve was Peggy's husband all along in their minds kids this is a retcon this was never their intent and they're just going with this now because I think they were all sitting there going we're putting this movie out we don't really have an ending we screwed the landing we're gonna put it out and anything that sounds good now that sounds like we have our together that's what we're gonna go with so of course here they say this it was always our intention that he was the father of those two children but again there are time travel loopholes for that said McFeely added Marcus it does introduce the idea that there are two children who have somewhat super-soldier DNA know what it what it opens introduces is the idea that that is borderline incest seems to be something these cats are okay with and and I'm sure they are because when you are and I'm probably some people are gonna say well fan man you're really kind of assuming a lot here but I I am I'm painting with a broad brush but just follow me here for a second I would assume that these guys working in Hollywood okay working for Disney I would assume morally their their massive moral relativists so everything's okay right I mean as long as you're not hurting anybody quote-unquote everything's fine everything's great and so you can do whatever you want there that throws out the idea of universal truth right and universal law and I don't mean any kind of law made by a church or a human government or anything like that I'm talking about nature itself throws out those those laws and I think we'd all agree incest no matter how far left you are how permissive how liberal how the term now progressive how any of those things you are you'd agree incest is bad it's not good right it's destroying yourself you're you're not really doing anything positive for yourself your family it of course has their health defects I mean I don't have to explain this I hope to god I don't but this seems to be okay now I know some people have said well he's not technically really it's not technically incest it's still creepy because he still would have known Sharon Carter who is of course Peggy's niece he would have still been uncle Steve and it's still damned creepy right even if this version never met that version the other version did and it still goes back if we are sticking to this theory which is what Markus and McFeely are saying they're saying he never went to another universe he stayed in this one and just stayed out of sight while the other Captain America by the way he also let the other Captain America stay in the ice for 70 years hmm that's also a dick move right but he is also they're also saying that yeah this Captain America stuck around and and just hung out here with Peggy damned selfish move and he erased the future she could have had with somebody who wasn't him by going back and according to these guys becoming that husband we never saw and again I think that's a load of horseshit and believe me I know horseshit well I grew up on a horse farm that's a load of horseshit because I don't think that was their intent and I think they're running with this fan theory because right now they're they're probably high on so many things one of them being the success into this film and they just think hey we're gonna just agree with anything that makes these guys happy because that's what we want we want them to go see the movie again buy it on blu-ray by the figures by the you name it ABCD all the way to X Y Z whatever it is that they're making for this film that's what they want but I don't think for one damn second this was their plan so kids there you go not even the writers and directors of this film have any idea what the hell happened to I think it's very safe to say it's not just my bias the central character in the MCU and the Marvel Comics universe as far as morality the bearing the leadership Captain America Steve Rogers no one knows what happened to this guy they can't agree but they want you and I to just roll over go ahead great yeah give me more hey it's kind of like if you went to McDonald's in your Hey yeah even eating a nice delicious hot fudge sundae and you're like oh what's this it looks like part of a human finger all right I'll just keep eating around ha ha no thanks I personally don't enjoy human fingers in ice cream now they're lovely with ketchup alright kids thanks so much for watching be sure to sub down below if you haven't already hit the bell for notifications check me out on social media links down below and check out my friends professor geek and big owl their content also linked below thanks so much for watching have a great evening stay super


  1. We saw Old Man Steve Rogers. He was immediately recognizable. There’s almost no chance Sharon didn’t know who he was. If she didn’t it makes her a moron. Her kissing Steve with full knowledge of who he was is like Marty McFly willingly seducing his mother.

    So Sharon is either a moron or a creep.

    Cool retcon, MCU!

  2. "The reason you didn't like it was because it didn't live up to your expectations." Um, YEAH! DUH! That is literally what constitutes liking and not liking something.

  3. For me the dick move was letting Bucky suffer. How could he let all those things happen to his best friend? That is the worst thing, not the Sharon stuff… but wait, it was actually Sharon who made a move at “Uncle Steve” because Steve at that point in time does not know that he will go back in time and marry Peggy, Sharon should be the one who knows. So by that logic, Sharon is the creepy one, not past Steve. Or am I wrong?
    Eww, I did not want to think about this, but now I am, and now I’m even more horrified. This is making my headache worse.

  4. Am I crazy? I thought they were setting up for (Secret Wars) 2015 where the multiverse gets destroyed and the Ultimate verse and 616 merged. In this instance it would be the MCU merging with some other verse. That way they could recast Iron Man and Cap. They kind of give it away when the mention the earthquakes on multiple planets. Then it would make sense that Cap fucked up and made the MCU just another offshoot by staying in the past with Peggy.

  5. Wow FAN MAN!!!! This was great. Super cool of you to call this out! Love the fingers in the ice cream comparison. Dude next podcast with Professor Geek and Big Al aka Barry White this subject needs to be brought up. Along with a Bendis/Didio rant. Always greatness Fan Man from you! Plus I love how you pronounce Rian Johnson. Too funny!

  6. For every fan theory and plot hole question addressed by the Russos and writers, the more obvious the cracks in Avengers Endgame are all the more apparent.

  7. The MCU always had stupid writing. You just are noticing it now because u hate the current politics.

  8. Steve Rogers died in this movie. No one can convince me otherwise

  9. Avengers Endgame is a dumpster fire of consistent storytelling, on par with Game of Thrones. What a year to end all of these sagas.

    Great stuff, fan man. The Russos dropped the ball big time and they know it, thats why they are ''confirming'' stuff left, right and center, but that doesnt change the fact that they didnt bother to tell the screenwriters so the explanation is in the goddamn movie in the first place, IF they had anything at all. It looks to me that they are all hands on deck saving face. What a waste of time and resources.

  10. Maybe Creepy Uncle Steve is how they imagine 2019 America.

  11. I had to unsubscribe and resub with notifications because it did not notify me yday when you live streamed with Professor geek and big al. I missed soo much it made me sad. So hopefully that fixes it for next time.

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