Ah! OOoooohhh! Do you feel that, my brother? It’s time for us to be reborn! Rise from your slumber, my brother! Five more minutes, please. It’s time for us to realize our destiny! AWAKEN, MY BROTHER!!!

100 thoughts on “AWAKEN MY BROTHER!!!

  1. I'm legally allowed to feel 17 emotions and right now I'm feeling all of them at once and don't know which one to feel first

  2. Honestly I never thought I'd say it but I think Garfield may have finally met his match.

  3. the feelings hit hard when mario was crushed by a crossed shape brick and gave luigi his final star

  4. Huh, a jojo,pupa,and Mario reference. everyday we stray further from god.

  5. Here…
    Just think pillarmans is Jon, mario, luigi.

  6. If there was anything in the world that would make me gay, it would be this.

  7. Everything you’ve done, everything you’ve achieved, the struggles, the victories and the defeats, it’s all lead to THIS MOMENT…. glorious

  8. The COINCIDENCE is that I've been playing Heritage for the Future and this happens.

  9. From this day forth. Great things happened on this channel. It was already great but this made it greater

  10. I was thinking that Luigi would be, I dunno, amorph?, since ya know he was forced to came out and then go in again.

  11. Wh… what t… what th… what the he….

    what fucky ducking shit – fucking bitch bags of balls and hell did I just witness for fucks sake?

  12. 0:16
    People : oh no not the scary part
    after the time

  13. Mario's new objective is to become invincible in SSBU by consuming the Red Mushroom of Aja.

  14. Luigi: Oh, you are approaching me?
    Waluigi: I can't beat the WAH out of you without getting closer.
    Luigi: Then come as close as you like!
    WahWah's Wacky Wadventures

  15. Mario is Kars
    Both are the leaders, most powerful, and went to space
    Luigi is Wamuu
    Both are the second best and use wind (Luigi can use propeller mushrooms)
    Wario is Esidisi
    Both are the third most powerful and lost to the main character
    Waluigi is Santana

  16. You know what, this is probably as 'normal' as my Youtube binges are gonna get. Then again, I haven't the foggiest idea of what 'normal' means anymore.

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