Award-winning author Gail Honeyman visits Kingston University for Big Read event

I'm delighted to be here today and very much looking forward to talking to Kingston University students and meeting some of them and I think the big reads are really important initiative it's a great way to help people connect and over a shared experience it's a great way to break the ice for students and staff members to have something that they know they have in common to talk about which is a novel that we've all read and I'm really thrilled that a Lenoir elephant it's completely famous and the novel that's been chosen this year it's difficult to give advice but and this is not a new piece of advice but I think if you are interested in writing the best thing to do is read these just widely as you can as much as you can it's aid of the genre that you're interested in writing in as well as in it because that's the best way to learn about what works and what doesn't when you're rating

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