B A First Year English Literature Paper 1, Unit 2

hello students today we are going to read about the poetry as we have as you are told in the last class that the book poet's pen has many poetry from English and American writers so today we are going to start the poetry and the first poet is the most popular poet in English literature and who is William sex fear William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died in 1660 he was an English dramatist and a poet in Elizabethan is William Shakespeare prospers very well he was he was known as the most famous poet in that is and also today we read it all over the word mostly and he belonged to the Elizabethan age Elizabeth was the queen of England and mr. Shakespeare was the greatest reminisced and the greatest poet of this is he wrote around 154 sonnets in his lifetime 154 sonnets in the nighttime in them 126 are addressed to his friend mr. WH n or other 26 poems are addressed to the dark lady who is said the beloved of sex pure sex peer is an actor also he acts in many acts so Ben Johnson's play as in every man in his humor experience out many tragedies and many comedies and marry romantic plays as interest is there are famous plays the King Lear the Othello and the Hamlet these three are the most famous traces of sex fear and there are committees also as you like it and the Midsummer Night Dream and in romantic plays there are no Romeo and Juliet in comic plays The Merchant of Venice is also one of the famous plays of sex fear in the time of sex fear there are the time of the place and the subject is of variety there the comedies there are written on the romantic plays but sex fear is the only person who mingle the Romans and the comedy in one thing as we saw in as you like it as we sign a Merchant of Venice and we saw in Romeo and Juliet he mixed the comedy and the trace the comedy and the remains in a play or in a drama all the word is stitch this is a very dramatic poem this can be said dramatic because it shows the seven stages of MN this poem is a statement from sexiest famous comedy as you like it as you like it is based on the Royal Family's quarrel and royal families dramatic situations and in display there is a melancholy fellow which is called jex or Jack V's Jack's is a malenky fellow while the touchstone the other character is very jolly in his mode sex is very manly in his mode he behaves like a boor personality he always said that oh no where is the what is going on oh this is not so this should not be done that should be done always become very sad when the King Hunt hunted a deer he said that oh we came in the forest and we kill the animals while this is the home of the animal and we are the intruders she behaved always in melancholy tone she sings melancholy songs under the tree and the famous of one of the famous song is under the tree and this statement is given by Jack's all the voltages stays this is a very famous poetry poem and a statement which is given by Jack's according to the literature it is in it is written in the blank parts blank verse means there is no rhyme scheme there is no rhyme scheme particularly in this poem and sex fear write in a blank verse this poem so we can say that this poem presents the seven stages of men so there are the two titles of the poem which are famous first is all the stage which is the first line of the point and second is the seven is stages of men which is the title suggested by the many critics and many writers later the point the poem is in a philosophical tune as I have said you that sex is a melancholy fellow and always talk in a philosophical tone and he says that the word is a stage and there are the seven stages in every man's life and he lives his life as as a an actor there are entrance there are exists in everyone's life entrance me in the birth of every person and the death exit represents the death it is told by Jack's who was a melancholic character in the play this statement is given by Czechs he seems to spend all time mourning the negative side of man's character there are two types of personality in all over the world there are two types of person in all over the world one who sees only the optimistic side of the element and one the other is who see who sees only the pessimistic side of every element there are the two types of in this play both types of characters are at present are present first Jex is eminently fellow who sees always in the pessimistic side and the other is touchstone who was a fool and always look at looks at the bright side of the thing in this verse Jack's described the seven stages of men these seven stages are called the seven ages also of men the seven ages are described as well first the infant the age of infant infant means the little child very little child second is the school boy the winning school boy who was very naughty who does not want to go to the school and third is belonged to the eyes of lover which is where romantic and in the play as you like it the the age of flower is very similar to the character of Orlando who loves his beloved very much and write the poem for his eyebrows and for his her beauty and which is Rosalind Orlando loves Rosaline too much in the forest Rosaline disguised as a man's form and the name of the character became Ganymede with his with her sister Alina so the fourth stage is the age of soldier it is very important stage in every man's life because in this is men become very active and he walk like a dedicated person he is ready to go anywhere and he can do anything this is the age of a soldier and this is the age of soldier called 18 to 25 and then suddenly that scene change and the fifth is is called the justices while men cross the soldier is he became just like justice and behave like a justice always speak the old sayings and on modern instance and he behaved like a wise person and his round belly is very famous round belly is became a part of his body and seas became very slightly lazy from the soldier to the justices and the sixth is the old age it shows the decrease of the role of the men on the stage of the world and in all of them the last is the second child business the second childhood or the very very oldest because in this is men have lost his teeth man has lost his eyesight man has lost everything he he cannot eat properly he cannot drink properly he cannot think properly he cannot see properly nothing he cannot do anything without the help of other person now we will see all the stitches one by one first stage is the stage of infant infant is the first stage of every months every man's life when the person enter into the life he start milling and bucking in nurses on this these are the two qualities of every child or every infant impairments a little child who is dependent on the nurse or dependent on the father and mother is mewling because nothing on his stomach is proper according to his the machinery of his stomach so he mewling and ruling means crying and bucking means to worm it vomiting everything he take it takes it takes the milk and vomiting every time it takes the milk and vomiting every time and destroy the traces of its mother and the nurse so we can say when we enter on the stage at the first time or we enter into the word at first time we are dependent on the other person as we can see in the stage performance the new characters or new actors who came on the stage first time dependent on the other person who gave in the back side support the back side support as the dialogues delivery they make remember them about the dialogues which dialogue is going to come and what is the proper dialogue or what did he D what should he do on his performance so we can say this is very important and a very important stage of man's life now the second is the schoolboy when we became more elder than that infant the infant is turning into the child and challenge into end to turn into the boy and he was or he is admitted to the school winning a schoolboy is called winning a school away because he does not like to go to school every child wants to stay at home so the second stage is the school boy and every actor of the theater acts like a school boy at a time because he is very funny he feels uneasy to go to the stage and his station there is a stretch alors can we say to the school bag on the back of the child which was given by the school or by their parents by his parents is very heavy for his age sleeping sorry shining morning fish yes this is this means his face is very shining he shows very bright face and creeping like snail he is unwilling to go to school and make creep to their foot and unwillingly to go to the school like a snail snail is an insect who walks the most slowly all over the world he can cross the blade in two or three hours it is very slowly we cannot see the moment of this insect it is mostly found in the rivers and in the bank of seas he is unwillingly to school creeping like snake shining morning face is so special and the winning school boy these are the qualities of the school boy and now we turn to the third stage which is the stage of the lover at that time he became something depend independent because he finds someone who care him or whom he can care he fall in love with a girl or a girl fall in love with a boy and the boy who fall in love with a girl shining sighing like furnace furnace is a type of heart or Heath his eyes he takes eyes oh my beloved where are the oh my beloved I want to meet you means he writes many songs on the memory of his beloved with a woeful ballad made of his mistress eyebrow he composed many Rhymes and he composed many sonnets and he composed many love lyrics and sad songs on the memory of his beloved this is is called ideal is because infant is and the lover is both are called ideal is because in this is man's mind become very ideal Idol because it does not want to walk at the age of childhood or can be said at the age of infant he is not able to walk anything and in the age of a lover it doesn't want to do anything and he always busy in the composing the poetry on the praise of his mistress eyebrow he is sighing like furnace means the warm wind come from the mouth of him him and then the important role of the men's character comes the soldier it means the is of soldier like behavior not the soldier it is the person behaves like a soldier in the says he is ready to do anything which is given to him he's jealous for the owner he is ready to go everywhere he can fight with anyone and he can do anything this is is called the full of call full of possibilities and full of occasions and most of them first is full of strange oaths he takes the oath oh I will do this for my country at this is man loves his country too much beard like the leopar leopard labor is a an animal which has a sport and belong to the Lions family and is very fast in running and it has a little beard on the front of his face and all the person who has in the soldier who is in the soldier is beard like the LIA part because this is the first beard which appear on their face because they have crossed the adult sense and saladin quarrel jealous in owner the soldier is is very jealous is because he won to only who he loves only one he loves only the one person and that is himself he loves only himself and jealous to each other Salon in quorum is ready to quarrel to anyone and he is ready to do anything which is given to him so the army officers also selected the person of the age of 18 to 25 because it is called the soldier is seeking reputation the person of this is always seeking here and there the seeking reputation repetition which is called the bubble repetition because that repetition does not exist anything in all over it and ready to go on the mouth of Kenan Kenan is a big gun which shoot with a round and we can say that the cannon is very dangerous weapon in the film or in the battle but the soldier is ready to go between ready to go in the mouth of Kenan because he loves his country very much he lose his reputation he jealous in honor and he is very very he has very warm blood in his veins so this is is called the eyes of the soldier we have read about the four stages first is the infant second is the school boy third is the lower and fourth is the soldier first and third are the idle stages because man is dependent on the other and doesn't want to work anymore and the second and fourth ages are called other active participation in the Society's work and participation in the school or colleges works because in the second is men interfere interfere with the other students or other persons who made him in the school and in the fourth is he faces the society he behaves like a mature man and he want to ready to go anywhere which is given him he want to do something for his country he want to do something for his family he want to do something for his company this is has importance in everyone's life because this is called the action is and this is men decide about his career this is the age when a person should know what what does he wants men always should know his M this and most of you also are of the age of the soldier because you are and students of the adult after the adults in is or can be said of the mature is now we turn to the fifties this is the downfall of this story the climax of the story is the fourth phase which is the soldier age now the story goes on a fall with the age of the justices this is a relaxing is because men became relaxed in this is his here there is a there develops a round belly in front of him because he eat many apples or can be said the chickens and his belly become full with the chickens and the Fate shows his belly before the Front's eyes full of wise saws and the instance be our Informer cut at this is he became a former personality he shows the formality and he shows that he was very wise and she says many sayings and instance and examples his mind was full his mind is full with example modern example and his mind was full with the advices he give advices to everyone who made him and his beer like a format cut means the soldier is in the soldier is the person take or person have a beard like a part be a like a leopard and which is very dramatic because the first that is the first most Achor first beard of him but at this is at the justices he have a formal cut beard because he has to go he have to go he has to go to the offices he has to go to the colleges to work he has to go to the field to work so she take a formal personality and his beard became also formal his mind is with his mind is full with the wise saws and wise examples and his mind is filled with the new instance and his managed with the new experiments so see advices everyone who ever met him whoever meets him now we can say that there are the five phases which shows the positive side of the life now when we sub rise all these stages as we say that the first of all when an actor enter into the house into the stage we see that the first stage is just like infant second stage as a schoolboy third is as a lower he plays the part of a lower then the part of a soldier and then the falling action as the justices because now the fruit is going to be right ripen and the six is turned in a negative end the old age lean and slippered belt on pendulum he became very lean he became very thin because of the old age and slippered Pantaloon he saved some silly part for his old age and wearing a pant alone which is called a pants of losing pants loose bands and the slipper means the chapel's and with spectators heavier says spectacle on his nose for because his eyes became very weak because his golden period has gone in one in actor's life there is also the same story when he enter into the stage the he no one his nose to him and he was just like infant but when he progressed in his life he became some he gained some popularity as a schoolboy and then suddenly he became very important and he became a lower then the highest point of this popularity is as the soldier and then the decline as an justices the old age the old person has a spectacle some spectacles on his nose because his eyesight became very poor and there is a porch on his side the skin porch on the side of his mouth and the voice became very tribal because he has not the power to speak the words with the same mannerisms with the same power which have in the soldier age or in the leverage so si became very weak and his voice also became very terrible and so we can say this goes to the last says the second childhood this is called the old or the very very old age second childishness because we love ice creams we love sweets in the age of child when we are child and now in this is called a second childhood net because in this is also people out to eat the ice creams and want to eat the sweets and he has note the teeth in his mouth the eyesight became very poor he cannot recognize anyone and his test there is no test in on his tongue and sense everything sense is represent – without sense teeth sense eyes centers and sense everything means he is without everything there is nothing proper in his body he is going to dead similarly and in an actor's life there was a time when he is without Fame he is without his fence he is without everything nobody mentioned him and he live unknown life in his own room or his own home and this is is called the second childhood the second childishness this is is called second childishness because a man louse or his men dependent just like an infant an infant is dependent on his mother or his father on his nurse and in the age of the second child childishness the men depend on his son on his daughter on his grandson on other nurses so we can say these are the similarity in these two S's the infant is and the is the second childishness are the similar with each other the boyhood or can be said the second is and the fourth the soldier is are similar in the action first is the infant is and the lower is are similar in the sense because in both Hayes's men doesn't want to work and the fourth the fifth is the justices is has no similarity with anything because in that is men become very mature and his mind also became very mature he has many wise souls in his mind and he has many modern example in his mind so this is a very beautiful poem which is written by William Shakespeare and it is taken from his comic romance or can we say romantic comedy as you like it this comedy belongs to the four major characters Orlando and Rosalind and Oliver and the alien and the king and the brother of Orlando and many other characters are there but these are the major characters only were one to kill Orlando while Frederick one to kill his brother pardon for didn't want to kill his brother Frederick and Alena and Ganymede are the disguised character in this play Rosalinda became Ganymede and her sister Celia became Alina because they want to go to the forest and when we find the melon killing fellow Jacquizz in this play he always loved to Melanie he always want to live alone and the other character is touchstone which is very merely which is very happy and who behaves very happily with everyone allowed to dance with everyone and one Mary we saw that the Jax does not like the life of forest in a start but at last she became completely turned and she became she shows the opposite behavior of him see one to live in the forest she shows because he is where he is very philosophically in his attitude and he said all the word is stays and all the men and women are merely player and they play their roles on the stage of the world and they have their existence so the entrance and there exist means they have their birth and they have their death all the men are actors on this stage there are seven stages of every men's life first is infant and second is the boyhood third the lover is and fourth is the age of soldier fifth is is the justices sixth thus always and the seventh is the second childishness first and the last is is are depend on the other person because in at the first stage in the infant is we depend on our parents and in the last stage we depend on over the on on over sons and the daughters or grandson and granddaughters so this is the summarization of the poem and on the next class we will read about the next poems the depth the leveler essay on man and the solid Reaper which was written by William William Wordsworth and other poems are their own so today it is enough for thanks

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