‘Baby Boomer vs. Millennial’: Analog vs. Digital

How many of you are
on spring break? [CHEERING] All right. Welcome millennials? And how many of you thought
that applause was too loud and your ears are hurting? [LAUGHTER] Welcome, baby boomers. All right. I just read an article
about millennials. It said that schools are
removing old analog clocks from classrooms because
millennials can’t read them. [LAUGHTER] What the clock? Isn’t that insane? Since everything is digital
now, that’s all they know. So if the loud applause
didn’t make you feel old, enjoy that little
nugget right there. [LAUGHTER] I always say age
is just a number. But I thought we
should put our numbers to the test in a game Baby
Boomers Versus Millennials. Julia Bianchi and Gene Janssen. Hi. [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] Hi. Hi, Ellen. How are you? It’s a pleasure. Hi. Good to meet you, Gene. Thank you. It’s Gene. And how do you pronounce
your last name? Janssen. Janssen. That’s right. All right. I didn’t know if you could hear
me, because the baby boomer– I mean, the millennial got here. [INAUDIBLE] No. Of course not you didn’t
hear, cause the screaming of the millennial. [LAUGHING] All right. You stand right there. You stand right here. And we’re going to
put you to the test and see if you know
what things are. OK? OK. So all right, Julia. So first of all, I’m
going to start with you. OK. And I’m going to ask you
to tell me what this is. An analog clock. OK. What time is it? Oh. [LAUGHTER] I’m going to guess like 3:00. 3:00ish. Oh, my god. Gene, tell her what time it is. 4:20. Yeah. It’s 4:20. All right. Wow. You said it before. Like we don’t know. We don’t know. I know, but I didn’t believe it. All right. Gene, what’s that? Oh. It’s your earphones. Yeah. Yeah. Earbuds. Earbugs. Yeah. Yeah. Wireless. Not bugs, but buds. Yes. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. You were close. Yeah. It was good. All right. Julia. OK. I’m scared now. Oh, this is a VCR player. Oh, you do know that. That’s a VCR player. Good. I grew up with this. Well, good. What does VCR stand for? Video. VCR– Video something Recording? Mhm. Sure. What would be the middle
word that would be important? What would go in there? Video Compact Recording? [LAUGHTER] Yep. This is a compact
machine right there. [LAUGHTER] When you’re looking
for compact that’s– This is your guy. What does it stand for? Cassette. Yeah. Video Cassette Recorder. Cassette. Cassette. I know. I know. All right. [APPLAUSE] Oh, my gosh. You know what that is? Yeah, I sure do. Yeah? What is it? It’s a vape pen. Oh, it is a vape pen. Yeah. Oh. [LAUGHING] Julia. OK. It holds CDs. There’s a word for that. There’s a name for that. Like this itself? Mhm. CD cover. [LAUGHTER] It’s a floppy disk. Nuh-uh. Is it really? [LAUGHTER] Why would I bring you
out here and lie to you. [LAUGHTER] Floppy disk. That’s what it is. Floppy disk. OK. All right. All right. What does it mean, Gene, when
somebody is clapping back? Now, she’s laughing. Laughing with you. Laughing with you when
they’re clapping back? Yes. Tell him. Laughing back, that’s like– so if you clap back, it’s
like, oh shoot, like dang. Like you clapped
back at that guy. Like clap back. I don’t know. I can’t put it to words. Well, here’s the words. It’s like sarcasm. You say something. And then she says something
insulting back to you. And I clapped back at you. Yeah. Yeah. OK. Yeah. Like, oh, dang. Like a comeback. Yeah. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Doesn’t make any sense. I know. It doesn’t. It doesn’t at all. [LAUGHTER] These kids today. [LAUGHTER] All right. Finish this lyric. (SINGING) The love boat– Oh gosh. (SINGING) Sails away. [LAUGHTER] That’s all I get? Just love boat? Yeah. I don’t know. Anybody? I can’t even guess. (SINGING) Something
for everyone. OK. Good. [LAUGHTER] All right. In millennial speak,
what is a boomerang? I don’t know. A remark. What goes around comes around. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] It should be. It should be. It’s not. It’s like a video on a loop when
you see it over and over again. That’s what a boomerang is. So it goes back and forth. Yeah. Yeah. On your phone. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I’ll remember that. For playing, both of you– you’re not going
to use this at all, but it’s a 55 inch TCL Roku TV. [SHRIEKS] Oh! [APPLAUSE] Oh, my goodness. You know what a TV is? Yes! Yes! [LAUGHING] Oh, my gosh!

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