‘Bachelorette’ Breakdown: Hannah Opens Up About Jed, Tyler C And That Salmon Jacket

Last night’s dramatic season finale is former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay We are finally at the end of Hannah’s journey for those who didn’t see it. Yes tell us what happened last night I mean, where do we even start? This was truly the most dramatic? Finale ever. I mean it was in two different parts We’ve never seen anything like this before if you whether you just joined or whether you were there from the beginning There’s nothing like this. So okay from the beginning we started off with the proposal we saw her son Tyler home then she had Jeb proposed to her and Then it was the first time that Hannah actually got to talk to these men on stage in person So we saw them hash it out But it didn’t in there because we saw we talked about on the show the People magazine articles Yeah, and we’re Jed had this girlfriend prior to the show. He didn’t really break up with her. He wasn’t honest with her Big boo And so we saw Hannah confront him we saw her in the engagement and then we saw them hash it out on stage We saw Jett apologize. We saw Hannah stand up for herself And tell him you know what it’s over we saw that they officially broke up and Yeah, and then there was a whole lot more but we’re going to get into that on the show We continue to sit here we’ve been speculating on this all season about what Hanna was thinking and what she was feeling Well, I’m like this why not. Just ask the best to read herself Oh Boy Everybody is caught up in the season. We’re gonna start I mean very simple question right off the bat. How are you feeling? How you doing? Yeah, I’m doing really good. I’ve had a little bit more time to process this then everyone else has That didn’t all just happen in one day for me. So I’ve been I’ve been trying to Really Process what’s happened? But last night was crazy, but I’m feeling good. Give us a little bit about Before the People magazine moment happened I would say about a mind really Yeah, it was like June 18th. I can remember this So yeah, and things were going well before then, you know, you felt good about your decision Yeah. Yeah, I mean It was really hard I was Between Peter Tyler and Jed. I mean I had real true feelings for all of them And so just because it was a happy day Huah Jed. I was still mourning and grieving those losses too. And like I said last night I did find out that he was hanging out with a girl before so it’s there was a few things that were making it a little bit difficult, but finding a person on television and then going back to real world with them is DIF like okay. I got to give this a little grace like this is gonna be difficult for us, but Never imagined it to be like this Oh A whole month I would have felt completely blindsided. Yeah this what sounds like she was yeah. Yeah Yeah, like I know how it is. Like you said you go from this bubble Mm-hm, and then you go to dating and real life. It’s secret but it’s real like yeah, what was that month? Like how was it watching the season back? What was your time like with Jed? Because we really don’t know that we just know the aftermath Yeah, I mean we had a lot of great times, but it was definitely difficult Watching it back for him was really hard because I am sometimes honest to a fault about if I’m asked how I felt about our different relationship and watching something back with somebody like a Peter a Tyler like there are emotions there and He needed to be validated, but I needed it Ben I Tried I did that. I mean I think out of the concentration of us but I wanted to be truthful and that it was all real for me, but that I chose him and I Think what really? Drew me to him was his confidence and insecurities of you know maybe like the thing when he’s all like me with the massage and how he handled that and that confidence Like was really appealing to me and then it was started I started to get a little bit difficult when I was seeing that maybe that wasn’t the case With how I felt mm. It kind of makes sense now. Oh, yeah Well, one thing that I’m curious about is so when we saw the two men meet your family they loved Tyler but Your family reacting to jet are there any I told you so moments right now with your family, um, you know They know how hard that was for me. And so they tried to support me but If I would have told them something different about house if I got back together with them They would have something to say for sure but No, they they knew that I was just trying to make the best decisions and they only had you know a few minutes with each of the guys, but I Hate to say it, but mama knows best And you you getting mad at your dad was every girl talking to a parent when she’s like I Can tell something’s bothering just tell me what it was Baghdad is a character. Oh, he is Robby Oh with his Fabio hair, but I have a question. I think all America wants to know the answer to this question Hannah What do you really think of jazz? Music? Yeah Simon syphilis I’m gonna handle this for Hannah because the way that she responded to Jed last night was on such a high note you were on A pedestal so I’ll be the Petty and the shady one here Um, she smiled but it’s pretty it’s pretty awful. Yeah, I Think we can all agree here from the handclaps from the silence I think we’re all in in agreeance here when we say it’s just not that great With Hannah Brown and Rachel Lindsay and recover all about Season finale and you know, we just talked about the end of your gaze meant to Jed But you know last night that seemed to end on a high note. So we’re gonna take a look you’re Incredible guy and I’m a single girl Yeah, I don’t know I just thought maybe we could go her dream can just hang it Just tell me Beautiful Tyler it bit. Why are you waiting? She’s a perk up when there hear his name. It’s been fifteen hours So, what’s the latest I? Mean, I’ve been on a plane all night. So I there hasn’t been much more on that But yeah, is it great have there been have there been a text? Take it back a little bit to you know, the entire situation with Luke P What was it that Deb thing for us watching we were all thinking like not Hannah what’s going on girl? She is gorgeous much, but maybe there it was a different vibe that was given off So I want to know like what was that about? Well, he’s very aware of what was happening but that first not of everything but like I knew there were things about him that I was like that’s not cool man, but I don’t know I had an initial He’s cute huge connection with him and it wasn’t net. I mean, yes, but he not sure – yeah. Yeah, he’s very passionate kisser I Knew the treasure sometimes a trashy counts for something though, right? Things that we were That I really could see that I liked about him that maybe it wasn’t always shown but there were there were qualities about him that I was like Okay, like this this could maybe work. He’s just afraid of not being yourself on TV Cameras and I was like, no. Okay. That’s him. Great You know and you were like, you know and Jesus still loves me in that whole gag girl, I was living for that I Had put up with so much with him because I was like surely he’s just miss communicating and I don’t know I just thought maybe he was just miss communicating. But when I Saw and felt everything that I had been told that he was when he wasn’t with me. I had been really having to defend myself for all that and so when I was like, oh my gosh, I cannot believe this guy right now you just that was so much emotion being hold back held back for weeks and weeks and You know, everybody was upset that he stayed for so long, but I think I said a map sent him home You notice tire salmon jacket the salmon color jacket made multiple appearances on different guys Did you notice the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Like did you see that this was happening? Okay Yes And there were two actually so it was Tyler and Dylan had when Dylan I you’re probably glad that I told everybody that but so there would be time so there was two salmon jackets and I was like What is going on here? And why why this? Salmon color jacket, I mean it’s okay, right you have either might love to save it. So you have to wallow to of Bachelor I gotta ask you though. What’s next for you? Are you going to get on dating apps are we doing Dancing with the Stars? We saw you sure – oh That’s a great question I have no idea Probably no dating apps right now. I’m gonna just Yeah, I want to celebrate who I’ve become and in do that And I’m just excited to see where life takes me honest good We’ve been doing this Bachelorette breakdown every Tuesday And I know today the final finale on Wednesday for us and and it’s also almost sad Because we enjoyed it so much We enjoyed watching you so much, but we have a tradition of putting an x over the face of the eliminated contestants So can you come over here with me real quick? And All over the face of you know, we have Tyler and Jed here, so can you put that over? Thank you so much big thank you to Hannah Brown in a special thanks to Rachel a New podcast Bachelor happy hour and be sure to join us again next week because on Wednesday were recapping bachelor in paradise

100 thoughts on “‘Bachelorette’ Breakdown: Hannah Opens Up About Jed, Tyler C And That Salmon Jacket

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  12. Luke P definite very cute. Been eyeing him and really thought Hannah and him together at the end of this because they were both super cute together. It was Jed was so uncool and truly a villain indeed. How I wish for him to be the next bachelor. Just wanted him to see find love just like the other bachelorette bachelor couples.

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    As if the accusers are as innocent! Hah! Yall are so vicious! Take it easy on Jed.
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  29. You people are disgusting ! I loved the show until the way you all acted like Hannah was such a saint! Made me mad the way everyone turned on Jed after her sleeping with probably at least 2 people within two weeks of her accepting her proposal ! Her parents never gave Jed a chance from the get go ! Painfully obvious to everyone !

  30. It just hit me about what it was about Tyler this season that is so awesome….Tyler has swagger lol….he's nice yeah however that edginess is really there. I am glad Hannah and Tyler get another chance. I hope it works out for them 🙂

  31. Boss woman is right because there are a lot of woman who would have stayed with Jed and listened to his bull crap and let him get away with his lies just to have a husband

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  38. Jed's family was rude and disrespectful. No manners, no hospitality whatsoever. I would've dropped him then like a hot potato.

    Hannah's beautiful, but she did what many do, over look red Flags and choose dysfunction over loyalty, love and commitment.

    Peter was the best fit for her then Tyler. How she let all those great potential partners go for Loony Luke and sorry ass Jed…. Boggles my mind.

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    Rachel Lindsey you are top notch!! Ever classy always put together sis. You rocked the hell out of that Green dress!!

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  54. Hannah should have never been the Bachelorette. She's way too immature and she's not a smart girl. She came on the show looking for love yet she screwed Peter 4 times in the windmill yet she didn't picked him. Jeb wasn't a match for her, her folks told her yet she ignored them and choose him over Tyler. They went away together so she probably slept with him too. Now that Jeb didn't work out she want to choose Tyler. Who wants to be someone sloppy seconds? He should run and not get involved with her because she's a hot mess who makes very bad decisions and have no clue what she wants. Tyler is a hottie and a good guy so he will have plenty of options. She should have picked Tyler from the beginning but she's attracted to jerks. Run Tyler run!

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