Background noise – POEM *CC*

I don’t feel strange when I switch off
my hearing aid I feel less distracted any sound and can edit my poems in silence without always to have to turn around. I don’t do this very often but when I do it’s okay. Sometimes this can be quite useful like it is today. Though there are times when I won’t do it because it will make me upset. Sometimes I want to hear those sounds so I can remember them in case I forget. With this I mean to remember every sound, the sound of water, the human voice. All this is music to my ears; I don’t want to miss this background noise.

5 thoughts on “Background noise – POEM *CC*

  1. What a great poem, and the way you took off your CI and put it back in, the expressions on your face. You kind of made me tear up a bit. I always wait for the silence.

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