Bad Advice Boogie: Write Every Day

ow hi I'm Jeff summers author of the istari cycle and writing without rules and this is Harry who's my branding manager today on bad advice boogie we're gonna be talking about that old chestnut right every day now like a lot of writing advice right every day is not a bad piece of advice per se I mean you need to produce material you sell exactly zero of the novels that you don't actually write know write every day does sometimes lead to writing some pretty uninspired work because you're forcing it enforcing it never works I'm a better way to approach write every day I think is to remind yourself every day that you are going to die the key to writing every day is that you have to balance out that disconnect between the amount of time you have the amount of energy you have and the fact that someday you're going to run out of both I think a better way to think about write every day is not so much sit down and actually physically typing every single day but think about it in terms of thinking every day writing does not necessarily have to be the physical act of sitting down at a typewriter or a keyboard or a notebook writing is also conceptualizing writing is also reading writing is also doing research and thinking about your characters and coming up with little background things in your head that maybe you never actually write down even when you find the time don't think of it in terms of typing every day think of it in terms of thinking every day and then you'll find that your work actually comes a lot more easily well thanks for watching until next time I'm Jeff Sommers and I'm pretty sure that I am the master – Harry's Blaster now that's branding if you ask me

4 thoughts on “Bad Advice Boogie: Write Every Day

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  2. these videos are stupid, low quality, unprofessional, and too brief to be of any real use

  3. I have to write every day or I end up not writing for a very long time. I also count editing and outlining. If I don't feel inspired I do writing prompts. I love the motivation "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE" waves hands wildly

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