You might have often seen a person walk on
a tight rope holding a bamboo. The balancing bicycle is almost similar. You make a frame
with cardboard sheet with a spacer in between. Then you place a wire man. This is the wire
man and this is the view from below. These are two big wheels like pulleys with deep
grooves made from thick card sheets. Now mount the wheels. First the big one to the right.
Then the smaller wheel to the left. And finally place a long wire loop from the center and
place heavy nuts or ring magnets. This will weigh the entire assembly down. Place the
bicycle on a taut thread and because of the low center of gravity it will balance. If
you raise one end the whole bicycle will move from the left to the right. If the person
at the right raises it, it will move to the left. It is an absolutely delightful toy for
children. Here you can see Mister Potdar the designer of the Balancing Bicycle. So you
can move the bicycle from the left to the right and from the right to the left and have
hours of fun.

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