BALDINA'S CHRISTMAS UPDATE | Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar Version 0.0.4

what is going on everybody I am Brandon aka the frustrated gamer and – welcome back to ball Dida's basis so I played this game about a month or two ago if you missed it we did beat the game so check it out I will post a link in the top right corner of your screen but it has been updated a couple of you guys actually told me it was updated so thank you for that and it is now Christmas themed so you can see ball Tina here is dressed kind of like a Christmas tree she's got a star on the top of her head she's got kind of a Christmas tree branches thing as a shirt and her chalkboard now says hohoho so we're gonna jump right in I think this game was updated a little bit I think there's now a cheerleader and maybe one or two more characters AHA so here's the screen so baldie know we know her she chases us around the school what do we have here we have the principal who's now dressed up kind of like the Grinch I sent you to his office for running we know him the cheerleader this is someone that I don't know cheerleader beauteous girl in the school really that's the most beautiful girl in the school I mean I guess compared to ball Deena okay so it's impossible to look away everyone watch on her like frozen so maybe when you see her in the hallway you freeze I don't know I don't know but we're gonna learn real quick the bully is the same we know him the cleaner is kind of like the sweet super sweet guy but basically he makes the ground water and then you can't move for a few seconds ouch go hose out she's the math girl so the zauj goes the girl that walks around and if you get too close to her it's almost like playtime but instead of having to jump rope you have to answer a math question okay and then we have the guard so he protects random doors and I think he freezes you for five seconds if you go in the door that he's at okay so I have not played this game in a little while I love this guy he's dressed up kind of like the Grinch there's ball Deena okay here she is dressed up like a Christmas tree what's going on Baldy – long time no see okay okay I'll follow you hey now instead of the I don't even know what was here but now we have a little bit of a fireplace Christmas lights or hung everywhere so both Deena might be evil she might kill you if you don't answer math questions correctly or I guess English questions correctly but she has a lot of Christmas spirit so I will give her than that all right I think she hides in here yeah okay we're gonna leave our schedule is all literature so this is not math unlike baldies basics this is literature themed now okay I think I think there's there's like a clue in here usually no there's no clue in here all right I have to get my bearings cuz I played a lot of all these fake Oh that mean she's gonna chase me this mean she's gonna chase me can I still look back with the spacebar yes I can okay oh I just saw I wasn't running I was not running Grinch last principal hey there's ouch chica I never knew her name was her name is ouch chica the whole time and we need to get eight clues now instead of the original seven I think this is yeah here's the cafeteria oh and I see the cheerleader I see the cheerleader does she freeze me oh I'm not moving might your eyes get locked in on the cheerleader okay that's kind of cool actually that is kind of cool all right let's get this up Don go let's get around here okay so we have one out of eight clues so far we need to get eight clues and then we have to recite the poem at the end oh this is bull Dina coming after me no she's not get out of my way get out of here what we got a crowbar okay I still don't really know what all the items do in this game guys I still don't know what the items do I can run but I won't hide oh gosh I can't see I can't see because my eyes are stuck on this ugly cheerleader get out of here oh I can't see I can't see I like this character this is a new one guys this is a new one Oh son of a nutcracker I don't know where I don't know where maldita is get honey I feel like I hear her I feel like I hear ball Deena Oh bull Deena's right there now she comes really really the cheerleaders tough man the cheerleaders really tough a little dude is coming after me anyway and I think we're getting out of here oh no that's not fair man that's negative 14 that's negative 500 go no wait oh we got away from her we got away from her okay so we got one clue right now guys we have 1 out of 8 clues there's a burger and a mirror okay Oh a clue a clue I was about to leave all right so we got to OH what did she say about a poem I don't know there's ouch chica okay we're gonna keep going this always mop the floor no there's the this is so much harder this game is so much harder than it was before get out of here come on oh nothing in there come on Oh see last time I played this game I played it enough that I started to memorize the map which I don't have memorized right now which is not helping me what's going on buddy okay so we have three we have three maybe it'll be something in here yeah we got four we got four oh the sensitivity on this game is turned way down I got to turn it up I gotta crank it up where's ball Deena is ball Deena out of patience is ball Deena out of patience oh that is the prettiest girl in the school huh I don't know guys I don't know about that okay nothing come on come on nothing that was a lot scarier than it was before both Deena got meaner okay ball Deena I'll do whatever you say just don't do that scary thing that you did to me all right I don't think you have to actually listen to what she says I think you could just go in and then start okay okay I think that's kind of like a little a little trick that you can do to get really well I'm taking the five-second penalty I'm taking the five-second penalty will you get out of here Santa Claus this guy's dressed up as Santa Claus now come on give me something oh it wasn't even worth it it wasn't even worth it I did all of that and I didn't even get a clue out of it we're gonna go this that seemed quicker than last time that seemed a lot quicker than last time is there a clue in here maybe why can't I get like oh I got up watch the cheerleader that's a tricky one guys really are you serious and you were just that the last door that I went to oh I don't like this guy I don't like this guy and there's not even a clue there's not even a clue who wears ball Deena I got to keep my eyes on that girl I got to keep my eyes on the cheerleader even though she's not that good-looking wait though she turned me around huh okay let's keep going this way there's the sweet troopship guy and I actually saw a clue in there hey and we got one here too okay so that'll be two oh come on why can't I get around these desks it's like a maze okay so you can only go a specific way yes okay okay okay we got it we got it oh this game makes me so uneasy and there's the second clue okay so we're off to not a bad start I wouldn't call it a good start but it's not a bad start I don't see ball Deena right now oh we got two clues in here two clues that was pretty good we got four of them already and answers a I think you can give that to Schalke I think her name is Elsa she's the math girl I think I could give her that and then I don't have to answer the math question what about Deena just say to me oh okay hi cheerleader you're what is under your what oh okay maybe there's something in here maybe there's something in here of course there's not oh we got four really quickly and now I can't find a fifth we need to get to eight also this map is pretty big this oh gosh he's following me around like a freakin hawk what did she say am I in the ladies room was that ball Deena that yelled adder is that the girl I don't know we're gonna grab that whatever the heck that is that's the book oh okay explanation there Oh II don't be in here okay Oh ball Deena's gonna be right here I shouldn't have gone in here I think I cornered myself no no what I died last time okay so apparently the cafeteria at ball Deena's classroom is giant Thanksgiving meals I don't know it looks like giant turkey with roasted vegetables it actually looks pretty tasty I'm gonna be honest with you guys I wish I had meals like that at school okay we got one clue a and a second clue two for two ooh ooh okay I got turned around oh the cheerleaders in here why is the cheerleader following me I think the cheerleaders got a crush on me the cheerleader is a fan of the frustrated gamer and she has a crush on me that's my guess okay we're gonna go this way hopefully surely there's not that way I don't like the cheerleader man I don't like her she makes things very difficult a clue burger ok I don't know what the burgers for I have no who are you who are you I don't even know who you are I don't remember seeing you in the list of characters what's your name and what is your reason for being in my way okay well Deena wants an explanation I'm staring at the ugly cheerleader right now and I got turned around I got turned around and I have no idea where I've been where I went and where I want to go come on now come on shoot or get out of my vision all right be something in here be something in here we got one yes yes ssyn I clicked it really quickly and I barely saw it but you know what we did get it I mean the ladies room yes I am I am in the ladies room oh he froze me for 10 seconds does that Baldy no no don't kill me Baldy no of a good boy I'm a good wienie of a good wienie all right you know what I'm not going in the cafeteria because I saw the cheerleader walked in there and she is Wow you know oh my gosh it's unbelievable it's really unbelievable oh my gosh when it rains it pours when it rains it pours I we got those math questions right it's only two instead of three can I reach it from here hey hey hey okay apparently I got longer reach than I do in real life is there a second notebook in here I thought I saw one but I think it was just a burger all right maybe in the staff only give us to baby oh why did you do that who are you I don't know who this guy is he's got an ugly sweater on for his Christmas party that he has tonight okay uh-oh there is another clue I did see another clue yes my eyes are not going crazy well maybe they are but not in that case okay I don't know what the burger is I wish I read what each of the items do I think there was a spot for that where's Mel Dina I don't I didn't see you Baldy no but that doesn't mean that she's not close nothing in there come on I turned the mouse sensitivity all the way up and it's still not good enough uh-huh come on usually there's something good in here come on give me a clue give me a clue it sounds like she's closer than she is hey there we go okay so we got three of them baby we got three of them and we're gonna keep going stay away from me cheerleader I know you got oh there she is right on cue both no don't call my parents don't call my parents my parents don't I don't know my parents are I don't know I don't know I'm 26 years old why do you have to call my parents there's the cheerleader there's the cheerleader now get out of here now get away from me cheerleader get away from me cheerleader leave me alone okay let me just look around here nothing I have no idea where ball Deena is either oh she's right behind me Baldy Doe was right behind me last time I saw that's a dead end so I'm not gonna go that way I have no idea which way to go guys I have no idea which way to go is there something in here uh no I don't know I don't know what the items are for but you know what I'm not gonna risk it I am NOT gonna risk it even though I always say that you gotta risk it for the biscuit all right I see an item here right by the exit but I know the exits a lot so I can't go in there anyway nothing in there okay so we have four items guys we have four items did we go yes we did I was gonna say did we go in the cafeteria I think we did the cheerleader was dead oh no don't call my parents don't call my parents I didn't do anything wrong I did not do anything wrong ball Deena come on come on come on calculators computers they're not called calculators well I guess a computer is kind of like a big calculator it's frightening me I don't know where she is I've already been in this room I have already been in this room I have no idea which way to go guys I have no idea what really really you're really gonna do that to me now man you're really gonna do that to me what I'm getting punished what did i do why am I getting punished why am i getting punished what did I do I don't know what I did but apparently I'm being punished for some reason that I don't agree with uh I'm locked oh okay okay uh can I get maybe something here what about over here nothing where are all these clues maybe in here I think one of these doors was open it was probably one that I just came out of uh yeah the one that I just came out of and nothing was there yeah let me check that twice too light ball Tina catch up to me oh she's right there oh this is a dead end isn't it yeah well maybe the mirror will work can I get past her maybe I can get past her Oh oh she sounds like some sort of a dinosaur all right you know what guys this is gonna be my final time when I beat the game originally I only needed six notebooks I think the game was a little easier the cheerleader wasn't involved things weren't Christmas decorated I don't know what that has anything to do with it but I don't I think the games gotten a lot harder so let me look around here a little bit I didn't show you guys like I said if you didn't watch the original one go check it out but they have school rules that are so blurry that you can't even read it they have a Hall of Fame with ball Deena someone someone someone the principal from baldies basics beat you Mike I think that's PewDiePie Baldy himself the principal in this game and then a pink haired man that looks maybe like he's a rapper I don't know maybe I'm making myself sound stupid let's continue on okay I'm just gonna get the clue right here because the cheerleaders in here oh come on leave me alone you ugly son of a nutcracker can i I can't turn around I'm literally stuck staring at this cheerleader alright there we go now I could get this clue that's literally it was literally up my butt cheeks it was hiding up my butt cheeks it was so close and I couldn't grab it because the cheerleader was here she's not that good-looking I'm telling you see if I could sneak out here before ball Deena comes I wasn't here for a little bit of time but I think long enough oh okay okay she's out of patience but she's not too close to get out of here get out of here you son of a nutcracker really come on man come on get in here get in here there's nothing even there oh no I got stuck on the outside oh come on man I'll give it her a full 40 seconds to catch up to me and she's slow in the beginning she's slow in the beginning but I think I could get past her come on hey okay oh there she is bad no no you son of a nutcracker negative five run really really you're gonna punish me because I'm running away from ball Deena the crazy lady with frizzy hair ball Dee's wife or sister we're still not really sure who ball Deena is oh that wasn't ball Deena was it I think it was I think this is Paul Deena right here ball Deena it is wait wait wait alright guys I am gonna end it here that was Baldy Anna's basics the Christmas update so this just came out a couple days ago I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did don't forget to smash that like button down low and if you guys want to see me play this more let me know in the comments below I can try to beat this game if you want today I just kind of wanted to see what it was all about you guys told me there was an update I was excited to play because I know I played this game before but I can really invest some serious time and try to beat this game if you guys want to see that if not I can move on from Baldini guys thank you all so much for watching like I said don't forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video and if you're new to the frustrated gamer channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button we have a new video every single day and we have live streams on the weekends guys thank you all so much for joining me ball Deena is crazy and now she's christmas-themed so what else is new thank you all for watching and I will see all of you in the next video

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