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Hello, my name is Leslie. I do a lot of
poetry; I do poetry at the Barking Learning Centre. I’ve been doing it for about
four years. I also write children’s stories. My poem is called ‘Barking’. Barking is a town of history old and new, From gunpowder, Captain Cook, Elizabethan Tudor, just take a look. There’s Eastbury Manor, we’ll raise a toast, of weekend displays and all those ghosts. Little figures of Daniel Defoe, of works Moll Flanders, Robinson Crusoe. There’s Billy Bragg, footballer Bobby Moore, in their field gifted men, they knew the score. And there’s St Margaret’s, a church of some standing, Where was it nearby, where Guy Fawkes was hiding? The Abbey with all its remains
of people long gone, of battles and wars where hearts have
been torn, one man that springs to mind, a soldier, Job Drain, will not see one of
his kind with his Victoria Cross, save many lives, we count the cost. As we look on, is it a dream? When we see
how different the area seems. The emblem, the ram, looks on,
of vibrant stools, cosmopolitan. We peep in and what we’ll
see, Barking’s greatest history you

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