Barry's Alec Berg & Bill Hader win the 2019 Writers Guild Award for Episodic Comedy

hello I think it's time for some honesty I'm fully aware that when you writers have slaved over a script for years the last thing you want is actors feedback however you do your best to hide it like when you say to an actor thank you so much I'm gonna go make those changes now what you really want to say is thank you I'm killing your character off but the truth is we actors don't always mean what we say either like when we say it please I'm fine with last minute script changes what we really mean is oh I didn't read the original version anyway now that we better understand each other the nominees for outstanding episodic comedy are and the Writers Guild Award goes to I don't know why I need to read that Alec Berg and Bill Hader for chapter 1 Megamart Barry [Applause] why do I have to talk hi thank you so you know no you know this is your time buddy I know this is all you man this is by the way process this is how we wrote the script and it took us 19 months to get it done yeah No thank you guys for voting for this in an era where there are this many shows on the air this many good shows to even be recognized at all is awesome and to win is absurd and we want to thank all our writers over there at the table one at 1:05 they have to deal with me standing in front of a whiteboard facing an Alec on the other side quietly wanting to kill my salon what yeah and I also want to thank Alec just because this is the first kind of narrative show that I've worked on and he taught me a lot of great things like you know an episode should have a beginning middle and end bill and and like you know you need dialogue and you know and all that stuff so um thank you guys hi Ron Ron Howard's right holy SH dude you're great man that's my god oh my god all right I'll spirit hood was a awesome movie man that's like one of my favorite movie backdraft will oh I mean the did you see a TV yeah yeah no I saw a TV they're all good all right you should thank HBO yeah Amy gravitic Jerry HBO people always ask when you start working somewhere writers always ask Howard the notes like that's always a terrible awful thing and how do you skirt them and how do you avoid them and I have to say HBO has truly been a supportive partner and I look forward to sending out lines and drafts and HBO because we genuinely want to know what they think they're the only people that we could be like it's a hit man who wants to be an actor and they're like they just start throwing money at us so anyway thank you guys and thank Ron Howard Ron Howard thank you

10 thoughts on “Barry's Alec Berg & Bill Hader win the 2019 Writers Guild Award for Episodic Comedy

  1. Dammit man. His hairs a mess and his glasses are ridiculous., and hes hotter than ever.

  2. Bill Hader could have played Seth Cohen's brother in the O.C. Man I wish the O.C. writers would have written that character. If you've seen the O.C., you'd understand what I am saying.

  3. I love the through line in all these vids of winners shouting out Ron Howard

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