Basic English Grammar – “Was” and “Were” see more hot video hello there everyone my name is Ronnie
and you’re watching England where you’re watching YouTube. Hi, Everyone! um today’s lesson is a very basic but
very important lesson in english grammar and in conversation this lesson is for Alvaro, it’s for you
requested. this is important because we’re using
the verb to be in the past: was and were we use this verb a lot. so it’s very
important to know when to use was and when to use were. I’ll teach you. The very first one is: We use was for He, She, I, and It. so we’re going to say I was always
passed shopping he was eating pizza she was laughing hahaha. um it was beautiful ok so with all of these pronouns we use: was. The Negative all we’re doing is adding not so we’re
going to say I was not but we don’t say that we say I wasn’t ok I wasn’t happy he wasn’t sad so in
the negative all you do is you stick on is n’t at the
end and it turns to wasn’t if you want to ask a question you’re
going to change the order you’re going to use the verb was plus the subject so you’re going to say was he happy with
the question you’re going to raise your information at the end was he happy was she sad and it it can be used for
singular things that are not people so animals or if you talk about the
weather or chairs restaurants food you can say was it
delicious if you’re talking about food or if you
talk about the weather you can say was it raining? it’s raining now, I love rain though so it’s fine um the next section that we have to look
at is the verb were if it is we they you and again they are going to use
were so we were means myself and at least one
other person so that’s the definition of were. so we
were happy they is plural of which means more than one person but not
yourself so if I’m talking about other people I can say they were they were singing oh you I saw you you were watching the
video very good thank you and they hey honey you written they twice why did you make a mistake now I didn’t make a mistake they has two
meanings the very first one I told you is the
plural of talk about people so i can say those people over there they were seeing the other definition of
the way we use they is like it they we use for plural now so singular nouns we use it plural nouns we used a for example if
you’re talking about a group of dogs he’s a were her growling okay so they
has two meanings plural nouns and people people are nouns who so they were if their dogs they can
grow her there’s a new word growl on the negative
form is words kind of a hard word to say words again when you’re going to make
the negative all you’re going to do is put it at the end it’s unusual or very formal if we say they were not happy the only way we would use was not or
were not is if you’re trying to be very obvious about the point so they weren’t happy we weren’t and they work if you want to make it
very very strong you’re going to use were not we were not
happy with our service ok the question form is basically the
same as was that we have to be careful bill to subject and again at the end of
a question in English it’s a rising intonation where we have he were they
singing were you singing ok so was and were always in the past is
the past tense was for these subjects and work for these subjects negative and
question form I hope you get it I hope you understand
it i hope you can use it take care we’ll see you soon

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