28 thoughts on “Batman: The Killing Joke – Official Graphic Novel Trailer (:30 version)

  1. More reprints? Man, what happened to all those books they said they'd be doing under this imprint? When Last Knight on Earth and The Other History of the DC Universe coming out?

  2. U guys in the comments don't know what DC's Black Label line is ? Lames.

  3. That Joker pose is funny,but that story is dark and sad

  4. Will it be made more disturbing? It wasn’t that bad, I write stuff on my free time more disturbing than that

  5. I always reread this every year. One of the greatest batman stories.

  6. I've had this for like a year now. Still amazing to read again and again.

  7. A book so mind twisting that feminists rallied to have a homage cover BANNED

  8. Why? so people can freak out about a penis and have you guys dial the whole label back. Because you know, since people are dumb, immature, or can't parent their children. That's what's going to happen.

  9. They gotta stop putting "get it wherever books are sold" cuz walmart or publix doesnt sell comics but they sell books.

  10. Anyone know if this is the original colouring or the recoloured version? I suspect the latter

  11. Why don't you release an edition with the original coloring? Honestly, would be awesome

  12. I remember getting this for Christmas in '88 as a kid, best present ever, and loved it since day 1.

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