46 thoughts on “BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Trailer – Redrawn Graphic Novel Style

  1. The crazy colors really represent the fact that it's a Joker story that features Batman rather than a Batman story that features the Joker.

  2. I dunno why everything's gotta be gritty and edgy now, this looks so much better than the movie did

  3. If they ever make an animated watchmen movie, this is how it should look

  4. Remake it with this style, get rid of the first 30 minutes and replace it with more * J O K E R C O N T E N T* , and of course get rid of unnecessary scenes Warner bros. !

  5. Feck. So little views. You could do the whole movie (your own, different take on it) and release it as an unknown creator. To hell with any "law" that is stopping us from having a little fun in our lives or being creative. It's really so much better than their original work.

  6. That look very amazing 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. This is amazing. Imagine a whole movie like this… it would be like the Spider-Versr of DC in terms of doing something new and creative with the medium

  8. So much better than the first half of the movie. Keep up the great workm

  9. I would say please do this to the entire movie, but I'd say just redo the entire film from scratch. The pacing is inconsistent, the voice acting sounds half assed at times, and the animation is very choppy. AND DON'T GET ME STATED ON THAT FIRST HALF! I could write a novel about how bad that first half is.

  10. My god. You did it. You fixed it (at least visually). The fact that I don't see much of Batgirl? Another fix.

  11. Please for the love of god do this to the whole movie and give us a download link be like the Harmy Despecialized edition of Star Wars but for Batman

  12. If the movie actually looked like this it would have had an unique look and it would have been famous for it.
    Shame that this is all we get, but you did a pretty good job, it looks amazing congrats!

  13. If the movie was in this art style it would have made it so much better. Even with all the plot issues this would have helped a lot

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