Battlefield 1: Ode To A Medic. A Video Game Poem

Today I have gone with the modern directions,
A game that I’m sure will have many gun sections. For Battlefield 1 is a war simulation,
Based on world war one in which you fight for your nation.
I’ve decided that duty as a medic is my calling, The worlds finest medic I might add whilst
I’m falling. No fire shall stop me though you may have
died, I’ll revive you again as I’m such a nice guy.
So helpful was I in fact I’d heal my foes, Though they killed me of course, ungrateful
bastards those. Now these trenches are getting too bloody
I fear, It’s high time that I opted for a change in
career. The open sea’s calling for a light Sunday
sail, When I’m woken up rudely by the British air
male. My holiday ruined I’m going to shoot you,
Take that twatty wanker your death shall ensue. This sea isn’t peaceful I’ll take to the air,
Wipe out all the squads from above I don’t care.
Though this rescue mission I may have overshot, Maybe not, though their guns I seem to have
forgot. So the air’s not safe either. It had crossed
my mind, Getting gassed in the trenches is rather unkind.
I’ve got it a tank! I’m invincible now, Well that plan lasted long, I’ve been blown
up somehow. That’s it I have had it. I’m going on a rampage.
You’ll all be sorry now as I blast you to the stone age.
Take this and take that. I’m coming to destroy you,
Bang bang you’re dead but so am I boo hoo. My vengeance complete now I couldn’t care
less, The expense of my car my own bloody mess.
In real life world war one was truly horrific, Don’t lose sight in this game even though
it’s artistic. A thank you and goodnight.

8 thoughts on “Battlefield 1: Ode To A Medic. A Video Game Poem

  1. From one Medic to another, quality video mate. I love playing Battlefield but cause I'm so shit at it sometimes it gets rather frustrating!

  2. Hey dude! I love, love, love, love this! You have aren't yourself a subscriber. It is so original, and I thought all ideas had been done…
    Strengths: The shortness, the tribute to old English bards, the very British jokes and humor, the audio quality.

    I don't see any weaknesses except that you need to make MORE!

  3. Greetings came over from reddit to show support. Your voice is life!!!! I subscribed to show you some support 🙂

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