Baylor student rapper, writer, entrepreneur doing it all: Central Texas Spotlight

hi Maria thanks so much well speaking of people shine here in Central Texas a Baylor student has taken the meaning of overachieving to a whole new level by producing music TV shows and more all while still fun in time for his studies Bhavani Payne has this week's Central Texas spotlight good morning Chris and Heidi Trey Moffett better known as kaki is finishing up a rap album creating a TV show penning to books and working on a bachelor's degree at a top university to many it may sound unbelievable but kaki just calls it doing what he loves pastor tells me all the things to do was grace is so sufficient it gets harder just to do the truth and since I knew the truth nineteen-year-old Baylor sophomore Trey Moffat who goes by the stage name kaki has his hands in a little bit of everything so I'm working on an album at the moment and then I'm also working on a TV show called the blinks a book called the can bridge chronicles another book and miniseries called potential and then a startup project called kinkaku Blues I do some famous person I tell them make it the film and digital media major got into writing and making music at an early age and shows no signs of slowing down well his busy schedule can at times make getting school assignments done a bit more challenging he says it just fuels his creative process even more because I find that I write the best when I'm under a lot of pressure in other areas and then I get to use as an escape lots of support from friends and family also helps he's putting in the effort and I think that that is going to just blossom and I think that the more work that you put in the more that you will get out hockey's various projects focused on several topics from superheroes to medieval times and tackle big questions like religion and the core of a person's character all the projects share a common theme of encouraging everyone to become a better person and kakhi hopes that's what people will take away I think people will strive to be better people no matter who they are the idea of the album is we are the good guys if we just choose to you know and I think that's the idea behind the TV show too is people need to be more conscious of who they are and their actions their behavior because the more self-aware you are it's easier for you to decide to be a better person than accident being a bad one one day kaki hopes to write scripts and music for Disney for ways to connect with him and follow his work visit KCEN back to you

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