BBC Archival Footage-In Their Own Words British Authors J.R.R. Tolkien Part 1

one ring to rule them all one ring to find them one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them in the land of Mordor where the shadows what's a very long story it's rather difficult to explain it but I suppose it all begins when finds a magic ring well it doesn't exactly find it he sort of takes it from Gotham would have sunder ground and then he takes it back to the Shire where all the hobbits yet because Bilbo's are hopping in a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit hobbits were small creatures about three foot high four foot high curly hair color hair between toes and the swords are sort of person who enjoys 5 meals a day I've never seen anything more bourgeois in their life it seemed to spend the whole time sitting around eating meals playing playing or very sort of bar billiards and that sort of thing they like leading an adventurous lives having plenty to eat being sure of coming back to their nice warm hobbit holes and having friends – teeth they're not a kind of people given to great adventure or to thought but some members of The Hobbit race have a strain in them which they don't really like to admit to which is rather adventurous so occasionally hobbits go out on wild adventures for us it's finally the all basic thing which must have cut off individually a reluctant hero and the story in essence is the adventures of this little chap then of course you move out into the wild world where the imagination could be Edgar the world that alkene is created is a world of myth and magic as well as a world of strange creatures the actual beginning though it's not really the beginning with actual flashpoint was I remember very clearly I mean I took I still see the corn in my house in 20 Northborough wait haven't I got a north pile exam papers there and marking school examinations in the summertime is a is enormous very laborious and unfortunate wasn't boring and I know that P have a paper and actually if I nearly give an extra buck for it extra five mark section one page of this particular papers left blank glorious nothing to read so it scribble always I can't think why in a hole in the ground lived a hobbit I think that was eventually published in 1937 I now wanted to try my hand at writing a real it stupendously long narrative and to see whether I had sufficient art coming or material to make a really long novel which would hold the average reader right through the best one of the best forms for a long narrative is the Asmus found in The Hobbit that is a much more elaborate form of the pilgrimage on journey with an object so that was inevitable for my adopted Frodo began to feel Restless and the old path seemed too well trodden he looked at maps and wondered what lay beyond their edges he took to wandering further afield and more often by himself he used often to say there was only one road that it was like a great river it Springs were at every doorstep and every path was its tributary well they have lots of adventures and they make friends with a lot of very interest influential elves were very important people in that part of the world but finally they're attacked by the orcs these horrible sort of goblin creatures that afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am the verge of Merton College welcome to the College I understand you wish to see the know all about the college and also the old medieval library the college itself for the oldest College in Oxford founded by will Jennifer his robe locked up – very English and Katrina British parents I think I just kind of double coming home which made the the effect of the ordinary English meadows can recited breaks so immensely important to me I was on the whole a rather puny other mothered tinted a little creature who is not much of a success I eventually became a fairly ordinary scholar then I'd be good at Rugby Football odd thing let me said once that only the casual is in the warm there is I think very few people to elect to bigger job than me really which means to say that I was legally removed Vidia could mean the springtime when that treated wouldn't look sad we covered with leaves Russia the gold but not said and these are that kind of plane do something whatever the tree is and these are lives but all the lines of a however old I had a lovely green in the in spring I have always for some reason I don't know why I'm you know mostly attracted by tree oh my works is full of tree I suppose I have actually hit some simple-minded all of long action would like to I should have liked to be able to make contact the tree in fact I but it feels about things because they and the old Lynch says a few things doesn't about feeling the SAP ran up and they're looking to the Sun a lot of trees have gone big trees from there she this is much more wood and there was a long line of trees this kind of a younger all along the wall so you close house couldn't see you and couldn't see them whenever in leaf here much more secluded God didn't they change the scholars instead of the books I said you'll pardon me met him be very foolish of them she said what a star scholars come and go our books must remain with us she should thank you very much I said it is my pleasure there were less dutiful as the control tugged at darkness he looks Italian it seems to me that there is an air of what I would call Daanish pastime about all tokine's works the way I try and play that women hello Jeff will you doing down under said that's the entrance to opposite above your body you have a queen Queen Henrietta it's actually the office of course if you're within a state's office know where they deal with all the estates belong to the college and it's about so just who you cross she's making is a helpful and they're through the door they're sharp right approach is the state's offices like a modern little fella it's a pity the book didn't get hired soon as new talking is I suppose if if you have to put talking in a category you class in with those other Oxford Don's Lewis Carroll at Christ Church and CS Lewis who both of them created some fantasy worlds in much the same way there was Lewis Carroll's Wonderland and CS Lewis's Narnia they were slightly different they were less substantial and than middle-earth Tolkien's Hobbit land in this world Tolkien has placed different countries different races different languages and he has given it all a sense gift gives the reader a sense of solidity because talking remained very much a scholar when he wrote his book he's never scientific even mountains described by the way they think which is not a precisely model idea in fact he's not writing in the science fiction genre is he consumed it's more like a glorified favorite story I think it's a very basic appeal because everybody likes a fantasy they like to escape from life when it becomes dull and boring and you can get this kind of escape through detective thrillers and science fiction stories and spy stories but you always come back to the real world thinking that it's even duller and more boring than it was before and you think no I wish I was the first man on the Moon or I wish I was a spy instead of leaving the kind of life and eating whereas when you finish reading the Lord of the Rings but any of you had a marvelous adventure story in a marvelous fantasy but some of the magic has rubbed off on the ordinary very homely things of life like a good meal like food there's a great joy in food food never been a trencherman admired venture man therefore I make but I like I must say I'm sensing that produces the best basic food in Europe I'm a hurl and drink the fact that there are there are pubs in middle-earth yes yes I drink things whose day I like of course be feeling elevated but I'm very fond of that yeah they were washed and in the middle of good deep mugs of beer when mr. butterbur and nob became in again in a twinkling that table was laid there was hot soup cold meats a black furry tart new lows slabs of butter and half a ripe cheese good plain food as good as the Shire could show and stuff like to back help I've always always smoked I found I smoked beyond the point when you enjoy it was a silly but I do smoke and enjoy it and matter of fact it's now so tied to the writing that I can't write got it all these are sort of homely pleasant things and it's the sort of basis of things homely and the Shire that makes the big expansion into romantic wilderness is so much more exciting the fireworks were by Gandalf they were not only brought by him but designed and made by him and the special effects set pieces and types of rockets will let off there were Rockets like a flight of scintillating birds singing with sweet voices there were trees with trunks of dark smoke and their shiny branches dropped glowing flowers down upon the astonished hobbits disappearing with a sweet scent just before they touch their upturned faces that is the signal for supper said

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  1. motherfucker had to be a mason or something this shit is eerie hope its real ave

  2. Tolkien

    A trench map from the Battle of the Somme
    still has a dead fly stuck at the bottom left corner
    by a place called Longueual, dark from red blood spilled
    by British Tommies long since gone over the top.

    He sat on an upturned tin and smoked a pipe.
    Spring months were finished beyond the parapet
    and winter not yet willing to let him through
    the mist of a valley he would try to cross
    while the earth shook from bites of artillery
    as if to shrug all men forever off its back.

    He spread the map across his muddy knees
    and a bloated corpse-fed fly dropped there
    and crawled over towns and villages he hoped to see
    easier than half a million men did.

    With bemused eyes he followed it
    in a moment of mercy and apprehension as if
    to divine by which point it would stop
    and finally take off from-
    an augury, where the end might come on him.

    His hand refused to follow up these thoughts,
    the messenger was smashed upon his map-
    now on a study wall after ninety years gone by.

    When night came he lit one of the lanterns
    by which to count his men into the trench,
    in the deep Earth that stank of soil and Woodbines,
    cordite and bitter shit.

    He held the green wick close to his exhausted face
    which mirrored the failing marrow of his life-
    then shut the light into the safety of its case,
    and dreamed of Middle Earth.


  3. Professor Tolkien definitely had Asperger's Syndrome. 😊 #AspergianAndProud

  4. "The 'educated' Englishman….is there anything more Bourgeois ? "
    My reply to that little ponce who called the Hobbits bourgeois.

  5. As much a I love and admire Tolkien, and can't understand a word he is saying…

  6. I say, what a chap, that Tolkien was! By Jove, a spinner of tales, he was!

  7. Tolkien is a heart throb not only in his golden years still hot as hell , he has got to be the most love sick romantic silver tongue smooth talking son of a gun. Freakin A, you just do not find master pieces of that caliber of a man anymore.

  8. The tribes of papua new guinea use tobacco to contact the spirits

  9. Why does someone showing any level of intelligent and imaginative thought get labelled with “they must be on acid”

  10. Huh. Tolkien was a white dude. Never would have guessed.

  11. Estaban muy mal con lo de el patrón de oro e igual tambien el de plata.

  12. This makes me wish I could see Tolkien as he was writing, the “flash points” as he says, or the lazy days when he might look out a window at nature from his desk and have a new thought, or sit amongst the trees in summer at Oxford. Perhaps thinking of old friends from his time before and during the war and inoculating that into his works. The smallest things that might have inspired him to create these giants of characters we know and love now.

  13. Narnia always mentioned when C.S.Lewis's name comes up, but…
    Lewis's [Out Of The Silent Planet -> Perelandra -> That Hideous Strength] trilogy is far more interesting.

  14. a college kid talking about hobits being borjois. i f*cking HATE english people

  15. Lordy that's a lot of posh accents. Should have gone down the east end gov!!

  16. That girl explaining the plot of LotR at the beginning seemed a few sandwiches short of a picnic, if you'll take my meaning.

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