Be Inspired for 2019 – West Cork Literary Festival

terrifying having children you're constantly afraid and worried I write this to you daughter place these words in your hands to help you understand the way the world will be because you are a girl kiss and be kissed roast your heart is a stock option and see who invests your peacock swooned and Tiger spine oh you're Sita's eyes I decided last week I want to unwrite all my books I want to take them all back I want you all to send them back to me if anyone who's got my books so I can unright them and unpublish them and then start all over again and I was obsessed too by the sense of Virginia Woolf being inspired when she says my entire creative inspiration is inspired by the sight of a fin a distant fin far out and she came here 1934 she came here in 1934 and spoke about how she felt she traveled back in time to Renaissance England I don't judge but I have of late been tempted to judge one of the things that sort of fiction does is it generates its own raison d'ĂȘtre the simple attentiveness just sort of had this effect of sort of making just more alive more attentive to everything it sort of makes you more awake so I start with a theme and then I add a few characters to illustrate it and then I have to think of a plot the only title that I came up with was almost love every other suggestion that I've ever given for a title they've gone but good that's good they've never mentioned it ever again it's alright it's not that you are super Eligius maybe a moderate maybe you're a bit more religious maybe you're just Muslim in Maine so I tried to like show that plurality in my book by having acosta catchers who follow the water decides where it's going to take you so it's like compass point you

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