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run river run run through the hills run river run to the sea from Riverrun do you place beneath the song run-run hi this is Jan Lewis welcome to me my guest today we have from Shrewsbury two young authors a new acquaintance to love it welcome guys we have on my left Laura Lee and her brother David Lee oh man Laura you're only two years behind David right first I thought they might be twins I wasn't sure they have each written books right yeah yep how many have you written down your trilogy – I'm almost done with the third I'm about to publish it we're going to show you what those are as David I have five it's a complete series and I'm working on others on different platforms now that's pretty amazing you know I raised a son and I don't know if he would have had the patience to do this now we were just talking how old were you when you knew you liked tutor – right um actually I've started writing around the age of seven but I never really got into serious writing like I was writing short stories at seven I got into more of this stuff at ten attend and wait till you get into high school yeah oh my gosh what did you get interested to even but I start getting interested around like kind of the beginning of second grade and I really got okay I really got interested in elementary school just going for the like the media centers or all the books like the dinosaur books and guy read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The BFG I believe DFG yeah that that that like creepy guy on the cover was a kid yes yeah that's the one yeah and yes those books were scrumdiddlyumptious I believe that's the word and yes I was a fan of rod style the made-up words he was using because and yeah that's what I kind of wanted to be like him so that's where to offer Fang started that's how you liked it now Laura and David we were but we were talking about their styles now Laura you would describe yours as fantasy yes right now let's show us your books your each one so we'll talk about each one talk about it for sure let's talk about this with Phil and who let's hold it up for the viewers to see it says a novel of friends and foes from strange places did you decide did you yourself publish it and take your cover yes and dad helped me live to cover because he is very good at Photoshop and we design all the covers get all of them now this was the for the which number in your trilogy is is number one this was the first one yeah briefly what is it about now so the main character is this girl named Lily she's 15 she's human and obviously she lives on earth she gets kidnapped by elves and brought to what she refers to as the elfin world yeah because it's obviously inhabited by elves but there are also drawers on this planet and it Dwarfs I'm really like Lily cuz she's an alien no basically I mean what would you do if someone just randomly arrived from another planet so basically what happens is this war begins between the elves and dwarves the drawers wanted Lily as prisoner they always want to keep her safe so in the end they'll it's like oh no I have to get home so he ends up going home but she takes everyone else with her back Siddhant so what happens the N is no I want them to read it yeah but just trying to save you try to save her world yeah they keep it kind of the mystery at the end no this was the first one yes okay now which is the second one okay let's see that one and this was called the Risen yes second book in the world to world series yes now what is what does that cover me what is that so before my first book is centered around humans now that is centering around source sources who kind of aided Lily there are first enemies but they became friends right so now this is talking about the sorceress is so if you look at the cover yeah you see an icicle and you see fire so these sources are basically separated divided by their elements so there are fire source sources with fire magics you can make fire they can heat up things ice or services they can freeze things they can make everything snowy and there's like light sorceress is darks or services and so forth so you can see it's ice transitioning into fire kind of a mystery so you can kind of see where that goes cuz the mad man character is Minerva who's nice I sorcery did she also fifteen like in the other story um no cuz sorceress is our kind of ageless kind of yeah yeah you can never really tell how over there because she's young for sorceress but for a human she's really old I have this uh my son's girlfriend loves fantasy I think absolutely she's gonna love it I mean I gotta I'm gonna let her borrow home okay okay okay now what was the first one did you this was the this was the second book yeah was there on first one they first okay it's the two worlds okay two worlds was the first was it's your kind I suppose be your comfy yeah I guess okay now David David are you with us that's good David you tend to write more sci-fi right oh yes definitely alright let's pose nice up now this which is the first book you've written first okay this is Danny and the portal of the world written and illustrated by David T Lee at age seven my very first um actually illustrations this is the only time where did console illustrations after that I start doing kind of like digital illustrations yeah on Photoshop because those looked better they printed better like that better yeah they're more um and also I get a little bit more freedom yeah yeah I don't play with color oh you can tell oh you can't see them but you know for seven years old this guy's got it together yeah I know did you know did you know at seven you're going to do this you plan ahead or did you just happen it came to you it kind of came to me it wasn't like at five years old I wanted to be an offer yeah it's more of a I guess an impulse like every young children has like their own impulses sure less inhibited to follow their dreams so I kind of follow my dreams and I got some support from my parents who told me to finish the book because they found it and if I was pretty good and so I finished it and yeah I became an offer really when I finished it and I realized that I liked doing this type of stuff have you read any of these both of you in your school have the kids been reading your books certainly you're getting good feedback yeah definitely I asked my friends to write reviews that's good because you know sometimes like gee I didn't know it died they didn't like it that's okay because you get it back and you think oh maybe they're right yeah you know okay don't David this was your very first one very first all right now the next one this one yes Danny and a trip to outer space Danny oh my god no you did this one do you design yes I designed it with my parents you know what be up with mom and dad yeah all self-published – I love cell phone every single one up can you see this this is adorable and you created it now how old is Danny in this I he's always kind of like ageless sort of or sort of I never really described the age it's more like I always imagined in my mind that he sorta aged – I was when I'm writing done yeah but I never really maybe he would like throw in that comment like he's about ten yeah but like I always imagine like he's like a kid not exactly a teenager yet but kind of like just like a kid right who's that going these great adventures now you're going into her freshman year next year yes high school and you were going to be junior jr. a junior oh my gosh no on the back of Danny and the trip to outer space to give you an idea the story starts we're gonna do this with Laura's – the story starts when Danny accidentally spilled soda on one of his birthday gifts an RC plane what's that radio control okay shows you what I don't it's a enlarges enough so they could fit Danny's whole family inside it now you're gonna leave copies downstairs in the the wall okay it up toontown library local authors hook look authors who are on the show these are great for the kids actually these are good I see this is for the teenagers – real and adults you know I like them – okay now we've got that one outer space here comes the next one right yeah this one begins sort of like a trilogy where I kind of put the rest of the series in so I kind of I realized that one of the reasons I started writing was that I was reading so much about dinosaurs yeah but in my first two books they don't really mention anything about dinosaurs and so I'm when I was I wrote that when I was nine and so I realized that hey I should actually kind of go back deuce do dinosaurs do something about dinosaurs and so I did a whole trilogy yes and I was heavily inspired by Jurassic Park but okay Jurassic Park Danny and the invasion of the dinosaurs again David Illustrated it yep this was when you wrote this when you were nine nine and on the back chop-chop Oh what age group now as it progresses up would you save like from six to twelve six to eleven ten what would you say I'd say six all the way till just like in general middles because I think okay of course the first view I wrote were that evidently meant for younger audiences because I wasn't writing ask oh yeah you were younger yeah I love the way you spaced this yeah I like that I have another author an older lady and she was criticized for the way she had her book spaced I loved it but evidently her editor or somebody who was critiquing it said oh no you have to go back to the regular type of spacing I said don't do it it's so much better and easy to read I'm curious spacing as and oh um purse like she had beautiful printing you like yours and then she was how was she doing this doing the sentences there was a little bit more spacing line spacing and it felt like we were going through the book quicker I don't know why I know maybe I'm a slow reader but I like the idea I really do especially when you have a younger crowd I think if it's a little bigger tight mm-hmm I really first thing I prefer it – yeah now this looks like you know if it's a beach that what's that thing they stand up on down on the kayak what's that kayak thing the board the boogie board they would surfboard well yeah it's like that but water yeah and then they're prepared they're rowing it I don't know that their balance has to be pretty good this is Danny and their ventures – diet women no oh no this is The Adventures of Danny who it's a seriously hope and biller yeah is this a series seriously I hope for though what is he on in this one what is that that's like yeah so it's kind of like a cover where like a giant dinosaur I sorta yeah and the downsize look at him running away from the dinosaurs and this book is about the dinosaurs actually evolved yeah after they kind of suffer a setback and they go to Mars and then they become classified as Martians and they return what an imagination in you two on the back one year after the terrifying invasion of the dinosaurs Danny settles down he believes that dinosaurs are long gone he is wrong as a result of his trip to the Past he has died so the dinosaurs have evolved into a frightening new species Martians and I'm not telling you the rest of it cuz I don't know the rest of it I want you to read it alright there's that one now is this the latest this is the latest it is to last into series okay and I wrote this a few years ago yeah I have since moved on to larger projects and yeah this kind of concludes the trilogy and it also introduces sort of a new species and this one came after I watched more of those Godzilla type movies you know the old movies way way back and our great grandparents died removed the one yeah more didn't more the new ones oh the new ones the new ones and so I kind of wanted to throw in something like a third thing and then kind of like do a throwback to those you know those classic monster movies and so this is where this book came out from and this is the aliens come and then like a new species concert on the ground alright you were 12 yes when you wrote that eighteen thousand words you know tell how many words okay Danny and the wrath of the dinosaurs and this looks like a lot of with it helicopter jet fighters on it yeah yeah it's uh again we kind of played with the idea in the fourth book with like auto like the big dinosaur I all right but this one we wanted to like especially I wanted to emphasize that it's like a huge battle yeah like the ending battle of sort of like the war two dinosaurs big conclusion so they had put it all that like all those helicopters and jet fighters on there to kind of emphasize it and of course my parents knew how to translate that onto Photoshop you guys are amazing oh my god now I'm gonna go back to war and to world the first one was arisen right no the first one was to work towards I look at it well okay fifteen year old Lily Claire isn't a violent person and when she's taken from Earth to another planet known as the elfin world she starts a war she cannot stop she'll plunge into dangerous challenges putting her life on the line along with many others one misstep and things go extremely wrong the enemies change constantly from deadly dwarves to sorceress sisters if only really could ask someone for tips of defeating the enemies now I'm not gonna go I was good good day goes oh wait oh my god a further they get him to read it what age group would you say um so I wrote this when I was ten yeah so I was in fifth grade so I would say middle school but of course it's young adults in middle school to high school and adults yeah oh yeah I know what a guy told you buddy but you know like they're gonna be you know letting her borrow my copy because I'm she'll love it absolutely okay now this the first this was the first one this is the next one yeah yeah and you wrote that at how old 11 11 the second book in the two World Series the risen okay so series of fire sorceress and lieutenant to Queen Matilda faces a coming war when the ice queen and her army are awakened after many years of sleep she seeks out Matilda's friend Theresa fovea right a sorceress who recently helps save the world by taking on a human as an ally now is there going to be a third yes I I've rewritten it I've edited it and it's going to be published hopefully my end is not well Wow yeah and then my children will be done you're doing it on your so publishing it right yes isn't that great how many books do you order at a time Oh 25 is it that does it cost of order if somebody's a new author and young maybe what are they looking at price-wise to order 1029 books we're looking at five books yeah that's all $5 and they don't ask you how big the book are it gets larger the more stuff you write in it and if it's color I'm actually a little tidbit for my experiences my second book is the only one of my books that's in full color from inside front to back and the reason we stopped doing that is that the pricing to buy color books and colored books is actually a lot more actually quite quite a lot more and of course you want to make profits from this one we're selling them out of book fairs so that's why the later books don't have color but in on the inside like commissions and David is at five dollars per let's see if you order 25 books is it five dollars per book or just five dollars for 25 books per bow well okay so so that's we're looking at my master stinks $125 okay I did well really believe me if you oh yeah I got lucky on that one okay so that's good well 125 so if you're young and you're really doing really well or what a juried you are they're saying 25 25 books for $5 each only on in 25 so if you have that many and as I help authors get out there too it's like you know they often say how many books do I bring with me to presentation their book signing like well bring about 10 just to be safe and then always you can make a list of who wants a copy and get it to you know you don't worry about running out that person likes your book they're gonna want you they're gonna want it one way the other oh definitely so we're of some of the places have you been appearing where and we go to a lot of towns in Massachusetts or events we're in a couple of libraries oh definitely you know what cart dominantly library oh yeah some school media centers so like middle schools and of course every books are gonna lie or in the libraries like I said and we go to a lot of events to just promote ourselves I know there are Expos out there I don't let these authors expose and boy I mean they have one out in Danvers port I've talked about it many times on here and it's like you're walking into a fairy tale it's a beautiful big Yacht Club well it looks almost like you have a wedding and reception there and they chock-full with authors of all different venues yeah you don't have to worry about being like anybody else and then they had one down in Rhode Island Cranston Rhode Island recently and that was oh I think they had three hundred and something authors a big that's even I was overwhelmed and I talked with one of the authors she says I'm overwhelmed I mean how many people can you stop and see in one afternoon going down like that it's a great way to make friends and to get other hints as to where they've been and what they suggest I like seeing the younger people coming in I really really do are you going to continue now writing you and putting it for ya you've got next okay and you're going to continue David um yes I'm actually writing something online right now it's on this platform called watts pad mm-hmm and this new project is called cold cold 2653 with a comma separating to two words yeah yeah it's another science fiction one yeah and the main character this entire story is told from the point of view of an artificial intelligence yeah and I kind of played with sort of the idea of like I play with the science fiction cliches of sort of like robots and science fiction because I've there's a ton of them and there's always movies like there's like a ton of movies from like Blade Runner to like a I'm from Steven Spielberg that talk about sort of artificial intelligence in one way so I kind of wanted to throw in like an original take that kind of like plays plays of it sort of you're a lot your parents when she was so proud I mean the imaginations on you too I mean that's now the next one you have coming out yeah be out you see the next week by end of this month end of this or oh my god how'd you find a draft done how long it take you to write it um a year maybe no that's bad I finished actually you didn't take me that long to finish the raw rough draft but then I I read through I was like I have to keep making at it's infinitely I made like three four rounds of edits going through the whole thing over and over yeah yeah yeah cuz I kept finding these little mistakes that I knew I just can't leave there so how do people I want to make sure everybody knows here how can they get a copy of your book let's start with you Laura how can they reach you um we're on Amazon you search of inflammation splashing you'll find all of our books there and you can also find Amazon links on our blog books are fun and from Ages calm and we're in libraries Worcester yeah we're we're in a couple libraries public yeah breeze yeah yeah info mages have spelled INF OMA GES and we have a website person like a sort like a blog page it's books are fun be oh okay s RF UN sort of like the Toys R Us thank you I mean so would I have you been over to tat nook over and oh yes certainly you did you went to tat now why did you think did you go in the big room they give a presentation at oh no no we haven't actually given a presentation yet but we used we actually we've been there quite a few times to just read and realize really you know the back where you can just sit quietly oh yes we've been there quit that room there I'm and I've sent my authors there if somebody's very shy he'll say no to the room and they'll they'll give them a table up front where people can just come on in and walk by and they can buy the book but in the large room you can get each move you can get up and talk about your book and you can do your book signings and all that time difference like a presentation room yeah awesome and if you ever wanted to do use that room I would always suggest blowing up you know go to Staples whatever post poster board and have them like along the walls and have them like on an easel and the door of that big giant well this is what I tell my nope you go west they do a great job tap not getting the workout that's not you know it but you can do an even greater job by making sure you've got some posters put them up onto easels people can't miss it they walk in the door like oh yeah it's over here with little arrow couple balloons find out when more parents come in with kids as well as young adults that type of thing yeah that's just one place one of the places I suggest is also many places out there this has been so much fun to meet you too I wish you know my son is a poet and he poet doesn't know it I can't get him to concentrate on writing it and he's only 27 but I don't know I I what do you suggest to children out there who are like not children young adults teens but would like to do it but they don't have the confidence what would you suggest um like be inspired read something that you know really speaks to you and I like you know I'm talking about write something you read something that that makes you want to like elaborate on it so say I read you know the Artemis Fowl series yeah pristine his name Artemis Fowl yeah yes so that I read when I was in Middle School that really got me into writing and that was really a kick starter for me besides like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and all those other fantasy stuff so like read something that died if you like science fiction read something for science fiction that you like fantasy read something about fantasy and look at those websites that talk about writing how to start writing what you can do attend some classes write your classes and yeah do you belong to any writing groups um actually yes we I believe we have a membership in Dutton Sutton writers group oh do you must know Lisa Shay yeah she's a good friend she has been ELISA has been on them on the show for years off and on and she's not only a fantastic author but she is the president of the Blackstone Valley artists yes David what would you suggest if I mean people I definitely say yes you can write you can write but you need you need marketing so yeah I don't have to like it's taken me the better part of eight years to learn how to market and get all the way till I do an interviews like this yeah so I definitely say get all the support you can get and definitely get the support of your parents because if you don't have your parents supporting you it's kind of a tough road and an uphill battle I'd say and you guys are good you're going into it you're going into high school you already in high school yes teachers no no already and the kid other friends – they never challenge yeah this is amazing are they in your school library the good are they available for the kids I believe I think my books are my books are in my my media center in the middle school yes okay get your table out in high school well the books aren't exactly meant for high schoolers they're written more for younger audiences yeah but as you go up though oh I read kids books I don't care if it interests me I'm gonna read it yeah but certainly I'll see if I can like get them in the media center yeah um actually mind if I do a little bit of self-promotion for something so we have an Instagram account we have separate Instagram accounts and I might mine my username on Instagram this offer David Lee offer David Lee it's all one word all lowercase and lorises offer Laura Lee also all lowercase we are all so our books are also in Barnes & Noble and no in bilberry we have like sort of a thing going on where I'm actually we did a couple events there and we have some books some leftover books that are currently on sale physically yeah in the store Franco which is really exciting so um any viewers out there who want to like stop by the Blackstone Valley shops and check out the Barnes & Noble look for our books that will be amazing and feel free to find we have a lot more information on our our personal blogs our instagrams we're also on Facebook Twitter Pinterest and yeah and let me just info me information publishing sort of their words yeah yeah INF oma GES that's a substance yeah David you're closer to college what is your goal are you gonna go into literature or what are gonna do teach the thing is I actually want to try I want to pursue maybe a major in science because I'm writing science fiction yeah I kind of realized that if I keep just going with the knowledge I have which is then it'll be more of like sort of like a bit too speculative a little bit too far-fetched sellers thinking if I have like a degree if I actually knows something that I can probably write more interesting sense what do you think Laura when you hit that time I'm also interested in stem I've developed quite liking for chemistry chemistry yeah I like I'm kind of intrigued by all of the formulas and like how like playing – like subsys together can create like like this really cool chemical reaction tree it's hard in high school yeah yeah yeah I could not be particularly go for it at all you got to be good with numbers yes well yes and I'm also interested in math oh my gosh I need some people wouldn't ya like hopefully there's bored me out there too that aren't so hot at it when I was in high school was your age David I was in my sophomore year South Florida they we had a teacher who if he had to explain him more than once he was mad which was not good for a lot of us trigonometry and algebra I was gonna flunk it if my parents got me a tutor oh and she was a senior and I thought she was terrific I passed yeah well you know I was very very fortunate my parents like your parents are right there like I don't know we're gonna get through this you know and she was terrific she'd walk over to my house sit down with me and work with me this has been terrific now what's coming up for you where are you gonna be next it is are you going to shoe spray TV today right yes we're actually doing an interview of Robin Miller oh I know Rotten she's been on the show yes and yes that's actually we're doing the interview red shoes real library and I'm right after we're we're doing a free our event free to 6:00 at downstairs on the first floor of the shoes we Public Library we do this event and like we've done it for like five years yeah it's the summer reading kicked off local offers showcase and it doesn't say universe that the title for the new kick off for the kids reading something the word universe is in it just as you can check you know how the kids come in every summer and they have they have to read a certain amount of books they can get a prize if they do something about these in Harris is the title of this year that will be right up your alley yeah and yeah and we're gonna do a couple we're gonna launch into like a great holidays that's that's in a couple months yeah we have like two or three events per month and we're adding more constantly good year get into some Expos I'll tell you why around Thanksgiving it if people are starting to buy holiday gifts oh yeah certainly yeah big shopping season yeah some of them are on the pricey side so yeah yes yeah all right I want to thank you both for being with us and come back with your other if you got more books I know you've got that one coming up listen thanks so much David and Laurel thank you yeah treat we'll see you next time and be my guest have one today riding on a shooting star heading out to water trees you

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