100 thoughts on “Beatbox brilliance | Tom Thum | TEDxSydney

  1. I watched this video almost 10 time but I'm not getting bored I want to watch it again and again…

  2. So all the beatboxers insparation is here reason why grand beatbox is exist

  3. To learn many instruments u need to know finger technique
    Tom tung:Hold my tongue😂

  4. Why do beatboxers do strange things with their hands while performing?

  5. This is literally the best Ted talk ever. I have watched it 100 times

  6. 5:57–6:13 Sounds familiar, anyone knows what music is it? or what type of music is it?

  7. Lol if i was tum thum i didnt need to buy a DJ instrument i will had my mouth

  8. That might be the worst gearboxer I have ever witnessed, with such a big audience for some odd reason

  9. Worth watching this video no dull scene nice TED thanks for guessing this amazing and talented Tom.

  10. My friend wanna beat me at beatboxing?

    Inner me: I'm about to end this whole man's career 😂

  11. Tom Thum makes a whole song with his mouth..
    Instruments : Am i a joke to you… ?

  12. Me : mom i got a A+. Can i buy a musical instruments?
    Mom : sure, what do u want?
    Me : i want him.

  13. I miss, when youtube full of Beatbox, not an EDM, or Instrumental music… Hahah

  14. To be honest I have heard/seen many beat boxers already. Aswell as many of you I probably have seen half of them use these chaos pads aswell. But what I haven't seen was a guy who can mimic so many different sounds this accurate.

  15. Tom thum:When he starts he's beatbox
    Microphone:Am I a joke to u😂

  16. Well I give you a prescription about this video . View it at least one time per week.

  17. What I learned from this:

    This is by far the most popular Ted Talk. People don't want to learn, they just want to be entertained.

  18. Can anybody tell me what the name of that equipment is the loop machine and the other one please text back

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