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  1. Jim's poetry is critised usually by people who have never even read his words. He is critised as pretentious, whereas jagger never was… And Lennon acted like a total prat attention seeker with his bed inns cringe worthy…
    I notice in the UK where I live Morrison is either regarded as a true genius or else an arrogant drunk who wrote infantile crap… Rock music especially back in the 60s was always considered low brow, a passing fad, and not to be taken seriously. whereas poetry, theatre were high art and the idea that Morrison could be accepted as a poet would of been laughable.. The fact is that Morrison is at least in the top 5 poets of his generation. Perhaps the best, his lyrics are also poetic. The End and When then the music's over… He was 21 when he was writing that stuff… The first 2 doors albums and the debut velvet underground album will never age because the lyrics of Morrison are so true to his spirit. He gave everything. When I read Coleridge, view van gough, and read Jim Morrison I feel they were not the type of artist who sits for hours or days trying to achieve greatness.. Morrison, was a fiery artist and I can imagine him doing very little but when the fire comes you are almost like a conduit and the creation will just flow through you… All the greats found the creative process would just come through when it was ready, those who slave away at their art lose their passion and. Make it into a chore. Which is why most artists do their best work in their youth because they are creating for it's own reward

  2. Jim spoke the truth.not many people could handle that.why he's gone.

  3. Nothing cool dying young there's a message here pay attention people sad play

  4. What a waste are the gods jealous are they trying to say something and we just don't listen

  5. Jim really takes us somewhere in this one.

    Where the fuck is he going?

    It doesn't matter. We are all going.

  6. Check out my Tupelo Tornado Chase : Let’s make Jim Real ~ He shall never die. But, what would he want us to live for?

  7. Great songs from one of all time poet I believe Jim is one of the top 3 poets of all time listen to his words very powerful a huge fan of Jim from NJ…

  8. I love this poem,but for the life of me I wish I could understand what does it mean.Such a vast and sort of sacred understanding as if he had accired some hidden knowledge that had brought him grife .

  9. And so I say to you
    The silk handkerchief was embroidered in China or Japan
    behind the steel curtain
    and now one can cross the borderline without proper credentials.
    This is to say that we are all sensate and occasionally sad,
    and if every partner in crime were to  incorporate promises in this programme
    the land might end…and all our friends would follow another programme.  
    Who are our friends? (I know you love me to talk this way)
    Are they solemn and slow?
    Do they have great desire?
    Or are they one of the multitude who….walk….. doubting …..their impossible regret
    Certainly, things happen, and reoccur, and continue as promised.   All of us
    have found a safe nitch where we can store up riches and talk to our fellows on the same premise of disaster. 

    But this will not do!  No, this will never do……!
    There are continents and shores
    which beseech our understanding.  
    Seldom have we been so slow

    Seldom have we been so far

    My only wish is to see Far Arden again ……  (and this next part will be done in a woman's voice)

     The truth is on his chest.  
    The cellular excitement has totally inspired our magic bedroom.  
    And now for an old trip
    I'm tired….of the night.
    I want the old forms to reassure their sexual pool.  (My friend is just……you know)

     And this morning before I sign off,
    I would like to tell you about
    Texas Radio and the big beat.
    It moves into the perimeter of your
    Sacred sincere and dedicated smile,
    Like a con Veteran of the psychic war.  
    He was no general for he was not old.  
    He was no private
    for he could not be…sold.  
    He was only a man, and his
    Dedication extended to the last degree.  
    Poor pretentious soldier …

    Come home…………

  10. Just plain genius—- one of the hands down most brilliant, real, true to himself people ever- a visionary, darkly creative, not pretentious either with his 149 IQ never felt the need to show off or be a know it all… he was known as a true friend who was deeply sensitive and compassionate, listening to him talk for just a brief time feel I learned more than probably my whole six years in college! Damm… wherever he is hope he got to find the peace and genuine life he sought

  11. I found this quote in a book all poets can relate to… "From the wounded soul, comes poetry and music. In return, music and poetry heals the soul."       
    From the book: "Midnight Writings by a Distant Mind Lost in Time." Check it out, it can be found on amazon. It was a great read.

  12. Its niche not nitch..its a 17 century french word and should be pronounced kneeshh.Morrisons poetry is really prose..musings..Very nice prose, but lacking poetic structure.

  13. And so I say to you, one can funkt. Funkt. We shplit forengee. Can pick the. Nose. Pickt it. The anus guns spat shit on the water. He rose up and thought. Then he decided it wasn't. So he lain back down. I fell in a field of asparagus. I cooked it in butter. Slave ships braved the waves. 200 black men bellowdecks. The waves tumbled over the deck. The captain ate friend chickadees and thought. I'm getting off boat before it flies to Jupiter. Jupiter needs slaves 2. The captain thought. Someone past the salt. And it was good. A sea monster wrapped its tentacles around the large vessel. 200 blak man cry in agony as the hull split. And the monster thought. Someone past the salt.
    A brave young boy camped on the edge of a tall cliff. He fell. Ded. I ain't ded.

  14. So is this an actual poem? Or did you piece it together? I can't find it anywhere else…

  15. this simon ekendahl doesn't know how to mix the piano volume with jims poem. He destroys JIm carrey, I mean, morrison.

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