Beauty – Spoken Word Poetry

What are the things that I find beautiful? A smile that just happens. A heart that keeps beating even when it’s
breaking. Calloused hands and feet with thick, bulging
varicose veins because they belong to people who didn’t take
the easy way out, people who worked, who strove for what they
got. What else do I find beautiful? Eyes, expressive eyes. Eyes that are so intense that you can see
the realness of the person within. Eyes that are bright with unshed tears yet
keep on forging forward, looking straight ahead,
never down at their feet in defeat. Eyes that look at the stars and see more than
swirling orbs of gas and dust held together by mere gravity. I also find flowers beautiful.
Because they can’t help what they are, they can’t help how they look.
They’re one of the most natural, most unartificial things in the universe
and that gives them this simplistic, very unfrivolous type of beauty. There are many kinds of beauty though
and humans don’t fall under the same category as flowers.
We’re too complex for that. We carry too much baggage, too much drama,
too many conflicting ideologies and beliefs. Our desires and choices and the essence
of who we choose to be never end with ‘just because.’ There are always reasons behind reasons and desires behind desires. And that’s perfectly fine. To a human being, it’s natural to have some form of damage,
some degree of brokeness or insecurity because that means that you’ve experienced
something. That emotions aren’t just words to you,
that Life isn’t merely a state of existing. If you’ve felt pain then that means
that you cared enough about something to let it get into the deepest parts of you.
And that is half of what makes you beautiful. I say half because beauty isn’t all internal
strength and internal honesty. It’s much more than that. Beauty is only beautiful if it manifests itself.
If you gather up all the pieces of beauty that is inside of you
and fling it out to the world with the objective of creating something that will resonate with
other people as well. I know it sounds like I’m talking about stories
and art but I’m not. It’s connected to the same idea but it’s much
more that. It’s in how you live your life and in how
you touch the lives of everyone around you. It doesn’t have to be something so totally
grandiose or life-changing or ‘one for the history books’. If it made someone smile,
if it made someone laugh if it made someone sing or dance, if it made someone want to extend their hand
out to someone that needs their help or if it made someone think a little harder
about who they are and where they stand in their lives, then you’ve manifested your beauty. Then you’ve done something beautiful.

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