Because I am a Woman | Spoken Word Poetry | By: Poetic Daisy

Because I’m a Woman Because I’m a woman I’m bossy and not
assertive, Ruthless and not determined
Have to keep harassment behind the curtain Or be nervous
That I’ll be fired. I don’t mind being admired
But I’m tired Of the double standard,
I’m tired of the sexist banter Tired of having to be mild mannered. I can’t be too harsh
And I have to do my part To help others. Have to always take on another’s
Projects, can’t say I’m busy like a man, I just don’t understand. Because I’m a woman I’m just a pretty
face, A trophy to showcase. Even though I have a mind
That works just fine My input is declined
Because that would remind Them that I’m intelligent. And perhaps lead to their embarrassment
If it solves the problem And involves them
Reporting to me. Always have to be happy
Or it’s that time of the month again. I have to deal with all of this and then,
Pretend like I don’t see any of it. The End.

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