Becky Buller Band – Queen of the Mountain Bootleggers (Live @ The Writers Room)

and I wrote this one with Vicki Simmons of the new Coon Creek girls for those of you who follow the grass you know I'm sure you've heard of the new Coon Creek girls but Vicki and I wrote this about a true story about a gal from Harlan County Kentucky her name was Maggie Bailey but they called her the queen of the mountain bootleggers all of Harlan County knew Maggie Bailey's occupation how she song sometimes brewed unlawful libation miss Kentucky poverty along with prohibition and survey younger males to feed encourage her decision she was the queen of the mountain bootleggers it was her heart she's gone only once in 41 the jury found her guilty a hundred-fifty half girl put him in the penitentiary two years later Matt came home Kluber town was glad to see her she proved herself an expert on the law searches seizure she was the queen of the mountain bootleggers that's her heart she's gone nobody'll ever steal time lately she brought : groceries to needy friends a neighbor good Sara love with the fruits of Labor never drag-and-drop herself wouldn't sell the kids or drunkards politicians saw her hair queen of the bootleggers was her heart she's gonna be the lover still back retired and and if I can't ever life and let her smart till the day she died I'm just a good old-fashioned bootlegger till the queen of the mountain boot Eggers mr. Hart she's gone she busts her heart she's gone

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