WHAT IS SCHOOL FOR? Feel free to call me slow but, I spent 16 years going to school and I still don’t know. When I finished, I didn’t know how to do my own taxes, purchase a home, or apply for a loan. I didn’t know a thing about investments, building credit or getting a job. I graduated at the top of my class and what did I have? This fancy diploma to sit at home with… my mom. But luckily, they did teach me some important skills like factoring trinomials and how mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. I’m so happy I remember the Pythagorean theorem ’cause it helped me a lot. Ok, I’m lying let me stop. Because all the stuff they taught me truthfully, I forgot. Mom, remember when you would ask me: “What did you learn in school today?” And I would say: “Nothin’ much.” I wasn’t being modest The truth about it mom is I had already forgotten. And it’s not just me– millions of students sing the same song. How many of you guys avoid eye contact with the teacher to try not to get called upon? Afraid to raise your hand for fear of being wrong, which proves that school isn’t an environment for learning or building up the intellect. It’s just a game you play for grades and how many A’s you can collect. But I guess what do you expect when the most commonly asked question in class is: “Is this gonna be on the test?” Is this gonna be on the test? See if school really put learning instead of testing and memorizing as the top standard then the letter “F” would not stand for “Failure.” It would stand for “Find another Answer.” And if school was really interested in our personal and academic success, students would wake up later, have more freedom and homework… a lot less. And that’s not my opinion, this conclusion has been scientifically tested and proven. And any teacher that doesn’t believe me feel free to check my works cited page to inspect. Oh, and I did it in MLA format because I know that’s all you will accept. See students would get more benefit from an extra hour of sleep than putting them through the torture of an extra essay, reading 150 pages, doing problems 1-60 on the worksheet, and having 3 projects due by the end of the week. Not only is it pointless pain but it’s also dim-witted. Because we get so much work, but they don’t teach the time management skills to deal with it. See in school we are controlled by bells. We have to learn in rooms with the Feng shui of a prison cell. We have to ask permission to relieve bodily functions but not before the teacher asks a million questions like: “Why Didn’t you go before class” I’m sorry my bladder is kinda on its own schedule and it’s not always timely. See teachers always say: “Use your time wisely.” But that never made sense to me. ‘Cause these six cruel hours of our lives we call “school” might literally be the worst use of time management ever in history. Think about it, the traditional teaching method is foolish. No, it’s useless multiplied by the square root of… stupid What they do is: They cram information in your head, force-feeding ya And then you throw it up on the test. THAT’S NOT EDUCATION…. that’s bulimia. And the more bulimic you are the better you will do on assessments. So it’s no wonder why so many students graduate mentally and emotionally anorexic. See school teaches you how to memorize dots. TRUE education SHOULD teach you how to connect them. TRUE education teaches you how to catch a fish. School teaches you: yeah you caught the fish but u didn’t show your work so it doesn’t count. Throw it back! I’m just asking What is school for? It’s not education, that’s just not true. If you still think that, you might be sniffing the glue. See the word education comes from the Latin root “educe” meaning “bring out” i.e bring the gifts out of a person and make them viable. But school doesn’t bring out much. It just stuffs more facts inside of you. Now some of that stuff is justifiable. We need reading, writing, and some arithmetic– that’s fair. But are you telling me metamorphic and igneous rocks are more important than self-care? If suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death of ages 10-24 and Harvard studies suggest the biggest predictor for success is self-control and emotional health, then why the heck aren’t we taught how to handle stress, bullies or rejection? How about anxiety or depression? You know– skills we need for our entire lives. Bro, I don’t even know how to cook. I’m honestly surprised I’m still alive. But hey at least I can name all the battles that happened in the civil war. Seriously, what is school for? Some say you need it to be successful and that’s something we do not doubt. But do you own a MacBook or iPhone? Did you know they both were created by a dropout? Are you watching this video on Facebook or YouTube? Doesn’t matter which you choose. They both were created by dropouts. Ever used Snapchat, WhatsApp, shopped at Whole Foods? Well, Thanks a dropout. Does your home furniture come from IKEA? OK don’t get the wrong idea– he was not a dropout, don’t be a fool. I mean how could he drop out, Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA never even went to school. I know what you’re thinking: “He’s just picking and choosing, there’s millions who didn’t go to school that aren’t successful. Who is he fooling?” And You’re right! But open your history books and start perusing. You’ll find the very people we idolize in school never really had formal and/or secondary schooling. I’m talking George Washington Abe Lincoln Americas best presidents had zero school between them. Ben Franklin Thomas Edison Shall I proceed? Ernest Hemingway Mark Twain Teddy Roosevelt Margaret Mead Now, please! I’m not saying drop out. ‘Cause some schools are great and many teachers are rare treasures. I’m saying that there’s a difference between people who are smart and people who score better. I’m saying that your future is something no test will ever measure. Even if that test begins in 3 letters like SAT, ACT. It’s BS if they say those determine your L.I.F.E No, your destiny is in your hands. You must shape it to be great. So don’t expect school to open doors ‘Cause it’s more likely to slam them in your face. Sometimes I wonder about all the dreams lost in school and how much potential goes to waste. If it wasn’t for music and YouTube then I would have been just another lost case. Everybody watching this please close your eyes. Imagine a child sitting in the back of some teachers class in some town, he never raises his hand, he fails most of his classes but inside of him lives a passion. And if nurtured and brought out will lead him to discover the cure for cancer. But you see, I’m afraid that child’s gift will never come out. He will never win the Nobel Prize award because in class he was ignored and his worth was judged only by his scores. So teachers, principals, parents, advisors, and students, I ask one more time: “What is school for?”


  1. Mom: YouTube and TV is bad for people! It prevents you from focusing and learning things!

    Me: learns new words by watching Attack on Titan

  2. 15k people are the ones who are still machines and yet to be sensible about the whole 'school' thing going on. There was a poet in my country who once wrote ' its like those who are failing, are actually saving the mankind', the poet was one of the best students of the top university btw, so u cant say he never passed that's why he wrote it. I think its high time we changed the whole process of how a school works.

  3. Kid: mom what is school for?

    Mom: to get smarter

    Kid: ik but why we need to be smarter

    Mom: … I got no i idea…

  4. I was bullied, always compared to others, tormented with stress and depression, scored bad grades and I almost gave up on life. But now, I get to live again.. thanks to my passion and endlessly inspiring people like you. ♥️

  5. School always tell me to be fair. But why is bringing phone to school not allowed when we can bring our books home?


  6. I have had always been obedient to my parents they taught me that school is opens the doors in future and many knowledge I will get there…
    But I live in a small Ukraine village and our school even Don't have a canteen or gym not even saying about chemistry or physical room. So subjects which we had had a lessons was very boring and from all our group in class(which consited of 18 pupils) only 2 persons have a normal assessments and
    I have been not in their count. But almost all of pupil in school know nothing even if they have a good assessments.
    Most of pupil don't know even English letters, like me till I started studying English by myself when I was in 9 grade… Now I realize how much time I had waste in that damn hole. But the worst thing is that I lost my dream because of I had come back to home very exhausted and not enough sleep 😓

  7. I don’t really cry about how bad and boring school is I just power through that shit and I think that has built a lot of life lesson and character for me

  8. School is kinda stupid teacher doesnt even teach us how to get jobs and our future they just put stuff in our brain that isnt even necessary

  9. I am a nerd, this is interesting but, I don’t have any of these issues because I am right, I always put my hand up and work hard.

  10. I feel bad for parents more. They don’t have holidays, my mom works till 2 am

  11. i need the school systems everywhere to stop and think that their future is in their hands and they are wasting years and years on not helping anyone learn anything or let me rephrase, we learn ignorant and useless facts that won’t help our future to progress. The PEOPLE that WILL be our future.

  12. i asked my parents why i had to learn about the past wars and they said “so you can have conversations so you know what you talking about” i was stunned they didn’t have a reason and the reason they provided would help me

  13. In my school we're not allowed to wear jewelry, we cant wear nail polish, we can't grow our nails we have to cut them and we are not even allowed to put our hair down and we can't wear anything that is not jeans and the school shirt uniform also we can't wear any colored pants it must be jeans..

    Well that's a lot of writing sorry but I remembered all this stuff that I am not allowed to wear and I got angry so I decided to write them all


  14. Tthis guy is hella retarded. He thinks his rich ass can rap something cheesey and change the world

  15. Love you and your thoughts.
    But we cant do anything for schools.Teacher just fing ways how to time paas the period.They just find ways so that that half hour goes

  16. I'm a hungarian girl. I learned the english language:
    5% – school
    60% – youtube
    25% – games
    10% -movies

  17. I’m shocked I never realized any of this so Thank You for this video.

  18. Pretty much, i used to enjoy school when i was younger, school was only good until grade 6. Secondary school is just tedious and frustrating. Also,it always gives me depression because of the stress you are suffering in school. Also what i hated the most in school are exams. Exams, tbh it also gives you anxiety as you are always worried that you are going to “fail” in that exam.

  19. because you went to school for like 16 years, it has helped you make this video and grow your youtube channel, so I guess school worked out for you. and you graduated as the highest in your grade? then how can you be so stupid, and not realize that school is an exercise for all different kinds of things, but if you won't try and don't even begin to help yourself trying to be better, you will never learn, but YOU!!! gotta ask questions, like "how do I pay my taxes" or " how do I get a job" maybe one search on google can help you, maybe 2 or maybe be even 100, but you might never find out, if you don't try. You can't expect school to learn you everything, so please TRY!!! help YOURSELF!!!
    why do you think we have to make presentations? to see if the students is able to find knowledge them selfs, so you in the future can help yourself, yeah maybe some of the things we learn we might not need, but the school wants to see if YOU can do things by yourself


  20. My school in Singapore teaches more than just education.It teaches us about socialising,Teamwork,how to use ur creativity and many more.Diff school teaches diff things.

  21. Im basically my own teacher none taught me how to make noodles i did it by myself so to all these people we are ALL our own teacher i didnt know how to cook first i had to read that letter thing to know how to do noodles now i can basically make everything just read or watch an tutorial on yt >:D yes i can even make cake heheheh >:D

  22. True school does nothing like ur just gonna put stuff and the head and do stuff and all stuff will be thrown up in the test and you just have to memorize and freedom is better than have a torture and school is like jail ugh and teachers use ur time wisely but their not using time wisely cuz why do we have ti learn and we can just get advice in google teachers are just monsters that wants us to memorize I feel bad cuz who needs school u will just forget all of the things

  23. School is for
    1. Depression
    2.wasting energy
    3.learn basics that you need 10% from it
    4. Broke a child dream
    We don't need school
    We just need to believe in our selfs

  24. Why can't my math tchr dont teach me this?
    9 x 2=1 8
    9 x 3=2 7
    9×4= 3 6
    9×5= 4 5
    9×6= 5 4
    9×7= 6 3
    9×8= 7 2
    9×9= 8 1
    9×10=9 0
    See! This actually worked at my math exam thanks memes

  25. What I learnt from school:

    How to be discriminated
    How to develop depression
    How to be transparent

  26. I'm a type of person to draw during class, I love being creative. I've been inspired by the internet, I've learnt from people on YouTube that mistakes are good, I watch people online rebuild themselves and that encourages me to do the same with my art.. only the teacher stops me drawing and threatens to call my parents for being who I want to be.

  27. What's school does…
    100% depressing every aged human
    100% harassment of yourself
    200% suffering
    2000% stressing everyone

  28. Fun fact, 98% of what you learn is a waste when your older, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" is just a show showing how you don't need a lot of what you learn

  29. Some of my teacher said this to the whole kid
    “Y’all I don’t get paid enough for u to act like this” or “y’all are just a paycheck to me”

  30. I disagree also its not school thats bad its the American curriculum 🙂

  31. Well…you know anything else? Countryhumans vids are BETTER than history class.(I think???)😑😑😑

  32. This is 💟💟💟💟💟❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💟💟💟💟💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💝💝💝💝💝

  33. All of the 15k dislikes are teachers that don't even know what they are teaching they just read the lesson plan and talk to the kids and get mad at them for not understanding

  34. I just finished my 7th grade year and I had homework in math science social studies and English almost every day. And I just couldn't keep up due to having too much stress and anxiety. And my dad kept thinking it's because I play too many video games. But it's not and he just kept grounding me and yelling at me every day. And I got depressed and I'm now diagnosed with depression thanks to school.

  35. The only thing i learn in school is new music in choir. different languages, always. how long a half note is, what’s a sharp? what’s an accidental ? music is key and the only thing i remember at the end of the day.

  36. Oh Wow I Used To Hate School And Now I Love School…Thanks You For Convinced Me To Love School 😀 August? Anybody??

  37. All the unlike are the teachers who hate children 😏😒

  38. I agree with the first half about what and how schools r teaching. They should teach more useful skills and not give as much work, etc. I agree with the majority of this video. I just don’t fully agree with the part about how many successful people are drop outs because this can make people think all dropouts r this successful. survivorship bias: “the logical error of concentrating on the people or things that made it past some selection process and overlooking those that did not, typically because of their lack of visibility. This can lead to false conclusions in several different ways. It is a form of selection bias” The people who dropped out and became successful have a huge platform to tell everyone how they dropped out and now look at them, but the people who dropped out and didn’t have that luck don’t have a big platform and their stories aren’t heard. But I’m not an expert or anything, I might be wrong or something but that’s just my opinion (no hate to Prince Ea🙃)

  39. His is scarily similar to the points made in "don't stay in school" by boyinaband


    70% How to raise your hand and be quiet

    30% How to meet societies stereotypical standards (even some of you right now hate such things as sexuality preference due to this)

    10% How to destroy your mental health

  41. School is the reason I was anorexic for 2 years

    So that’s something that happened

  42. School is for you to be expose to different environments, different careers, and different cultures. This way you have a better chance of choosing and pursuing a lifestyle your most passionate about, to make it a goal for you and a success to humanity. Once you find your passion, you follow it, with or without school. If a school is not doing this to a student, then the school is just another jail cell to put your kids in, while "parents" go to work.

  43. School needs a lesson called Future. In this lesson you'll be allowed to have your own opinions and have your own ideas and solutions instead of everything being answered for you and you just memorise and copy.

  44. I remember watching this one day before the first day of school ( last year )

  45. I have never shared a video and this was the first one. I’m a person who gets good grades and I’m always asking “will it be on the test?” This made me rethink everything. I love this video soooo much ❤️❤️

  46. I Thought I am the only who thinks school for what I really liked this video 👍🏻

  47. Im not good in english before . Im watching korean variety show with english subtitle,watching holywod movie and copying what the character say ,their sentences, and now i can talking for 1 hours with my english teacher from usa.

  48. I still haven't started school yet but I'm starting soon and I'm not even and im not ready to see my teachers' faces again and be forced to stay in a disgusting classroom

  49. Low key he right I spent 16 years of learning nothing I'm interested in for me to go to school for 4 years in something I'm interested in

  50. 15k dislikes lmao the teachers pets and teachers hating on the truth.

  51. I love this message, but I would like to know how much of an impact this has made by now

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