You are about to hear a strange but true story Legend has it Harry Houdini the master magician once claimed that he could break out of any jail cell in the world all He had to do Was walk into that jail cell with his street clothes on I’ll be out of there in one hour. No problem. He said Well a very old jail down south heard about Houdini’s claims and They accepted his challenge on the day of the event many people gathered outside Very confidently Houdini walked right into the jail and into the cell and They shut the metal doors behind him The first thing Houdini did was he took off his coat Then very strangely he took off his belt Secretly hidden in Houdini’s Belton was a 10-inch piece of steel very tough and very flexible and Houdini started working in about 30 minutes that confident expression Houdini had when he walked in disappeared in One hour, he was bathed in sweat and at the end of two hours Houdini in defeat collapsed against the door which then opened It opened because you see that door had never been locked But that’s not entirely true is it? That door was locked. It was firmly and thoroughly lot in Houdini’s mind which meant it was locked as if the best locksmith in the world and put his lock on it The mind is powerful How many doors in your life do you think a lot but are? How many times have you been stuck in the mental prison of overthinking? Something that really had a simple solution There is an ancient African proverb that says when there is no enemy within the enemy outside can Do us no harm Your mind it is the most powerful force you will ever face It will tell you lies. It will tell you you can’t do that. You’re not meant for that You’re not good enough for that. You can’t go on anymore. You don’t have the energy you Must thank it for its opinion and carry on Because like Houdini showed us The only lock doors that exist are In your own mind the doors and reality are open and all you have to do is walk through The


  1. I am very grateful for this video this has helped me alot. I now know I don't have to overthink about other people's opinions.

  2. Omg….. every time i want to study or think positive…negative thoughts grabs my mind…they say u r having pains , heart pains, u cant do that…and i am so sick of this…

  3. Thinking too much and thinking that something is impossible are kinda not the same thing… but this vid is cool anyway

  4. I really want to hug you right now for opening my eyes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

  5. So are you talking about doors being locked and you don't know if it's unlocked

  6. "We are captives of our identities, living in prisons of our own creations"

  7. This is the best video I have ever seen. It’s changed me completely mentally and physically!! Thank you 🙏

  8. Don’t look for solutions to come your way just make your own solution

  9. So he telling me I just gotta rock up to a door and walk through cause it's only locked in my mind well chur my gee

  10. What he says is true you can not only be strong in your mind but also in rl you can create everything you want with and in your reality with your pure mind you only need to believe in yourself and i never saw that but Someone tells me, its him you know him its our divine father Up there


    LY Guys.

  11. Believe in you in god and in humanity that we all will find the right path again


  12. I love all of these types of videos

    There're all so meaning full and you can learn a lot from there's vids

  13. I just want too say..that…THIS GUY HAS ONE TRUE HEART💖😭😭😭YOUR THE BESTMAN IVE SEEN;D

  14. I overthink about killing my dad but I feel bad or that nobody take care of me

  15. well that was beautiful but thats no gonaa stop me from suicide tonight … thanks any way youtube

  16. Me:wow no doors are locked
    So i locked myself in a room and was stuck for 30mon until someone opened it for me 😩😩😩

  17. “But doors in reality, are open, and all you have to do is walk through.”
    me: k

  18. I want to share something,
    Two days ago, me and my friend was talking about what we want to be when we grow up. She said she wants you be an artist which shows through her amazing arts she shows me. I told her that I WANT to be an idol but I CAN'T. I can't because I have two doors and I have to choose which one to open. My parents or my dream. I'm okay with leaving them but the shame and disgust they will get for my accomplishments might be heart breaking to see. I told her that my dream door is locked and that I only had one door that I could open. After I watched this video, maybe you are right. I can be who I want

  19. Seriously this guy deserves a medal for this he said everything about my miserable depressive life in few words soo profoundly.

  20. I always give up on my dreams but I always walk back
    Stay Strong guys !💪❤
    You can do it !

  21. Бля
    Этот хер меня очень сильно бесит
    Пафоса пздц
    Он лягушку похож ещё

  22. I was overthinking just about posting this comment, but….
    😌New mental health vlogger here if anyone is interested

  23. Its like when one door opens another one closes the only door that is closing is the door that might hold your passion,your talent that your tried to release but shutting it out. You will get criticized for the things you do and your mind will go by these “rules” society has put up so the only doors that are closing is by your choice that you make

  24. Wait at the end I saw somebody jump off a bridge… what does that mean…is that a punishment…?

  25. This vid is telling me I should just go ask my crush out, what do u guys think, should I do it. Let’s get 200 likes then I’ll ask her. I just hope she says yes. My friends tell me she likes me but I’m afraid of rejection 😦. What do u guys think I should do? It’ll mean a lot to me.

  26. This video open my mind
    Thank you very much! I can't tell how i'm thankful for this !

  27. “All you have to do, is walk through”
    Me, as an intellectual: walks straight into my front door and hits head hard

  28. as a kid, that was me all the time now i just sleep around ignoring all the idiots who wanna be my friends, i'm just a well known scientist, doctor, gamer, photographer, animator, and programmer. lately i just hibernate… waiting for some humans to be born if you insist on calling yourself a human instead of another stupid monkey, than i'm waiting for GODS to be born.

  29. "after video ended"
    Me:My mind is telling me this wall is locked

    Also me:"walks into wall"

  30. I overthinked from birth i can't even think simple Anymore, even if i try, idk.

  31. No seriously i love this video so motivational and inspirational.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Love you yrrrr really

  32. I watched this then I went to go do the backflip. I’m in the hospital now

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