Before You Promise Love – WATCH THIS | Inspirational Poetry by Tanmay Nayyar

When it comes to navigating relationships, as a generation, we’re lost. When we think of love, we think of someone who takes our sorrows away, without us making an effort for it, someone who does for us the things that we need to do for ourselves, someone who makes us feel safe without us needing to make them feel the same. But we don’t realize that this isn’t how life works. If you want the payout you’ve to face the risk. You can’t hold someone’s hand without putting the power to hurt you in their hands. You can’t be swept off your feet, while standing firmly on the ground. You can’t have the pleasure without the pain, the anniversaries without the arguments, the ecstatic days without the sleepless nights and the social currency without the responsibility. But towards these facts we are blind, and so we say love is so hard to find, as there are so many options in our mind. Options. Only if we knew that love is not about options, because it isn’t sold in auctions. Love is formed of commitment, a commitment so deep that it leads your heart to enrichment and your soul to fulfillment. But hey, who am I preaching to? Hearts and souls? Our hearts are broken in parts and our souls, they are busy chasing the goals that we’ve picked up scrolling through our Instagrams. Today love is traded in terms of mistreatment, and we brag about it as if it’s some sort of achievement. We cheat faster than we meet, we make promises we can’t keep, I wonder, has loyalty ever been more cheap? Insecurity in our relationships runs so high that we allow people to touch our bodies, but not our phones. We feel so desperate, that we’re ready to love people we’ve barely known. And, ‘the one’? We’re not concerned about finding the one. All we’re looking for is someone with whom we can have fun. A warm body we can hold close, someone we can easily propose, and then, with the same ease, dispose, when we feel the need for someone ‘new’. Someone new! What we really need to update is ourselves and not our partners. We spend so much time trying to find the person that we love, but then we don’t have time to spend with them. We stay with our partners not for the sake of being with them, but just so that we can post about it online. All that we’re really after is likes and comments, and the online relationship that everyone envies. Our definition of love needs a resurrection, because today it’s all about perfection. We say we’re looking for true connection, but let me give you a little bit of correction. What we really need is a bit of self reflection and introspection, so that we can give our relationships the direction they so desperately crave. All this running after perfection has misguided us. It has made us think that love is something that can be traded, like a commodity, that you give and get. See love is not about giving and getting, it is about forgiving and forgetting, it is not about selfishness but selflessness. It is about making a commitment, and then fulfilling it, no matter how drilling it gets. What our generation needs to realise is that our hearts can never be at peace, until we cease to chasing love, because the more you run after love, the more it runs away from you. Love does not exist in the ‘ever after’, It is found in the ‘here and now’.

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