36 thoughts on “Beggars & Poets – Sweet Pea (Official Music Video) ©

  1. Wouh and huh…one of the baddest videos ever and the bandgroup is okay, huoh do not know..

  2. Loved it!  It would have been okay to not use the model and focus more on the lead singer.  She's sweet enough to maintain our attention.  But I'll always take two!!

  3. the lesson learned here…bug hot redheads will saveyou every time.

  4. You gotta love the noise of the guitar amp on the background 🙂

  5. this type of music has some of the best female vocalists in all of rock

  6. One thing you have to know about me, I DON'T LISTEN TO SHIT~
    anyone musically I put up on my page I support 100 percent…and these people ROCK~
    you may not agree. That is YOUR choice. ~laurel   Sweet Pea,.. The Break,… One More Chance,.. Birth of a Hero =all stand up to my comment.

  7. I fully expect to hear more of this great music,I'm not to be trifled with!  Love it!

  8. Very excellent song not only for the jazz in the song…. Bot because my 4 month old daughter is nicknamed " sweetpea ".

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