Being a Teetotaller

Being a teetotaler of my own choosing, Proved to be sometimes quite amusing, I’d often be judged for the choice I’d made,
With dear and loyal friends rushing to my aid, For some asked, have you even tasted the same? Covertly suggesting that I was ‘so lame’. I’d be reminded of when I was in school,
When doing some things made you more ‘cool’ In this complicated world that we live in,
I was happy being myself, comfortable in my skin, So during lunches and dinners with drinking company, I never shied from requesting for some tea to accompany, Some thought that my family probably disapproved,
And so I endeavored to stay beyond reprove, Once I was asked if a picture can be put
on Facebook, For the person was concerned how it might make me look! I then had to reassure the worried party,
That the drinks on the table would not label me ‘naughty’. Some wondered how I could enjoy at all,
Without having a single drop of alcohol, Some assumed that I was very religious,
An abstainer and quite officious, Sitting and judging everyone silently,
And thus approached me rather warily, Though like them I only wanted to have a good time, Accepting the fact that their way was different from mine. Some asked how I ended up marrying my husband, who drinks, Now for that I could come up with a dozen reasons I think, Interestingly, had my parents, a similar pair, thought that way, I would have never ever seen the light of a single day!

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