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OSHO International Foundation presents Being in Love & Sharing The Treasures I am teaching you to be selfish. Let me repeat it, because the word “selfishness” has been condemned so much that there is every possibility you will misunderstand me. But the word is really beautiful. To be selfish simply means to be yourself. I say to you: don’t consider anybody else in the world, just consider yourself; and in that very consideration you will have considered the whole world. In being selfish you will find all the altruism that you have been seeking and seeking and not finding, because the whole thing was upside down. You are told to love your neighbor — but you have never loved yourself. And a person who has not loved himself, how can he love the neighbor? From where can he get love? First you have to have it. You are loving the neighbor — you who knows nothing of love because you have never loved yourself. The neighbor is loving you — he has never loved himself. Such insanity is happening in the world: people are loving each other who know nothing of love. It is like beggars begging from each other, thinking as if the other is the emperor. Both are thinking in the same way: the other is the emperor. Both are beggars. Sooner or later the reality manifests itself; then there is misery, suffering. Then you think you have been cheated, this beggar has been trying to prove himself an emperor. Now this is absolutely absurd — you were thinking of him as an emperor. The same is the situation from the other side: the other person thinks you have been cheating him, pretending to be an emperor and you are just a beggar. When both beggars find that they are beggars, what else can they do other than be angry, enraged, violent to each other, hating each other as deeply as possible. And the love …? It was nothing; they don’t know what love is. To know anything, you have to begin with yourself. You have been told to sacrifice yourself for some idiotic ideal. I want you to be simply selfish. And you will be surprised that if you are selfish you discover so many treasures within yourself that soon you start sharing them — because finding a treasure is a lesser joy than sharing it. And the treasures that are within you don’t follow the ordinary economics and its laws. They are just the very opposite, diametrically opposite to the ordinary economic structure. In the ordinary economics if you give something, you will have less. If you go on giving, soon you will be a beggar. In the ordinary economic world you have to snatch as much from everybody as possible then you have more and more and more. The treasures I am talking about to you, follow a different law: if you cling to them they shrink, if you cling too much you can even kill them. If you want to destroy them then close all the windows and doors, become a grave so nothing can escape outside you — but you will be a dead man, with all your treasures also dead with you; your truth, your freedom, your love,your joy. Everything will be dead with you — securely dead, well-insured. But if you want to grow your treasures, share them, share to all and sundry — don’t bother whether this is a friend or a foe. When you are sharing, the question is of sharing, it is not with whom. Whomever it may concern, you simply give. Don’t be concerned about the address, you simply go on sending love letters. Somebody will receive them somewhere. And the more you go on sharing, the more goes on entering you from unknown sources. A man is just like a well …. Source: ‘From Darkness to Light # 22’ Copyright © Osho International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO is a registered TM. For more information, visit:

100 thoughts on “Being In Love

  1. You can't own 90 pluss cars with out being selfish…How many more than 90 do you own Osho?

  2. Osho Luz de um caminho Divino de si Luz interior ,Amor .Aprendendo com Osho um Querido.

  3. Wild wild country 🙂 I did not understand the cult around this man when i saw the documentary. There is so little about his teachings and he remains a mystery through the whole series. I thought people were just plain crazy – until I started seeing his videos.

  4. I’m observing his moustache and beard. Half of the moustache and a strip down his beard is dark. So interesting. One Love

  5. My new Master! Looking forward to take away some great understanding about life! OSHO Rocks.

  6. Osho spoke twice a day, extemporaneously, in the mornings in Hindi and in the afternoons in English, for decades. He never wrote a book, but his talks were transcribed and sold by the millions all over the world. They are still being sold. His extemporaneous talks were so well designed that they read like carefully written books. A true genius. Greatest seer of our time, maybe of all time. A true guru. Thanks.

  7. So odd that people think this stuff is mind-blowing. Don't we all come to these conclusions starting around teenage years?

  8. Everytime i listen to Osho i realize that how stupid i am… But it just makes me happy…😂😂😂.. i love Osho

  9. kısaca iki yüzlü olmayın diyor mevlananında dediği gibi ya olduğun gibi görün yada göründüğün gibi ol….

  10. Muito amor pelo mestre Osho.
    Gratidão por nos ensinar o verdadeiro Amor ❤

  11. Making others unhappy is a crime, making yourself unhappy is where all the crime starts. – Rodger Ebert

  12. "Such insanity is happening in the world…people are loving each other who know nothing of love…"
    Oh, fuck, those are fucking wise words, if I may say so in my ghetto tongue!? ;D

  13. My love to the Great Master.
    He is a man of Celebration whose presence brings Joy & Meditation in life. Keep yourself open to feel His presence.

  14. Osho came in my dream and said follow my lord….. Osho International I think I am the one….plz contact me…

  15. Truly I say to you, This is Beautiful :).
    Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us

  16. Un uomo unico nel suo genere che l' umanità non può che rimpiangere del resto… ironico saggio e illuminante oltre che dotato di un' intelligenza acuta e penetrante da lasciare stupefatto ! Oltre naturalmente al messaggio intrinseco spirituale di fondo che si basa sul risveglio della coscienza e consapevolezza umana addormentata da secoli… ( troppo presi da interessi e impegni che assopiscono l' animo umano impoverendolo di fatto ) facendoci perdere la spontanea nobiltà metafisica dalle quale proveniamo ( essenza spirituale )

  17. I belong to a Pakistani Muslim family and I love OSHO. Truth has no religion or nation.

  18. Please try to exclude stupid advertisements in such out of the world talks at least……….thanks

  19. He is so straight forth that its shocking. Truth has the purity of simplicity Oshos an efficient vehicle for this.


  21. all this was said by other spiritual writers and Osho Read them and his uniqueness presented them creatively to the fools of that time ..But know this, ALL of this was already said…like Led Zeppelin songs, Osho snatched it all from the beggers of the past with a lisssssssp

  22. knowing the fullness of the divine within will save your life if you let it. thank you osho for your wisdom 🙂

  23. Thank you for your love !!!❤ Namaste !!!❤ Rip !❤❤🌹🌹 Thank you❤

  24. He’s getting so much of love from everyone because, he’s distributing his treasures in a beautiful way.
    He’s the most beautiful person on this planet.
    He makes everyone to realise their own-selves.
    Love OSHO !

  25. I always wonder why Christianity is so vehemently desperately against loving yourself

  26. osho, my eye-opener. I will be thankful to you till my last breath.

  27. it is like beggars begging from each other 🤷‍♂️🤣 imagine that

  28. Werbung macht diese wahrhaftige und wunderbare Rede kaputt –
    schade – osho on hindi…will es mit dem Herzen lernen

  29. Amazing, he starts off with what I feel and think. This guy is good 🙂

  30. People loving each other is like begars begging from each other

    Makes perfect sense

  31. He is Absolutely Right I Think other person is better than me but better person is You…Discover Yourself Be Yourself….

  32. Be selfish
    Dont let one be your imperator unless you feel so.
    In modern world grab your luck
    Dont kill your ego.
    "The whole message"

  33. The person who is selfish in the real spiritual sense…will definitely love others. …& that love would be pure …natural & divine. ….!

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