“Being Pretty” | Dystopian Animated Short Film (2017)

are we sitting comfortably good welcome citizens of Auto Dale to this PSA [Music] children look around the room look at your father he likes to read the newspaper and kick his feet up after a hard day’s work he provides for your family your father is pretty and then children look at your mother isn’t her cooking splendid she also keeps the house clean and she reads you bedtime stories every night your mother is pretty and now children look at yourselves you’re young you laugh you play you may sleep your knees from time to time you have friends you want your friends get up to all sorts of playful mischief one day children you will grow up to be just like one of your parents and you will build a family of your own one day you will be pretty now finally my pretties look outside that your lovely neighbors you’re pretty you’re pretty you’re pretty but alas children not everyone is pretty some we don’t want uglies dearly children you are ugly you are ugly you are ugly we take the Uglies away so that you and your friends and your neighbors and your family can stay pretty remember that children and this concludes today’s PSA citizens of Auto Dale [Music] [Music] there we go don’t don’t die on me okay

100 thoughts on ““Being Pretty” | Dystopian Animated Short Film (2017)

  1. Abi videonun adı Türkçe tek tek Türk ben olamam (lütfen burdaysanız ses verin)

  2. They are pretty they are pretty they are pretty, now look in the mirror, they are ugly

  3. Me: sees the depression in that hole
    I'M UGLY D:

  4. I don't want to be just "pretty" , I want to be beautiful & have a handsome husband …

  5. We happy few….. We happy few………. Lightbearer…….. here is the Beatles

  6. Çox. Axmaq 1qısa film idi. Dünya yer üzündə yaşayan hər bir insan doğrusu və yalnışı ilə gözəldi.
    Və biz bundan başqa ağacları, heyvanları, su təbəqəsini qorumalıyıq.

  7. It is august 30th 2019. I should have waited another day to watch this to get the date lol

  8. Jeez this is creepy as heck! From the masks to the death pits and that creepy robot at the end, everything just felt so unnerving. I like the black and white touch, however. The animation and story is good, too – it says a lot about the workings of a society in only a few minutes, and the fact that the dialogue only comes from the antagonists' POV makes it a whole lot more interesting. Nobody seems to have any problems with what's going on. Do those kids and their parents even know what happens to "uglies"? Something tells me they don't. Anyway, good job! This short film is amazing.

    Edit: I noticed that there are more videos set in this universe! At least, I think so…? Haven't watched them yet, but I definitely will…

  9. I'm back watching this video because I'm learning about dystopia in English

  10. The pits remind me of the holocaust in the 1940s bc when hitler overruled he threw anyone who was perceived as inferior in the fire pits mostly dead bodies but in this animatiom they threw people who werent pretty in society's eyes into the pits and killed them

  11. When i saw the one that said "gay" in the pit i legit started screaming cause i'm pansexual

  12. There's actually a book series called pretties, uglies, specials and smthing else.

  13. La verdad y por experiencia por mas dinero que tengas, o tengas la mujer mas bonito del mundo, o seas inteligente y ayudes a salvar el mundo y hacer mil favores… ser feo te cierra puertas a tal punto que a nadie le importas…..

  14. This somehow, in a metaphorical way, relates to north Korea. I don't know how but it does

  15. Tonces a mi me quitarian por ser feo y estuviera tirado en el piso en esos agujeros

  16. За лайкайте этот коммент, чтобы инглиши думали что я написал что-то умное)))

  17. 2:32

    Pause during the lightning flash and imagine that without the face – looks like a Chinese caricature.

    Also, that building looks like a dick.

  18. В этой короткометражке смысла больше, чем в моей жизни

  19. Burada kalıpların dışında olanlar çirkin, kalıplaşmış olanlar güzel olarak adlandırılmış anladığıma göre.

  20. The one who made this video is surely ugly and unemployed, fat, divorced gay😂😂😂

  21. Teacher: “Ok class, to teach you about an oppressed society, I’m going to show you a short film but stop it at 1:53 because the rest gets a bit ‘weird’

    Me: goes straight home after school and watches it all

  22. LOL. This was posted to reddit's r/misanthropy and got LAMBASTED for being MEAN and BIGOTED to attractive people.

    I'll be the first to say that yes, pretty people suffer. I'm grateful that I was never at risk of being human trafficked. But something in the contextual brain center gets lost when all you have to do to get a job is smile during the interview. You really don't appreciate the effort that others put into life to get by. You can't seem to contextualize abstract presentations that try to make a metaphorical point that has nothing to do with your concrete endowments. In fact, said endowment is more likely to make you have trouble with abstract constructs simply because you spend your life hyper focused maintaining attention for material reward, rather than learning valid survival skills. That part is the fault of people like me..the ugly majority. We are complicit in giving you pretty people unearned status that you cannot maintain on your own, and you will cease to have when you grow older and become one of us.

    But the fact still remains. Nobody hits their face with a shovel to end the horror and painful life struggle that comes with the privilege of being shag worthy.

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