Ben 10 Full Movie Compilation (All Cutscenes from All Games)

oh good you’re awake something’s
crash-landed over there in the canyon I’m going to go hack into the ranger
station cameras maybe we can get a closer look
don’t bother leave this to a professional I’ll just accelerate over
there and check it out myself it’s hero time go mighty Omnitrix power so Gwen why do
you have from those range of station cameras whoa check it out
I think it’s a piece of the Omnitrix I knew there was some reason my watch
wasn’t working this robot looks like it must have used
your Omnitrix crystal to power it so now the only question is where are the rest
someone sent that robot knowing that Ben was weakened we walked right into a trap hey check it out I can pick my nose so
fast you can’t even see it I wonder if they know who they’re dealing with I
don’t get it that thing knew us too well our most events pose trapped in the null
void that’s what I’m worried about making null void portals is plumber
technology and nothing is ever escaped look more drones and they’re attacking a
group of forever Knights forever Knights maybe
Enoch is behind all this talk about getting caught between a rock and a hard
place whose butt am I supposed to kick I think all of them sounds like a plan
tell me what’s going on here whose drones are those we were making haste
toward the area known as 51 Lord Enoch leads our campaign there to smite the
offworld infestation Enoch is taking over area 51 he seeks only to emancipate
it Lord Enoch will use the technology therein to
power a weapon of worldwide deliverance to stop the forever Knights is to
deprive the earth of its last best hope Enoch doesn’t offer hope to anyone but
himself we should find him before he makes a bad situation even worse area 51
this is where the government used to do all its covert alien research this place
is sure changed over the last 40 years from the looks of things I think the
forever Knights beat us here we can’t let Vilgax or Enoch get at those alien
weapons if it’s alien weaponry they’re looking for I’d be happy to like the way you fools I
seek to forestall the coming Cataclysm your meddling has now placed our entire
species in danger Cataclysm what are you talking about if
there’s a danger to earth surely we can help none of you possess the strength of
will to do what must be done to save humanity but now that I have the only
Trix mistress I shall use the aliens how many tricks crystals can be used in
weapons of course the Omnitrix doesn’t just store DNA it holds incredible
amounts of latent energy I hate to interrupt the science convention here
but Enochs getting away hmm in order to weaponize the crystals first he’d need
to find a place to generate absolutely massive amounts of electrical current
someplace like someplace like the Hoover Dam why can’t you just go on a game show
like all the other know-it-alls does it come to this the bad guys have run out
of cool places to attack so they just pick a giant concrete slab out in the
middle of nowhere well looks like he’s not here
I guess the trivia princess loses again no he’s here he has to be here thanks
for playing our show we have some lovely parting gifts for you well there’s one
more bad guy who’s all washed up today grandpa he’s all washed up we should
have gotten more information from him there’s something much bigger behind
this Hey look isn’t that another piece of the Omnitrix boy yes it is oh let’s see who I got now oh great
the rolling wonder try not to trip into too many enemies all right we got a
mystery to solve let’s bounce I can’t find my keys run faster hold on to your headgear twice in one
day what are the odds huh everyone okay put it this way I don’t think things are
gonna get much better it’s always nice to get in a good workout are we ready to
go now yeah are you kidding look at this place
you can’t just leave all this junk lying around superheroes don’t have to clean
up their messes dweeb it’s one of the first and she does have a point you know you never see this in any other comic
books Oh San Francisco I remember the Summer of Love the
plumbers fought a whole failing some nichrome answers down on Haight Street
we saved the city and all those hippies could say was for oh man well I’m
looking forward to some peace of my own I’m gonna check out the latest games at
the arcade tour the Chocolate Factory what about the Art Museum’s the
bookstores the shopping finally a real vacation miss me Tennyson it’s me back Kevin 11 what’s he doing here
I thought he wasn’t an old boy it looks like he found the way out and brought
back a few souvenirs with him it’s time to welcome him home what are you doing
for someone supposedly so smart you say a ridiculous amount of stupid things
well well you were busy causing the world’s biggest traffic jam Kevin bolted
into the force and grandpa went after him somehow I get the feeling that means
I’m about to get splinters Diamondhead shards Kevin must have
gotten grandpa oh you think now the question is where’s
he going time to get some answers you may have
beaten me but it doesn’t matter you’re finally gonna pay Tennyson you and
everyone else on this stupid planet oh yeah
well next time why don’t you try picking on someone born in the same century as
you no wait don’t let them take you back save me oh man just when I thought I’d lost all
sympathy for that jerk he needs a fate that he didn’t even deserve I don’t get
it where are all these null void portals coming from I’ve got a theory but first
we need to be ready to face the proof this problem is bigger than any threat
we’ve faced and we’re short-handed we’ve got to be Lestrange platforms continue
to spread all across the northwest scientists believe it to be alien in
nature stay indoors and avoid the infected areas at all costs guess where
we’re headed I’m guessing it’s not back to the
Chocolate Factory or the video arcade stupid alien plant life what is this
stuff I’m a vegetarian and even I find a gag-worthy nice blood all gratin when I
was with the plumbers we genetically crossed a slug with a Brussels sprout
well they didn’t make much of a bio weapon but you won’t find a better
source of vitamins you feed your own grandchildren some 30 year old failed
genetic experiment for dinner there is just so much that is wrong with that
Quinn stop don’t Ethan no no Ben this time I’m wise to your
tricks for once you’re gonna finish your vegetables not if they finish us first well I finished all the yard work now
where is my reward they’ve reported another alien plant outbreak in Seattle
but don’t worry you’ll have at least an hour to eat before we arrive if this is
a reward I’d hate to see the punishment it looks like whatever has been
spreading all these plant pods around has taken root at the top of the city
and I’m supposed to fight that think of it as revenge for every vegetable you’ve
ever been forced to eat it’s payback time yes sweet another on the trips
Kristen let me go I’ve got now oh yeah I’m a mean green butt-kicking
machine of course that bland monster must have been charged up by wild vines
DNA this can’t all be a coincidence why are all of our bad memories suddenly
coming back to haunt us unfortunately the evidence all points to one
individual why why am i surrounded by other intelligence I keep up the
valuable crystals I stole from the Omnitrix so that the Tennyson boy would
be destroyed miss Rukia I so generously entrusted with those crystals to do
anything you however have turmoil retrieving the
null-void projector was invaluable simply return to me the final item I
need to complete my plans and you will have both the Omnitrix and the boy to do
with what you will all these rotting plants
reap look who’s talking don’t you remember our talk about forearms needing
four times the deodorant good job Ben let’s get back on the road all the
places that we can camp and you want to sleep at some creepy burial grounds
hello this is only like the most spiritually attune location in the whole
United States whatever I think it’s creepy wait a minute the superhero is
scared no I just big scary monsters gonna come get you Ghostfreak well no wonder I was creeped
out of course I didn’t understand how Vilgax got access to a null void
projector but if Ghostfreak is on his side he could have slipped right past
the plumber defenses we better get to Mount Rushmore and see what’s going on
at the old plumber base besides if we’re gonna battle this growing threat from
the null void and Vilgax we’re gonna need some extra equipment yes I finally
get to play with the big board toys so it’s confirmed someone’s definitely
stolen a null void projector all this high-tech equipment and you guys
couldn’t afford a burglar alarm what were you guys thinking the plumbers have
the absolute finest security systems on the planet there’s no way anything could
have escaped this room without one of these keys who says anything’s escaped we’re too late Ghostfreak has taken the
ethereal amplifier point that some sort of supernatural stereo it boosts
negative energy two dimensional proportions adapted to fit a null void
projector there’s no telling how large a portal could be created we’ve got to
stop go streak before Vilgax gets his tentacles on that machine how do we stop
him in all my years of fighting boogeymen the best weapon has always
been the same information we’d better get moving it looks like
he’s headed to the Windy City I don’t think anyone spotted us it’s so quiet
here yeah too quiet you have done well my egg donor Ian Ally and one good turn
deserves another yes go use it to claim the Omnitrix as
your own and finally rid us both of that insufferable brat Tennyson once and for
all so your breath but that’s the least of
your problems your let’s all watch cannot save you now
Benjamin I am beyond its power and this time there is no escape I need a
vacation from my vacation how about a little pick-me-up here the Omnitrix is finally at full
power but I can’t access my other forms it’s like that last crystal had all its
DNA stripped out scans are picking up vast traces of your alien DNA directly
to the south let’s go if anyone’s gonna use my DNA to wreak havoc it’s gonna be
me uh-oh looks like there’s a creature double-feature playing at the drive-in
we’ll get out your popcorn cuz I’m about to kick some butt just when you think you’re out of the
dark a bunch of creepy demented aliens trying to take over your body oh look
kids a historical reenactment of the Civil War hardly this is the site of one of the
most important battles in our history oh really
so what side are the space mutants on very funny the Civil War was spot
between the northern Union States and a Confederate all these mutation
experiments point to one man dr. animo that freaks got my DNA and I want it
back I didn’t see him he could be anywhere we’ll have to split up when you
check the main lab where’s animal where’s Gwen
ask someone who cares we’ve got the track Clancy down it’s our only hope of
finding Quinn good thing we brought along a big bucks one ok Furman I’ll ask
you one last time where has animo taken Gwen you’re too
late with his new base the good doctor is on the imager he needs to return this
planet to its rightful masters and quite soon your girl will be no more than just
another mixed-up creature in his mutant menagerie take it easy grandpa we’ll save her I
promise reports of giant creatures thrashing whirlings are all over the
airwaves do you think animals new base is there no he’d want something more
secluded but it’s probably somewhere close
you better corral those creatures while I try to track the rogue DNA to its
source hope we get to Gwen soon she’s so gonna owe me big time I don’t get some
of those mutants flew in from the ocean does it even make sense that animal
would have a base way out there well clancy did say that dr. animos new
base supplied him with energy of course he must be on one of those offshore rigs
the plumbers saved one from a space squid back in 1970 they never asked this
but is the rust bucket seaworthy ha ha are you kidding me
that’s the original all-terrain vehicle you’re talking about but just in case
grab a couple of buckets out of the storage hatch avast ye swabbies and swash me buckles
someone’s gonna get a taste of my pork fisted knuckles men stay focused this
isn’t a pleasure cruise we’re on there’s some sort of subspace transmission
emitting from this refinery I’ll see if I can track it while you find dr. animo
yeah I’m proud of you Ben your cousin needs you and you can do it so I see you
avoided becoming a hideous mutant freak barely too bad I can’t say the same for
you whoa what in the world was animo doing with a satellite communicator
talking to Vilgax apparently they’re on each other’s buddy list squid face is
orbiting the Earth right now he’s planning to suck the entire planet into
the null void we are gonna need help lots of it come on we’re heading to
Washington DC cool while we’re there do you think we can get a law passed making
it illegal for you to enter a kitchen I swear those things are peskier than
plants these cockroaches hey you Creepo monsters there’s only one
DNA freak allowed around here and that’s my cousin yeah I mean hurry and get
strapped in we place had enough time already hey I did just smack down all
those uglies how about a little credit here
when compliment your cousin nice watch where’d you get it
Knowle energy levels are rising everywhere apparently a large portal
just ripped open over the National Mall should we stop we have to get to
Washington I don’t like leaving those people in danger
you keep going I’ll catch up in a flash and try not to embarrass me when I’m
gone more portals all communications are down no way we’re getting any official
assistance on this one but how can we get to Vilgax out in space without the
government’s help we could just go and steal some Rockets from Cape Canaveral
giving the circumstances I don’t see why they’d mine don’t be an idiot Ben we
can’t just bust into a highly secured space launch facility and I can’t believe this place is deserted
most of them probably went home to be with their families we have to get to
the experimental propulsion labs quick hang a right okay
we found the Rockets now what get me my welding helmet pretty stealthy flying grandpa yeah was
almost too easy but we don’t have time to worry about
that Ben you keep bill gacks busy while Gwen and I destroy the null void
projector don’t worry grandpa I’ll make you a
squid face has his hands full the rest of the Omnitrix finally I’ll be all
again careful Ben that null energy is incredibly dangerous the null void
projector is destabilizing without the Omnitrix crystals I can’t contain all
that energy we got to get out of here all right kids looks like we’re ready to
finally get back to our vacation would you like to go next I don’t know about
you guys but I’m starving grandpa you think the rust bucket can
fit through a drive-thru that’s just the beginning
after I upgraded that kineceleran drive unit I got more than 50% increase in
power yep I bet this baby could give any car on the road and run for its money
and yet it can’t get us to the amusement pier before I’m bored to tears I don’t
remember inviting you along if you don’t like the company you can always just
slap that watch of yours and fly blues or whatever wherever you want I’m not
stopping fine by me wait Kevin what is that your plumbers
badge no but you’re not far off it’s a tracking system I installed it this last
week but it doesn’t track plumbers badges it tracks on catalog alien tech
stuff that might be valuable you know valuable for research and stuff
yeah well whatever that is it’s powerful in clothes I’d better check it out you
two go ahead to the amusement pier I’ll meet you there
no need looks like whatever it is it’s not far from the pier we can be there in
no time yeah Kevin and I can stay in the car and watch you on the tracker we’ll
keep in touch and give you a heads-up if anything comes room I’ll write forever Knights and I bet
they’re after the same thing we are we need to get down there fat Oh
problemo hang on hey who are you get out of here it’s too
dangerous I don’t have time to explain but it
looks like we’re on the same side and I can help trust me
check inside the warehouse for more of these nights I’ll search the perimeter thank you for your help
you’re just as skilled as they say Ben Tennyson should I know who you are
no but I know you more accurately I know knew your grandfather max Tennyson next
time why bother stopping just run me over I’ll keep that in mind
who’s your foreign friend I prefer tetramand and the name is Gordon I
presume this is your cousin Gwendolyn and he is your Kevin Gwen Corvin is a
plumber he knows Grandpa Max your grandfather
died were acquainted several years ago I have been away since then I only just
arrived back on earth and you’re already making new friends I see Kevin you don’t
have to be rude yeah would it kill you to you know not be a jerk for once
haven’t we already learned our lesson about automatically trusting everybody
we don’t know who this guy is just because he’s got a plumber’s badge
doesn’t mean he’s really a plumber no your friend though not exactly tactful
is right you deserve an explanation first I am indeed a plumber earth isn’t
my Patrol sector but I was dispatched here on an urgent mission
what kind of mission have you ever heard of a race of aliens that calls
themselves the highbreed yeah we’ve dealt with those creeps before Grandpa
Max was investigating them before you anyway we’ve been running into them more
and more often lately well the highbreed are up to something
here on earth they seem to be collecting pieces of alien technology like this one
that’s a pyronite plasma oscillator even I wouldn’t mess with something that
dangerous what are the highbreed want with that
hmm good question we’re not sure but there are several other alien components
the highbreed are supposedly looking for I’m hoping we’ll find some clues along
the way while we’re retrieving the other components you mean you want our help
yes that is if you your cousin and your friend here wouldn’t mind my search
would go a lot faster if you did the legwork while I coordinated from the
local plumber base absolutely you bet no way two to one overall we are in excellent
the plumbers base is not far from here in the mountains to the east by now the
instruments have probably located at least one of the other components why don’t you lead we’ll follow you what
the Shox would be toast after a mile if I let that behemoth ride shotgun
I’m not wrecking my car for some alien I just met
he walked here he can walk back anybody ever tell you your priorities are a
little out of whack anybody ever tell you that walking is good exercise
anybody ever tell both of you that your constant arguing is getting old only
that would be me every day yeah nice place if you’re a bat this
place is huge it was one of the largest plumber bases in the area when it was
active this is just the main level the structure extends deep into the caves
below I think it’s been hours exploring this
place unfortunately there is no time for that I have been using this detector to
locate the alien devices I’ve been sent to retrieve and it has found another one
a patrol peon focusing array in a wooded area not far from here
that’s Avalon Forest yeah the forever Knights have been using that place as a
hideout for years no problem I’ll take care of it I better go with you I know
that place pretty well i brokered a deal in the forest a while
back I know a thing or two about their security systems about time you got here so what now wait
for a break in the traffic and head through the gate no way you’d never make
it through what do you mean it looks pretty easy to me they’re all forever
Knights see what they’re wearing yeah armor it’s kind of a fashion statement
with that so so those gate scanners detect metal you
try to get through without armor you’ll get zapped into next week so what now we
don’t have any armor are you forgetting who you’re with just say where you are
and I’ll put the gates out of commission then now what egg when you reading this dangerous
all right I was afraid you’d say something like that this could be
painful alright then the gate should be shutting down now yep it’s history
thanks Kevin good work Kevin I found the array actually no it’s just sitting there well
then quit wasting time and get it so we can get out of here maybe I spoke too
soon yeah be scared there for a minute you’re
not so tough when you’re all tied up on second thought man this is seriously
advanced I bet it could focus a huge amount of energy hey do they take away
your manners when they gave you a plumber’s badge sorry it’s just well
this is a very sensitive piece of equipment and my instructions are to
take care of it personally I’ll just take it below for safekeeping thanks for
your help what’s his problem I don’t know where
he’s sending us there’s nothing but sand out here gorvan
are we getting close I’m sending the information to your screen now you
should be very close to the entrance the entrance to what I’m guessing the
entrance to that a military base I didn’t know this was
here hey I know what that is it’s part of an industrial water conditioning
system they use it on aquatic worlds to lower the ambient temperature near
geothermal vents I thought your alien tech knowledge was
limited to weapons and auto parts what did you do brush up against a scientist
and accidentally absorb his brain hey it’s not like you guys get to corner the
market on geekiness I know stuff too like well a lot of stuff gorvan are you
sure it’s in this base all right we’re on it Kevin aren’t you coming nah maybe
we should all just stick to what we know you go and fight alien bad guys and I’ll
just sit here and think about auto parts so now what we can’t just break in it’s
government property well that door is open so it wouldn’t technically be
breaking in you go inside and see if you can find a way to bypass the security
systems what about you me I’m going in through the front door Gwen I’m at the main gate I don’t see
any guards but I can’t get through without breaking it down any luck on
your end not yet these tunnels going forever just stay
where you are for a little bit I’ll let you know when I find a way to open it Glen where are you I’ve made it to the
missile silos but there’s no way to get across the controls to close the silos
must be inside somewhere I think I see another controller ahead I’ll see what I
can do then did it work are the silos closed looks like you took the easy route lucky
you yeah about that I’m standing on the edge of a canyon across from the Missile
Range there’s some kind of beam blocking my way I can see an entrance to the
underground tunnels at the bottom any chance you could come out here shut down
the beam and then you know do your thing and help me across what would you do according to the map this is the place
but where’s the component you mean this component oh great
well canis I guess I should have known you were around I spent my whole day
plowing through your little pickaxe friends you should really hire yourself
some better minions they have served their purpose now it’s just you and me
and this time you’re not going to get away with stealing what is rightfully
mine I only wish you had brought your friend Levin with you I have a score to
settle with him as well well he’s not exactly my favorite person today he’s
probably asleep in his car on the road outside the base you’re welcome to take
your best shot at him of course you’ll have to deal with me first manage to
retrieve it yeah volcanus was too keen on the idea
ball tennis yes he has been meddling quite a lot in our business you don’t
have to be dealt with eventually what do you mean dealt with
oh just that the plumbers will have to open a formal case these seems rather
troublesome that’s an understatement yes well I’d better put this away for
safekeeping wait a minute I’m telling you that guy is trouble I
don’t trust him he’s hiding something yeah I think
you’re right look I spend my share of time being the
bad guy and you kind of develop a sixth sense about wait wait you what now I
said I think you’re right I don’t trust him either well okay then if you two
actually agree on something it’s got to be worth checking out it certainly
couldn’t hurt to do a little digging yeah but we better wait until we know
he’ll be distracted for a while then Gwen can hack into the computers in this
place and find out what it is that gorvan is hiding I had a flash of
brilliance a legend in his own mind oh there it is it looks like it’s in
Parkville that’s a town near the mountain was north of here yes but I
can’t pinpoint the exact location the power signature was particularly hard to
find it must be well hidden and shielded what’s that all about it’s nothing the
plumbers are requesting an account of our progress don’t let us stop you
radios right there I must report in person my contact is meeting me shortly
at the underground entrance below I cannot discuss important matters on an
unencrypted channel you should go to Parkville as quickly as possible all
three of you if you split up and search you’ll have a better chance of finding
the object quickly now if you’ll excuse me okay here’s our chance you two stay
here and see what you can find in the computer I’ll take care of this one on
my own Gwen I found the component in a hidden
chamber under the fountain at City Hall it looks like it’s being used as a power
source for a Xena site hatchery pretty good one too it’s freezing in here we’re sorta still hanging out with the
bats downstairs I guess yeah and it’s a good thing I am gotten anywhere with
this computer everything’s locked out I did find a file cross linked to
Garvin’s record that looks like it was recorded by Grandpa Max but even that’s
password-protected what’s the date on the file just over five years ago why
hmm let me give it a try I’ve been at this for hours what did you type flutter
worms yeah grandpa max considered them a delicacy especially live I totally
forgot about those things he never made you try them ya log file continued
subject investigation of the plumber Magister Norman Grandpa Max our ongoing
investigation has tried the missing alien tactic orphan but he apparently
disposed of or sold the items before we recover them gorvan has also disappeared
at this point we have no way to know why the tech was stolen or who might have it
now we have issued a galactic grim wide alert for Norvin he is considered to be
extremely dangerous and possibly armed with weapons that is if encountered he
is to be placed into custody immediately and Paul Corbin is a fugitive earth is
the perfect place to hide since there aren’t any full-time plumber stationed
here anymore and if he’s still in the business of stealing alien tech then
we’ve been doing his dirty work for him we’ve got to stop him and find out what
he’s doing with all this tech Kevin why don’t you
where’d it go man look he must have used his plumbers badge to open the door I
bet he went to find gorvan I better go after him there’s no telling how
dangerous Gordon will be when he finds out we know his secret yeah I’m here
you’re not gonna believe what I found gorvan has been hiding tons of alien
tech and it looks like most of it is hybrid stuff nah not yet but uh man
there are a ton of Xenocide eggs down here this is not good hello
whatever that foreign phony is probably bugged out not that I couldn’t take him
myself anyway well my young metalman friend I’m sorry
to inform that you aren’t worth my time actually let my little friends handle
the light work friends what friends oh no he’s friends right well you guys
must have clothes to talk about so I’ll just take off matter Kevin where are you
right behind intense No hey Kevin don’t worry I can help you
I don’t need your help I’ve never felt better in my life you
know I forgot how much fun it is to be the bad guy k-kevin let’s try this again it is so not fun oh my head what
happened I found you in here you were antisocial angry and had a
Xenocide stuck to you and now I’m back to normal
yep no wars eNOS I know you’re just antisocial and angry nice well while
you’ve been messing around in here gorvan is getting away you’re welcome
whoa you’re in no shape to fight get back up to the control room when you can
and stay with Gwen I’ll track down gorvan and take care of him myself okay gorvan I know you’re here it’s time
you told us why you lied to us and what you’re doing with that alien tech you
tricked us into stealing I’m through talking to you you and your friends have
served your purpose I have what I need and soon it will be in the hands of my
associates the highbreed I thought you were smarter
than that as soon as they get what they want they’ll eliminate you along with
everyone else they think were all inferior beings that’s none of your
concern I’ll worry about them you need to worry
about yourself I’ll give you one chance leave this place and mind your own
business otherwise you’ll end up like your
unpleasant friend Kevin sorry No Deal I’ll just have to take my chances
besides you got to know by now that I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve indeed you
do but I know all about your tricks your grandfather was no match for me
and neither I suspect are you so you get anything out of the form
felon no but he’s out of commission I found some holding cells below guys I
scan the whole base there’s no sign of any of the tech that gorvan tricked us
into stealing at least gorvan didn’t have a chance to give that to the
highbreed yeah it’s a good thing too no telling what somebody could do with that
if they were up to no good you guys mind telling me what exactly
that is it’s called the sub energy it’s a subatomic energy source one of the
most powerful in the galaxy an alien race gave one to the plumbers years ago
it was stolen by an ex plumber named Driscoll
sounds like the plumber should have a better employee screening process we
thought that was the only sub energy on earth but this can’t be the same one
then destroyed that one well wherever it came from we need to make sure it
doesn’t get into the bad guys hands if you destroyed the last one you can take
care of this one right man I was just starting to be able to eat spicy foods
again your interference has forced me to deal
with you vermin directly and obtain this energy source myself no matter but we
have completed our objective you went through entire genetically inferior race
will no longer be in any position to meddle in the affairs of the hybrid what did he mean by that we’d better
find out Gwen can you track him normally there’d be no way to do it but the
subenergy is so powerful I should be able to find it if it’s anywhere within
a thousand miles got it Oh No look at this this is a satellite
view not far outside Bellwood a highbreed weather tower no big deal
you’ve dealt with those before not one like this okay that’s bad if one weather
tower can freeze a whole town an array like this one could freeze the entire
coast maybe even half the country we’re responsible for this we let gorvan trick
us into getting those components and now it’s up to us to destroy that weather
array these paths the hybrids cut through the fields my wreck the
environment but they sure make great roads not to mention they lead right
where we need to go I guess we just drive right up to the weather array and
start kicking alien butt looks like the butt kicking might start before we get
there maybe we can throw them off if we split
up you guys head down the road and see if you can find another way through to
the array I’ll take care of these guys and continue on foot well this is a team
and I vote we stick together two two one overruled wait just a minute yeah kind
of stinks when you’re on the losing end of that huh I’m not too far away but I
think I might be able to disable the array from here I found the highbreed
command ship and it looks like it’s the focal point of the circuit patterns
maybe if I can somehow get the ship to take off it’ll break the circuit and
shut the whole thing down I’m gonna try you and Kevin keep going if this doesn’t
work you still have to shut down that array Gwen I found the entrance to the
ship it’s open and there are no guards around guess I lucked out Gwen I’m
losing you must be interference from the ship sorry Gwen I can’t hear you
I’m going in I’ll contact you as soon as I can now all I have to do is to find
the autopilot controls activate them and get out before the ship takes off basic
cake Wow I thought the rest of the ship was
cold those heat exchanger columns must keep the hot air out that’s why it’s so
cold in here a highbreed are weakened by heat well at
least nobody’s home I could just activate the last of the
autopilot panels and be on my way and those panels must be on the ceiling
I guess I have to start thinking in zero-gravity terms maybe that switch
does something that allows the crew to get to those ceiling controls you so it
is you who has been tampering with our vessel the impure creatures of this
planet caused much trouble for such an obviously inferior race and you Ben
Tennyson are the most troublesome of all yeah that’s what all my teachers used to
say when I was a kid but I’m pretty likeable once you get to know me
insolent creature you shall pay the price for meddling in the affairs of
superior beings you’re out of here and as soon as you are that weather array is
offline permanently your actions will deserve to prove the inferiority of
those species we’re moving this vessel from the circuitry grid does not
deactivate the weather array the ship’s departure and initiate star start-up say
friends oh boy you see who might have sent back
our plans the last time we encountered you but this time it is you who have set
our blinds in motion you gather the components needed for our weather array
and you made sure the array was activated in a timely manner now now you
will watch as more people slowly freeze to death as our weather array fits this
portion of your planet suitable for habitation Oh No what have I done I’ve got to get
over to the weather array and help when and Kevon destroy that thing before it’s
too late did you hear me I think it’s a trap then don’t go into that ship alone
sorry Gwen I can’t hear you I’m going in as soon as
I can then Ben Kevin we have to go and help him I don’t know if that’s such a
hot idea I think that thing is almost at full
power if we go and he’ll Bend now we’ll never get back in time to stop it that’s
probably the control room floating up above the array I don’t see any way to
get up there what should we do go after the towers I guess looks like there’s a
force field protecting each one we’ll split up divide and conquer I’ll head
out to the east and you head west will circle the closest tower take out
whatever equipment that generates the force field and we’ll meet on the other
side I hope and we’ll be all right don’t worry he can take care of himself it’s
pretty tough and if you ever tell him I said that I’m denying come on let’s get
going how are you doing um I’ve been better
can’t talk now I’ve got company be there as soon as I can you okay fine looks like we took out the
force field on Tower one yeah and I still don’t see any way to get to that
control room me neither if we can’t get inside how do we stop
this thing we could try to take out the tower now that the force field is down
maybe no way even with our combined powers would you destroy that thing
it’s just a big did someone say big that time you got here we were starting to
think we’d have to do all the work around here then you have to hurry if
you don’t destroy those towers soon I don’t know if we’ll be able to reverse
the damage no problem I got this covered whore I guess that’s it piece of cake
not so fast Tennyson looks like the control room is still up and running
well not as up as it used to be but we need to make sure none of this tech
gets into the wrong hands I should be able to access the shutdown sequence
from here um why don’t you let Gwen take care of that she’s good at that stuff
and you’re like nah just a few seconds I almost got it there no idea
maybe if I told you you should’ve let Gwen do it
guys I think we need to get out of here now well at least we don’t have to worry
about getting the alien tech what say we call it a day and go grab some smoothies
so what do you think the hybrid are up to
they had their dnaliens growing all over this place I say we’ve got them on the
run now this place was probably their main base on earth I don’t think so we
need to keep our eyes open I think this is just the beginning
whatever the highbreed are planning here I have a feeling it’s something really
big and now at long last the earth will be
mine Sipho power up the null void projector Louisville X yes Vilgax
but magnificent yeah oh you’re big and scary this with insulin and psyphon one more thing
what your doubt man bring me the head of Ben Tennyson I meant to do that you heard vilgax
spread out fine Ben Tennyson looks like it’s hero time gumball if
there’s a paradox greetings all good to see you again
or should I say in the future it will be good to have seen you before
time travel can make verb tenses so very confusing when are we now anyway Vilgax
is invading the earth ah splendid then I’m just in time to warn you that now is
not the right time to use alien X what well then one should I yes sir where did
he go you mean when did he go does it matter
Vilgax is still invading we’ve got to do something any time now Tennyson we’ll be
able to defend more ground if we split up go as you know it will no longer exist the
new age of Vilgax nobody messes with my planet
why do you even you cannot win surrender Penton and
vilgax may just spare your life I’m so scared
your days as a hero are over thank you one bill gacks still reigns
supreme oh you’re just a start no free refills for you you yeah Oh free refills for you hey what’s wrong with the Omnitrix I
can’t get it my aliens anymore that’s because it’s powered down to reboot
silly azmuth you created the Omnitrix did you shut it off no you did how many
times do I have to tell you not to make so many quick changes in a row you’re
going to break it but the earth is being invaded just as I thought the Omnitrix
needs time to recharge before you’ll have access to all your aliens again man
don’t make me sorry I chose you Ben Tennyson but real the Omnitrix Ben glad you’re okay we’ve been looking all
over town for you we’ve got a real problem guys the Omnitrix is the least
of your concerns I’m afraid professor paradox you’re back dude do you always
have to sneak up on us like that maybe you can help us defeat Vilgax Oh didn’t
I tell you before it’s far too late to save the earth
what fortunately though it is never too early there that ought to do it nothing
happened we haven’t even moved in space no but in time look you’ve sent us into the past precisely
to hopefully prevent this terrible catastrophe from ever having happened
sweet what do we do now why I suggest you
start with exactly what your grandpa max told you to do but he’s been on a
top-secret assignment in outer space and hasn’t told us anything yet
Ben if you’re receiving this message I just left the earth on a secret mission
just left Shh encrypted distress messages are
coming in from plumbers all over the galaxy there’s some big trouble brewing
out there Ben and I’ve got to find out what it is
I may need your help round up Kevin and your cousin Gwen and meet me at the site
of the first distress message at planet Vulcan that’s wildmutt’s home planet
cool bingo what do you want a prize or
something how are we supposed to get there I know here boy good boys ship all aboard does anybody know how to drive this
thing so this is Vulpin I’ve always wondered
what my aliens home planets were like you really need to get out more bed grandpa how are we gonna find him guys look a plumbers badge
don’t touch it Clint you might be a trap or not Ben I hope you find this message
in time no Gatsas forces have already invaded bumpin plumber Intel has it that
they’re using the refinery here to create some special piece of alien tech
for Vilgax identity unknown purpose unknown but if Vilgax wants it you know
it can’t be good you have to find and intercept that alien tech of the
refinery before Vilgax shows up to get him I’ll be in touch
you heard the man you guys stay with ship uh-uh no way Ben we’re coming with
you if Vilgax does show up it’s gonna take all of you to hold him off I hate
when he’s right going in would you look at what we have here why
I do believe it to be the mighty bed tan hey can I float him up real good now
octagon Kanna guys aren’t as dumb as you look
you’re dumber huh wait a minute you should not have done
that boy I’m glad I finally got to see wildmutt’s
planet I’m definitely ready to head back to earth now let’s go home wait it’s another plumbers badge eggs
are far more complicated than I thought plumber Intel has discovered that Vilgax
is scouring the universe for a rare energy cord the kind that can power on
null-void projector like the one Vilgax used to take over the earth is gone we
don’t stop him barbar intel hasn’t determined what
Vilgax plans to do with exactly at least you’ve kept him from being able to get
one involvement good job then but there are other places in the universe he can
find his rare energy core one is Tara Deano I’m headed there now no grandpa max
I hope he’s okay don’t worry the old I can take care of
himself another plumbers match fire it up bad hope this message gets to
you in time Hill gets his forces have already taken over the planet Tarantino
as well as of this recording they have not repeat not yet relayed the energy
core from here to Vilgax he’s located in a nearby temple that’s all the Intel I
have you’ve got to destroy this energy core too before bill gacks can get hold
of it be careful you guys better stay out no stay with ship fight off Vilgax
if he shows up but basically save the day while you’re off hero
sidekicks work is never done long time how you been
don’t answer that I don’t really care you’ve got a lot of nerve facing me
after what you did to my uncle hex don’t underestimate me I’m not 10 years old
anymore you’ll find I’m charming to the last go
ahead take your best shot hey wait Kevin is Ben sorry dude we
thought you were Vilgax wrecking the temple I’ve got it Ben sorry I couldn’t stay on Tara Dena
longer urgent plumber business to attend to one encephalo was for that’s
brainstorms home planet I’ve always wanted to go there watch yourself your old enemy is here
and he’s looking to get revenge on you who I couldn’t tell them self
how many mortal enemies do you have Tennyson hmm so you better be ready for anything watch yourself bid that message a dozen
times I’ve got to figure out who’s waiting for me maybe it’s a really old
message maybe knocks it Kevin hey it’s not like you totally couldn’t have
happened in the old days he’s saying gotta stop Vilgax from getting an energy
source for his no void projector here come on it’s dangerous in there you sure you
don’t want us to come with you no but if Vilgax shows up and you guys aren’t out
here to hold him off doomed anyway way to look on the bright side then I mean
good luck we got your back and Tennyson my old friend gotta be
kidding me surprised to see me here how is your
dear cousin the lovely Quinn don’t make me do this to you Michael Michael
Morningstar is no more you will be as darkstar Tennyson over here and Grandpa Max I don’t know how secure these messages
are to be been I suspect my transmissions are being intercepted I’m
not sure how much longer I’m gonna be able to be in contact with you but you
need to know this plumber Intel has it that the very last place in the known
universe where one of these energy cores Vilgax is searching for can be found is
a Nerf eighth house what’s on earth a toast again dude you
can’t go there you’ll never get out alive why what kind of planet is it it’s
not exactly a planet that’s more like an alternate dimension that doesn’t sound
so bad it’s where Ghostfreak is from oh that is
bad it’s Vilgax I know who you are ejecting the floor me but it won’t work
I am on to you and that will be you to the remaining
energy code I dare you to Bernie’s the dangers of data
Saito’s if you can even find your way there did you take a right where I told you to
back there yes don’t be a backseat driver I’m only trying to help
vilgax was right we’re never going to find our way to a Nerf a tous I thought
you said it wasn’t a regular planet its interdimensional too bad none of us
happen to be able to travel between dimensions Gwen grandma look at you to my heart bro
you never call you never write are you doing here grandma why your grandpa max
asked me to help you get to an are fetus of course not just anybody can go there
it helps to be an energy beam and away we go Grima what’s happening to us
interdimensional space wood knives I can’t see you guys anymore me neither
don’t get separated too late good luck kiddos so we meet again then 10 long have I
waited Ghostfreak how you’re alive alive
interesting word choice you are in my domain now foolish Ben Tennyson any
second now I’m going to wake up as I live and breathe know how unwise of you
to venture here to anus ages it is the last mistake you shall ever
I’m gonna defeat you or die try I mean I’m just gonna defeat you get that other
part good thing you were able to track our man and find its Quinn no you could
just find that grandmother of yours to get us out of here anything uh uh
grandma verdona is long gone she could be anywhere in the universe by now great
so we’re stuck here after all we’ve just been through no we’ve got to get back to
our own dimension somehow we’re running out of time did
someone say time professor paradox we are we glad to see you no time to
dilly-dally back to your own dimension with you here we are then oh come now
why the long faces it’s not the end of the world yet professor
her grandpa Max’s last message to us was intercepted by bill geteasy y’all right
is he why I just saw max Tennyson a little while ago or rather maybe I have
just seen them in the future gumball no thank you
where is he where is who dear Thomas Oh him
of course max Tennyson knew his last message Deven was being intercepted by
Vilgax that’s why he said Anna fatals had the last known rare energy core to
try to throw Vilgax off but as it is actually and not a way to generate the
same power of said energy core how only from the rarest most valuable gem in the
universe taydenite the only major store of which outside of
volcanoes his stash of course yeah dude he’s right this moment on the
radioactive planet more or Kissy being experimented upon by someone who is
creating an energy core with which Vilgax may very well take over the earth
not on my watch now how do we find this guy I say we
split up cover more ground that way give me a second I’ll see if I can send Cooper Ben Kevin Gwen what on earth are
you doing here um offers you know what I mean
I’ve been on more @se for a while now working on an exciting new scientific
breakthrough how to extract a powerful energy from tonight Oh who wants to break the bad news to him
what bad news Cooper we’ve heard about your experiment
what oh it’s top-secret someone has been
using you for your scientific genius a telekinetic mind again but my research
your amazing scientific breakthrough is going to help Vilgax take over a whole
bunch of planets including the earth Oh my hard work I’m sorry the tea denies
being kept with the rest of my equipment in the science and technology center
we’re at they’re working I better not go with you and it’ll draw suspicion but it
can help you some other way it’s a good look on you
is it my fault I’m stuck looking like you oh wait it is
there’s only room for one Omnitrix here and yes that would be mine
say goodbye Ben Tennyson how did you guys get in here Cooper
gotta hand it to that kid he is smart Ben it’s another message from grandpa
must be a plumber’s badge hidden around here somewhere or a plumber Grandpa Max
you’re here I’m so proud of you kids
we did it grandpa we stopped Vilgax from being able to invade the earth I only
wish you were right but he is right grandpa
we destroyed all the energy cores in the entire known universe
game over the earth is saved what’s wrong
there is another where how impossible we took them all out you destroyed all the
energy cores in the known universe yes but there’s one more that’s not in the
known universe per se it’s so far off the beaten track that I can only hope
nobody else knows about it besides me how do you know about it then because if
it turns out to be the energy core Vilgax gets his hands on to power his
null void projector and take over the earth and the whole catastrophe is all
my fault the final energy core in existence is in
my own stash of alien tech in my old lair back when I was known as the wrench
in the null void you’ll need this what is it it’s called
a skeleton key got him the black market a while back
level 12 alien tech well I’ve heard of those things but I didn’t know they were
real what does it do get-out-of-jail-free card huh it can
transport you out of the null void prison dimension or into I’ve been
holding on to it in case of an emergency and Vilgax succeeding and taking over
the earth definitely qualifies as an emergency well what are we waiting for
let’s go it’s a small device with only enough power to teleport one person me
you’re gonna need the energy core you’ll find him there among my old stuff to
power the skeleton key to get you home again
so don’t destroy this one or you’ll be trapped in the null void good luck Ben I know you can do this the
whole world is depending on you no pressure no boy is no place for amateurs
there is no cannot a porn star for the boy dr. animo he can even stick with it
will ya bring it on I sure hope this works I’m back you did
it that was fast what do you mean dude you
just left the second ago interesting grandpa max I brought you back something
else you left in the null-void best summer of my life good boy chip nothing’s changed
Oh No looks like vilgax’s null-void projector
is missing a little power of course because we went into the past and
intercepted all the possible energy cores that would have allowed Vilgax to
have one here now no more creatures can come through the
disable null void projector I hate to rain on your victory parade people but
there are still plenty of creatures already here man let us handle these you go up the
big heads don’t let him get away right it’s hero time is it evil in here or is it just you
what it isn’t Chucky’s it’s been a long time how many
times do I have to defeat you Vilgax before you get the hint oh yeah yeah I’m
gonna rue the day bla bla bla can we fight now psiphon what are you doing here
surprise vilgax beamed me back aboard right after you defeated me good they do
hmm I wonder what happens when you blast
unfiltered no void energy directly at someone at close range kids don’t try
this at home I am a trained professional professor paradox no time then now it’s
the right moment look Serena if it isn’t burn Tennyson
why belicus I propose that it is Ben Tennyson seconded we don’t have any time
for your nonsense you two if you don’t do what I say the Omnitrix is going to
be destroyed with you in it oh and favor being destroyed Sipho what are you doing stop this at
once I can’t seconded motion carried huh Wow what
made you go and do that for azmuth but I had to the earth and a Vilgax in the
null void projector was relaxed kid you did good
that was some mighty fine earth saving you did their kudos
I knew you were the right one to bear the Omnitrix what I meant was how did
you know when to use alien X timing is everything hmm you’re not gonna power it down again
are you are you kidding silly earthling for
saving the world you don’t get rebooted get reward oh yeah it is seriously hero time now will help your been yeah get with the
program Tennyson don’t you think I’m crying won’t let me
transform while he keeps calling me wish told off by attacking the aliens would
be better than having to keep answering trivia questions for my number one fan
that kid seriously needs to get a life yeah Ben come in Ben come on pick up
it’s serious this time dinner no time for that now mom I got the fate of the
world in my hands here come on Dan where are you Dan Tennyson
ah what are you doing here I won’t let you foil my plans again this time I
prepare lucky I’ve got more important things to
deal with the Jew you again why do you have to keep follow
me around all right like I have nothing better to do than follow you around
lucky I’ve got more important things to deal with the Jew except yours I would
to get lost so this is where you’ve been hiding all
this time been tense Verity I have hoped our paths would cross again forsooth my
power has been growing low these six years heads yeah how long with your Bo
don’t get out much do you know cannot stop I have been enhanced by an alien
artifact it’s hero time thou canst not defeat me the power of your contract
she’s mine not if I have anything to say about it Jimmy Ben
sorry about that my hands have been a little full being a hero and all you
know how it is tell me what you’ve heard about the new sumo Slammers 3d movie
ain’t awesome what about that Ben this is serious I’ve been monitoring a cosmic
storm on the outskirts of our galaxy it seems to be making its way towards the
earth you have to do something all right calm down man send me the coordinates
and I’ll show you how the pros handle these things attention all plumbers in Section 7g
this is van Tennyson investigate possible cosmic storm approaching
coordinates alpha Niner tango repeat alpha Niner tango Ben Tennyson there you go Jimmy you can relax now let
the plumbers in the vicinity look into it now go back to answering my fan mail
on my blog will ya it’s piling up Thanks you’re the best whoa what’s going on no void creatures
why are they in Paris probably like eating snails they’re
considered a delicacy there you know who are we to judge I mean what are they
doing on earth I knew what you meant just trying to lighten up the sense of
impending doom see this is what Jimmy should be spending his time monitoring
and telling me about not some space storm that’s millions of miles away come
on fancy meeting you here Ben Tennyson I
didn’t take you for the sophisticated museum-going time such as our sale yeah
because you’re not what we call sophist and McCain I’m here for that artifact
you’re stealing hand it over we heared it’s real value and we ain’t the only
bounty hunters would come there looking for it who else is here on earth after
that thing now we got no choice but to smash you up
real good Ben Tennyson Hey well well then the tennis my thanks for
retrieving the artifact for me and I appreciate you taking care of those
other bounty hunters as well it’s not for you give it and why would I do that
this little beauty will fetch a good price in intergalactic black market do
you even know what that thing is don’t know don’t you
all that matters is how much it’s worth this can’t be happening this is will harrangue and you’re
watching the will harangue nation welcome people and once again that
menace to society known as then ten wreaked havoc on poor unsuspecting
citizens like you and me they’re just trying to earn an honest living only
this time the destruction wasn’t limited to our United States odo no outside the
borders people and this footage provided us by a reliable source who has to
remain anonymous you can clearly see for yourselves that Tennyson has turned his
wave of destruction against our longtime allies Italy and France then ten threat
or Menace people you decide give me a break hey you’ve got something that
belongs to me I believe you’re mistaken I recall seeing you steal this from
those cretins in the museum it seems you’re no better than I am stealing
anything I was recovering an artifact that was already in the process of being
stolen repoing it from the repo men are you
arguing with you now I’ll give you one more chance give it to me or or what
this thing’s worth way too much dough just try and take it away from me if you
dare you’ve gotten in my way for the last time Ben Tennyson
yes attention plumbers an alpha niner tango
come in still can’t get through you think they’d want to know about all
these alien bounty hunters showing up on earth for some reason plumber
communication channels are completely full of chatter let me see if I can hone
in on what they’re all so chatty about Oh Oh we’ve got to get out there and do
something once again bearer of the ultimatrix the
burden of protecting your entire planet lies with you
azmuth what are you doing here uh oh you must be in trouble Tennyson indeed but
not with me with him a creature so powerful that even the Ultimatrix I
created may not be enough to protect the earth against it we need to round up all
the plumbers in the galaxy for a protective rotate around the earth so
they can fall just as their noble comrades before them No then what there
may be a way to temporarily enhance the power of the Ultimatrix great do it I
cannot but perhaps my ancestors can I was not the first of my kind to pursue
an interest in Sciences that led to my eventual creation of the Omnitrix and
Ultimatrix eons ago my scientific ancestors that
ancient Galvin created a device they dubbed the POTUS LTR for its amazing
power enhancing abilities but power often drops so my people hid
the poultice on tre the one place in the galaxy they knew it would be safe from
any attempts to use it because you knew ancient Earthlings had noble hearts and
would only ever use it for good a planet have you been living on we
chose earth because it’s such a backward planet that even if the potus all tre
were discovered you primitive Earthlings wouldn’t have any idea what to do with
it Wow well as I oh yes upon entering Earth’s atmosphere the potus all tre was
torn asunder each piece falling like a meteorite to a different point on your
planet’s surface reminds me of the Omnitrix crashing here
back when I was a kid and found it you Galvin sure are obsessed with sending
your top tech to earth Kevin what I can’t be the only one thinking it Pam
for centuries now each piece of the POTUS all tre has been affecting the
lore landscape and even the locals themselves in each of the areas of your
world where their land how could the Earthlings I mean people
there never have noticed perhaps they notice something but being primitive as
you are attributed the phenomena incorrectly weather balloons crop
circles poultice all tre can give you Ultimatrix bearer the power you need to
defend the Earth from the approaching threat but where do we start looking the
peace is to be anywhere someplace with weather and crops well that narrows it
down how is who came to have a piece of the
POTUS all tre we thought it was just some dusty old alien artifact the real
brothers in Sumner were after in Paris can I touch it Enoch had another piece just like this
one when I was fighting him back in Rome probably super enhanced his powers from
being around it for so long so you have two excellent Ben Tennyson that one’s
still in Rome what I didn’t know I only kept this one because all those bounty
hunters in Paris were so interested in it feared it must be important you
figured light you must return to Rome and retrieve that piece immediately we
already know where that one is and then took care of all the bad guys around it
better go try to find the others first yeah before that cosmic cloud guy gets
here and finds out about it not a concern the existence of the POTUS all
TRA is known only to the Galvin and now you a cosmic storm then one of the aliens
you can turn into as a species that’s created in cosmic storms a toku star
azmuth it’s not Earthlings may have actually had a
chance of discovering life on that planet since it was so close to their
solar system oh well too late now those primitive bacterias lives lost matter
not to me their world was merely in my way of course master at least Pluto will
post no such concern for you that planet has long since been destroyed some
consider it was what I do not then it is not master you are well practiced as a
toady cipher indicates that cell then why would you leave his side I choose to
serve only the most powerful for a while that was Vilgax
I considered egregore but he preferred to work alone and look where it got him
now it is you Master are you saying that you cannot be trusted to remain loyal I
said kill you now and be rid of you a Thousand pardons if I avenge master your
wish is of course my command you only live if I say you live ah the
robot extermination device I’m not dormant on earth during my time
with Vilgax answer only to my commands if you want them to find what you’re
looking for you must allow me I see how you have managed to survive your other
masters for so long impressive now activate the rats uh guys unauthorized alien activity on a
large scale is suddenly being detected at Devils Tower in Wyoming is that the
place I think it is you cannot deviate from your purpose then Tennyson what is
happening in this y-you mean will be of no consequence if the earth is lost
people have been thinking they’ve had close encounters with UFOs there for
years maybe because a piece of the POTUS Altieri has been there all this time
affecting the area possible it does indeed warrant investigation go now Ben
Tennyson I must attend to other matters the safety of the earth depends upon you
when doesn’t it remember if you ever need me just click your heels together
three times really no of course not the guy that put the onion ugly how
fortunate for me I get to collect the bounty for the artifact and get my
revenge on Ben Tennyson win-win I wouldn’t count on it
hero remember another bounty hunter don’t you guys ever learn Ben Tennyson I should have known he
would find a way to to get it away can you track what the other pieces are
Shh I’m trying to concentrate enough already Gwen this is too
dangerous wait I think I’m getting something help me out here Ben if just
one of those pieces was strong enough to supercharge our enemies think of what
would happen if it did even half that to someone as powerful as Gwen we don’t
want to have to fight you okay I got this you okay Gwen I think so no more of that
it’s not worth risking one of our own friends or us I think I caught a glimpse
of where one of the other pieces as though the Great Wall of China shouldn’t
be too hard to find it there I mean how big can a wall be they say you can see
it from space hey just cuz they say it doesn’t mean it’s true
says the guy who doesn’t even know how big the great wall is am I the only one
who saw that dragon dude is that a dragon
it must be guarding the artifact but what’s all this equipment doing here
it’s gotta belong to whoever built all that crazy stuff I just fought my way
through a secret base hidden in the mountains of China whoever was here
before must have been searching for the alien artifact well if it is protecting
the artifact then I’ve got to convince him to hand it over yeah good luck with
that Tennyson then wake up Tennyson I think he’s
coming to whoa what happened how is some hit you
took back there next time you better wear a helmet I’m gonna need more than
just a helmet next time if it’s against that way big who’s heading to earth just
a figure of speech dude now that your Reds have proven useless to me
I have no further use for you son ah but master if it pleases you I have
already taken the liberty to remotely have my Reds seize one of Ben Tennyson’s
own most trusted allies who even now has fallen under our control I mean your
control excellent work I may just let you live
long enough to witness me crush Ben Tennyson and his entire and for that I
am grateful master show me this comrade of Tennyson’s who now does my bidding
from a farm where to next hero there’s no reason to
be sarcastic do I ever need a reason guys come on
keep it together if we can’t rely on each other were in real trouble then
Cooper plumbers helpers security compromised kidnapped me Tokyo
can’t trust any I’m going with you
that idea of Glenn but it’s Cooper and you heard what he said
I’ve got to go alone or they’ll do something to it well I don’t know but
I’m gonna go find out ladies and gentlemen children of all
ages did you come to see my show and looking for Cooper Cooper Cooper hmm let
me think there was some blond kid around you mean him he’s far too busy not
preoccupied with some friends of mine where catch me if you can am I good or am I good what happened to
you I will deliver the artifact to the tofu star he will be so pleased oh I’m
gonna get you out of this hang on huh I don’t know how to thank you man I
can’t believe you got me out of that I did what I had to do you’re a real
friend you don’t even know azmuth is gonna be so disappointed in me but
nowhere near as disappointed as all the people of earth are gonna be when that
way big shows up and I can’t fight him what are you talking about I think I may
have hit you too hard back there sorry but I could use my powers to help you
fight good cuz now that you made tennyson blow his only chance of an
ancient Galvan powerup we’re gonna need your help and more get back to bellwood
fast and round up all the plumber’s helpers you can find to defend the earth
this is not a drill how am I supposed to get there Gwen I
can’t do it just any old time we need to teleport somewhere it takes too much out
of me but this is an emergency what are you trying to say rein it in Romeo that’s a little harsh
he almost lost his lips yeah he’s gonna lose more than that if he ever tries
that move again Wow somebody’s jealous look Cooper ah give it a rest guys greetings wondrous ancient Galvin
welcome to earth I don’t think your alignment they’re
just Holograms maybe no way to tell they’re trying to take the Ultimatrix yes I destroyed one of the pieces of
your device to save my friend you don’t have to rub it in hmm you really think
the ancient Galvin came all the way here just to give you a hard time
azmuth does no azmuth only shows up when it’s something very important and to
give Ben a hard time you think the ancient Galvin we’re trying to tell me
something important bingo but if you’re still missing a piece what
good is it gonna do you to find the rest of them you want to argue with the
ancient Galvin come on well happy Ben Tennyson you’re the last
person we was expecting to see all the way in these parts but I destroyed you
guys yeah about that if you recollect our past encounters many of which have
ended in our untimely demise you may also recall that we are what you call
clones all right how many of there are you anyway oh no we never met us before
are you a clone too let me do the talking boy I’ve defeated you guys
before I’ll just do it again don’t you guys ever learn the thing the
artifact doesn’t seem to enhance brainpower this is blue head with a wool
holy nation special report our reliable but anonymous source is once again
provided us with stunning evidence of that vigilante handle Ben Tennyson
continuing his swath of destruction all over the world but that’s not the worst
of it concerned citizens and Tennyson is brought about the apocalypse that’s
right the end of the world is nigh I tried to warn you people about how
dangerous Ben Tennyson is but no now maybe you’ll listen to me you buy my
book then ten further Menace you decide I just know it’s gotta be Jimmy posting
battle footage of me on his website that’s feeding all these clips to will
harrangue he wouldn’t do that again would he not after last time maybe not
on purpose but he’s just a dumb kid right he doesn’t know any better
how old is he like 10 hey when I was 10 I was saving the world did you walk to
school uphill both ways – it has to be Jimmy who else could it possibly be this
is a message for Ben Tennyson psiphon that guys still around surrender
the POTUS al Tre now and the earth may be spared the wrath of the mightiest
being in the galaxy destroyer of worlds the master of disaster yeah right like
that’s gonna happen I thought azmuth said only Calvin knew
about the existence of the POTUS all CRE chock up one thing the Galvin were wrong
about my master approaches all tremble especially you and Tennyson first of all how could siphon know about the POTUS
Altieri a galvan must have told him impossible
we Galvan would rather die than give up our secrets to anyone you told us and a
fat lot of good it did a threat to earth is upon us
and I shall be the first to fall I know I heard this is no laughing matter Ben
Tennyson I’m not laughing when that evil waybig gets to earth I’ll
be ready and waiting for him too late I’ve got to get back to Rome and pick up
that last piece you mean first piece whatever Gwen I need you to teleport me
there now but I can’t I told you I wouldn’t be able to do that again
anytime soon it takes too much out of me wait azmuth the Omnitrix once teleported
us to the planet Primus when it was compelled to return there so I recall it
was I who was waiting there to receive it remember if I can set the Ultimatrix
to seek out the final piece of the POTUS Altieri it requires it may be compelled
to teleport to it with you Allah excellent Ben Tennyson I hope this works Ultimatrix must complete focus Altieri I know all your moves Ben who do you
think’s been spying on you and leaking the footage to will harrangue that would
be me that was you people will finally realize what the
real Ben 10 is a menace to society you’ve won up to me for the last time
Ben Tennyson they did what to the who now you know exactly what you’ve done
you’ve ruined my career you’ve ruined my life what I can’t beat you everyone will
cheer my name there’s only room for one hero Benjamin Tennyson you have caused
me far more trouble than you’re worth I am here to take the pieces of the
POTUS Altieri from you and deliver them to my master yeah that’s not gonna
happen you’ve had this coming for a long long
time siphon I’d be the focus on tre Ben Tennyson
or else earth will be destroyed told you we’d catch up to him here long
flight from Central America Italy even longer flight from Italy to Japan let’s
get moving did you get it I’m ready to take on that
evil way big now or die trying dude if the ancient Galvin were just messing
with you that’s exactly what’s gonna happen you don’t have all the pieces of
the POTUS LT Ari you can’t power enhance the Ultimatrix that evil way big is
totally gonna stomp you not if I stomp him first are you with me
till the end of the world which could be any minute now it’s hero time your Ultimatrix must complete poem to
Santiago now that’s what I’m talking about I
gotta hang on to this thing this is gonna make my job so much easier
I wonder how much power it has I bet it lasts forever or slightly less oh gotta
be kidding me not again somebody get that kid another
hobby stat sheesh hey Jimmy what’s up now the trailer for the new sumo
Slammers movie sumo Slammers 2 electric slammer ooh just hit the net I’ll send
you a link sweet thanks man you’re the best sorry I
suspected you have you know spying on my every move earlier and everything Wow
yeah I am kind of right now totally monitoring that evil way did you just
threw into space but that was so tremendously cool by the way
looks like he landed on the moon and then just disappeared impossible you
must have just lost track of him when he arched behind it I know what I saw
you’re seeing things kid speaking of seeing things send me that link I can’t
wait to see it yeah sumo slammer to electric slammer
ooh curse you Ben Tennyson I spent a year
and a day alone in that cosmic storm you making the one single molecule of
to’kustar DNA I managed to salvage back when you blew up the Omnitrix and left
me for dead now I’m stuck on this dusty rock in this
disgusting form again and there are no chili fries this could not get any worse no if this is such a good idea I’m
getting kind of used to the whole Omnitrix is unpredictable when I need it
most thing nonsense there’s obviously something wrong with the time circuit
this experimental program should make your Omnitrix completely predictable if
your calculations are correct of course they are I’m nearly almost positive of
it while blukic and driba take care of that I’ll go ahead and start the
training simulation have fun how about a guy are you ready to upload
the program to the Omnitrix almost there yes just busy for a while longer all
right Ben and rook I wasn’t going to throw anything big at you today but
since we have time one of animos giant ants huh piece of
cake done and done yes activating program in
five four three two that was quite unpleasant
and somewhat confusing as well then it is good to see you I think something
went wrong with the experiment dude am I supposed to know what you’re talking
about or who you are well never mind in about five seconds this place is gonna
be overrun with bad guys stick with me if you want to get out of here in one
piece don’t worry I’m a superhero uh-huh I think we lost him
yes but I think he found us I see you have recruited some assistance this time
Ben Tennyson no matter I have grown weary of your repeated attempts to
defeat me this ends here powerful this technology is like nothing I’ve
encountered before the proto-tool it’s history now we’re absorbed its
technology we better get out of here before he starts using all your tricks
against us with this new technology you’ll need more than your unarmed
friends to defeat me which is where I come in Magister Tennyson it is good to see you
do I know you yeah I said the same thing well I know
both of you or at least I will know you wait blue kids and dreamers experiment
it must have somehow created a temporal anomaly are you saying you’re from the
future I suppose I am as was the proto-tool malware absorbed
that’s not good there’s no telling what malware will be able to do with that
kind of tech you are familiar with the proto-tool in this time period we just
got it up and running here you’re going to need this more than I am but be
careful it’s the only one we’ve got thank you I will return it to you when I
manage to find a way back to my own that is difficult to explain never mind
in about five seconds this place is gonna be overrun with bad guys we’ve got
to get out of here well that doesn’t look friendly no but
it does look somehow familiar interesting
I thought the young plumber was out of the picture don’t worry her friend
you’ll get another opportunity soon enough
malware might be in charge but I will not allow even him to deprive me my
greatest trophy Ben Tennyson that’s some story getting his hands on the
proto-tool must be how malware got the ability to change tech in two different
forms instead of just absorbing it that’s why he’s so powerful now my
inadvertent intrusion into the past seems to have created an alternate
timeline we must undo the damage well I guess it lukkage and Reba broke the
timeline they can fix it unfortunately they were captured by siphon while they
were out scrounging for parts and stuff he’s holding him somewhere in gas town
then we should focus our efforts on finding them then Tennyson and his bluish sidekick
I knew you’d eventually show up to free your little friends as it turns out
they’ve already served their purpose you can have them if you survive that yes it’s possible that rooks
time-jumping is related to the experiment you described
of course there’s being an alternate timeline we don’t remember being
involved in such an experiment so can you recreate it or not yes possibly
definitely maybe and we’re waiting because look things have been a lot more
dangerous around here than they usually are now where is pretty much running to
show these days where can I better get out there and
find out what he’s up to good idea I thought you went back to your own time
or something I did in a manner of speaking
apparently it was not a permanent condition something has happened to the
future and I will have to worry about that later after you disappeared we ran
into dr. animo he’s up to something and when we tried to find out what he
captured Grandpa Max and headed for the nuclear plant we have to rescue him of
course lead the way Ben rook
get out it’s whoa that was close
what you said about the alternate future fits with what we’ve seen here absorbing
the check from the proto-tool made malware very powerful he’s only just
starting to use his new abilities to his advantage and if he’s as powerful as you
say in the future maybe we should come up with a way to take him down here
before he goes all neck amorphic on bail what a reasonable plan I would like to
help for as long as I am able to remain in this time frame that is cool we make
a great team that you and teenage me must be a
well-oiled machine in the future I am Not sure I would say that exactly good you’re back
oh it’s gonna handle this alone but it’s always good to have somebody else around
to distract the bad guys while I do my thing
well-oiled machine huh never mind it is possible this region is not
entirely stable true feeling that’s no earthquake no-can-do pakmar but don’t
worry I have everything under control Oh look it streebek
what’s that thing a morphic generator there used to transform inert matter
into solid Holograms for combat simulations like the ones in the plumber
training room but this one’s better we built it when he kidnapped us why
would you build anything for malware because it’s harmless malware can’t hurt
anyone with Holograms no but with the power he got from the proto-tool he can
change things instead of destroying them right now he can only affect tack but if
he absorbs the ability to transform inert matter he can transform anything
he touches no we hadn’t considered that if we had we wouldn’t have built it or
the other two either there are three of them we need to find those other two
generators fast we’ve analyzed the data that Brooke brought back from the future
the scan showed that the generators are buried in a vault under hundreds of feet
of rock yes they are completely inaccessible in the future yes but in
our time that location is directly below the Fullerton building which is still
under construction it’s mostly just a big hole right now but the generators
are not there yet those devices I gave you are designed with coded triggers
that can only be set off by Ben’s alien forms if you plant the explosives in the
construction site in this time period they’ll still be there in the future
and when Brooke green flashes back to his time all he has to do is get older
me to set off the bombs come on rook we’ve got some farms to play okay the explosives are all set you guys
should be ready to go and you get back to the future or present or whatever you
comment yes we should go back and inform Magister Tennyson then you younger you
and I planted explosives at the site where the morphic generators are hidden
if we detonate the bombs we can destroy the generators great
let’s get moving yes we showed him showed him what yes I know my friend you
want a fight but I feel that Ben Tennyson and his friend are on the verge
of shifting the balance of power I was content to serve malware as long as it
was beneficial to me but perhaps it is time to let him fend
for himself not fret not someday I will have Ben Tennyson to my trophy
collection he is indeed prey worthy of Qyburn arms generators destroyed I feel bad for that
guy I really do Ben we still need to find a
way to restore the proper time line before malware controls all of the tech
in your world too bad we can’t bring past and present malware together maybe
they’d accidentally absorb each other excellent idea we should get to work on
a plan right away I was just kidding oh I’m never gonna get used to that
getting the two malware’s to absorb each other is actually a pretty good idea
don’t sound so surprised I come up with lots of good ideas and apparently I
still will in the future if this is going to work
we’d have to lure both malware’s to the same physical spot in the two timelines
our best bet would probably be the place where rook first appeared the barrier
between the present and future is already weak there but how will we lure
malware to that location nothing attracts malware like tech the more
unusual up the better and if it’s weird tech we made I know just where to find
it check it out a portable version of
animos mutant ray this will attract malware for sure the cave where you
first appeared in this time frame isn’t far from here let’s go there now all we
have to do is wait for malware to show up malware might be attracted by that
tech but we failed to take into account what it was designed to attract Ben
Tennyson and the other one as well if you plan to stop me from absorbing
this technology you are wasting your time yeah well we’ll just see about that the earlier version of malware is now in
the cave where I first appeared in the past now we have to lure the malware of
this time to the corresponding location so that blukic and driba can activate
their program and merge the two time periods that would be the training room
in the plumber headquarters I shut down the base and sealed it off when things
started getting bad I didn’t want malware to find it then obviously we
will have to come up with a new plan we cannot allow malware to access the base
actually we have two malware wants a morphic generator and the only one left
is exactly where we need him to be you cannot be serious
this is very risky we’re never going to fix this time-travel mess unless we take
out both malware’s if ever there was a time to take a risk
it’s now that’s weird the elevator usually goes
directly to the control room how did we end up in the Power Core I think I know
leave it to malware to be fashionably early come on we have to get to the
training room as fast as we can here goes nothing fools you have led me
exactly where I wanted to be soon my victory will be complete we’ll see about
that we’ll get streebek activating program in
five four three now foolish malware the fool or the evil mechamorph that follows
him fighting me you cannot win now we’re from the past is shifting into
our time frame later rook kick their butts Wow
as cool as I am now I thought it’d be way cooler than that in the future wow
that was kind of full of myself as a kid glad I grew out of that Huck if you say
so come on let us in this activating program in five four what –
means no don’t you want us to picture our metrics these things are fine just
the way they are that program from here on out I’m done
messing around hmm asmath was right he is insufferable you the blast had only affected us I’m
thinking it’s probably best that just this once we keep the fact that I saved
the universe from Total Annihilation to ourselves and forget this ever happened
agreed it would be difficult to explain in any case I think we’ve had enough
training for today let’s see we get out of here
mr. smoothy’s on me I do not see anything on you on me on me it’s an
earth expression Baloo hello you Earthlings have a lot of strange
expressions but the smoothie would be refreshing right now will you buy some
for us that’s what I you I’ve got to get back to azmuth and get
this thing fixed Ben 10 omniverse to you have to be more careful if the
incursians discover your presence the earth will be destroyed sure but I got
the ship schematics and besides I made sure that anyone that saw me will be out
cold until we reach earth so how about using that greatest mind in three
galaxies of yours to fix this thing arguably five they’re fixed I also found
the long-range communications computer if you could disable that I would feel
better about you sneaking around disabled is in smash to pieces they can
totally do that be back soon maybe you’ll have dinner
ready for me when I return oh and straighten up a bit okay thanks then you are near the control terminals
that you need to disable can you be a little more descriptive there’s a lot of
computer e-type stuff in here they should be emanating a bright yellow
light got it so disabled does that mean destroy well
that would be one way to do it afternoon beating up the bad guys so no
one can make a long-distance call at least I think it’s after noon
doct azmuth now that the long-range communications have been smashed to
pieces hey you mean it disabled fine disabled we can collect some of this
incursion DNA for your Omnitrix want to be a gross frog espionage when we get to
earth you will need a disguise to get around we can’t let anyone see that Ben
Tennyson is back okay so I’ll use the Omnitrix to grab some
DNA from the first frog I see no you will not you’re going to need to be able
to defend yourself therefore you must seek out the DNA of the toughest
incursion you can find where are the biggest baddest toes hang out in
the mess hall figures they’re one of the larger incursions will provide a fine
DNA sample but be warned they have a weapon that interferes with the Omnitrix
of course they do I didn’t know what exactly to bring back so I have some
mucus that will be adequate let me isolate the sample for the
Omnitrix and there give it a try hey yeah not bad
this guy definitely needs an awesome name know like Crazy Legs or aqua tack
oh wait bullfrag yeah very well glad we settled that now prepare yourself we
should be landing on earth soon and I have a plan no problem
both frag can’t handle anything I like this guy azmuth my old friend and him
Tennyson I thought they shot you in the space it
was all over the news yeah like that’s gonna stop me so catch me up what’s
happens as I left well incursions have taken over earth
even their mind controlled waybads and their emperor has been spending all
efforts to repair his flagship that you damaged good times good times as soon as
you repairs that ship you leave earth to conquer other planets well then we just
need to make sure that that doesn’t happen
indeed you need to drain that flagships Power Core how about I just transformed
into adel and make a meal out of that ship then we are not ready to reveal
that you are alive we need something less conspicuous
so you mean something boring like some sort of energy draining device exactly
like that I just need a couple parts and that is where you come in Ben Tennyson
every service kinda getting used to this this is the supply depot I was talking
about been the power source is here be careful it will be heavily guarded you
call that heavily guarded that’s if we have the power source but
we lack the necessary materials this shop doesn’t even have any quantum
tunneling diodes well we’re not going to let a diode beat us
I’ll get the testing supplies unnecessary a single galvanic mechamorph
circuit drive would provide the components I need I can check Undertown
you can find all kinds of alien stuff down there hmm
it’s the right thing to do but the incursions patrol every access point I think I just found an opening under
town is so deserted where is everyone a hole right
and then the occupation almost forgot that incursion may lead us to the
circuit drive we need you won’t escape me well that crate over there looks kind of
like galvanic tank so it must be in the right place yep
this has definitely got to be the right place very good now retrieve the circuit
drive among the stolen cargo and I’ll meet you back on the surface tennyson
deliveries at your service please tell me you just needed the two parts just
the two I have already modified the energy source so these should just snap
together naturally so now what now for the easy part you just need to activate
this power decay transducer in the ship’s main source of energy which I
have determined to be its incursion Power Core oh yeah
simple emperor milius is flagship is just outside of town we should be able
to use your incursion disguise to get close sounds like a plan to man I can’t
just lock the full Frank form in the Omnitrix that would make this ways we
can look into doing that when you get back
good luck it’s me remember I’ve gotta get this thing to the power
cord greetings Ben Tennyson Hey
yeah just like old times you be in an alien closet once you activate the power
decay transducer you must get off the ship quickly got it
get the power cord use device right then you need to take down the three
security officers in this area to access the ship’s power core each bridge leads
to one of the security officers guarding the power core you will need to defeat
each one to access that part of the ship yeah yeah I think I have a handle on
this these guys are a little different they have some sort of incursion
incendiary devices so you’re saying they’re hot stop anyone oh come on that
was good so here it is the Power Core it’s just
you me and you guys where is the arm switch huh come to think of it I think
azmuth told me how to use this thing and that seems to have done something it’s
time to get out of here remarkable it’s more out of control than I had thought
possible you didn’t just throw the transducer into the Power Core did you nevermind
with the power field collapsing this chaotically it could cause permanent
damage to the Omnitrix you need to find a way off this ship getting lost in the dark here how do I
know the way to the hangar transport and it’s firing up its engines dr. psychobos
ship is preparing for takeoff one way or another you need to get on
that ship really couldn’t you guys just punch yourselves in the face and lie
down so we can fast board this scenario wait I thought the ha’la’tha I said stay
calm there are storage like closer to that mutated way big I
will lose my mind control just wanna I’m the one who Craig off this ship yeah
that worked mission accomplished hey unit what happened I think that guy
his head in the crash but uh I gots to be going you know back to my post and
all fine we’ll take you from here be careful there’s some resistance fighters
in this area hey get that big beast to rumble off of him don’t fry this at home oops awesome
no wait ultimate I just bought that tent last week you’re in for it this time
sorry grandpa max oh no big deal just gives me an excuse to visit the new
sporting goods store when we get to town besides that’s what your allowance is
for I think six months worth of so should buy a really nice replacement maybe they’ll have a grand opening
kitchen maybe something in the three to four months allowance range yes we won’t
be finding out anytime soon looks like it’s parade day no way we’re getting
past that crowd nice looks fine let’s check it out it sure doesn’t look like
you’re having fun yeah and I see why is this the most fun ever or is it just me should be just about dry by now I gotta
stop him he’s stealing people’s happiness I’m not happy about you going
up against some bozo alone yeah that might not be such a great idea
it must already be affecting you guys don’t worry I got it luckily I’m ready
to you this take him boys good work family and it
looks like zombozo got away yeah and it looks like the townspeople are still
down the dumps whatever zombozo is doing to steal their
happiness he must still be doing it how about you guys
you still happy as much as we ever are when you’re being all you and now is not
the time Gwen tell them what you found right well
I noticed that there are a bunch of weird devices around here they look like
some kind of transmitter to relay Huh What
sorry science nap you were saying I was saying that these relays are
transmitters are that they might be what zombozo is using to suck away people’s
happiness huh I mean yeah that’s why I was so bored I figured that out like
forever ago uh-huh Ben why don’t you try to track down
zombozo and maybe look into finding a way to stop all of this well you know
suck my happiness to the watch should protect you but I’m taking Gwen back to
the rust bucket we should be safe from the effects in there I’ll be fine
you guys better get as far away as you can good idea
I feel happier already hey clown face step away from the happiness sucker it’s
called a buzzkill battery yeah anyway you’re finished on bozo actually I’m
just getting started I’m just gonna catch you you know yeah
you never give up do you only on cleaning my room and Apple and this
isn’t either of those things right you are
it so happens you’ve dropped right into my favorite snare the wheel of
misfortune you know I’m just gonna get out of your unnecessarily elaborate trap
and kick your butt right oh not and to or not or not and to em – good you did it
nice work Ben piece of cake which by the way I could go for about now Oh almost
forgot your tenth problems are officially solved and this one is way
roomier than the older thanks Ben I hope you’ve learned something from this yeah
next time I’ll be more careful when I’m testing out a new power I might end up
hurting more than 1/10 it was a pretty cool power though I know right wonder if
all my forms have an ultimate power like that let’s figure that out later
that’ll teach you stupid if you keep doing that you’re only gonna
make you mad if you want my advice which whatever just don’t come crying to me
when you get stung after all the bad guys have taken down some of which are
like a gazillion times the size of a bee you should show some respect for my
awesome moves this seems like deja vu or be shavoo but you really need to keep
that ego in check then an inflated ego always gets in a way of success yeah but
this isn’t about ego it’s about ego come on material not worried about puns
at the moment don’t worry grandpa what them before I introduce my next guest me
let’s have a big round of applause for I’m having a really bad we’ll be right
back man I gotta find that place and rescue Gwen and Grandpa Max jeez Rome no
you walk in water balloon it’s just my room I’m about to make history with the
highest-rated live show featuring an insectoid host ever produced well I’m
sorry but I have to put a damper on your plans
oh-ho I don’t think so I have a feeling my ratings will go
through the roof when I put you on lady hate to break it to you but when you two
started fighting the transmitter was destroyed oh man but nobody saw it we
did Ben and you saved us and all of these people Oh selfie line forms to the
right no pushing and shoving I’ll make time for everybody and it’s what you do
when nobody is watching and without expectation of a reward that’s really
important yeah sorry you go in check check guess we should
call the police and pick up queen bee oh this does not look good I gotta do
something to stop it not yet we need to come up with a plan to deal
with this let’s get these people out of here and regroup at the campsite I’ve
never seen a storm this bad something’s not right about this
it appeared to suddenly and it’s way too strong to be natural somebody over that
way come on kids they might need our help yes we should have known our
successful return to this world has been followed by an equally successful start
to our new terraforming initiative I would be esthetic about this turn of
events if I felt emotions which I do not so much for investigating what they’re
up to gotta love villains who monologue but
the bitter we should feel shame at revealing our plans in such a
stereotypical manner and concern for the approaching alien if we filmed shame or
fear which we do not know the storm is too dangerous let’s head back to the
rust bucket Ben can handle this nah man I should have known this was too
easy hey big guy how’s the weather up there
your pond would like humour even if that were something I could appreciate and I
Weatherhead crime would be filled with rage at your meddling if I felt rage
which yeah yeah yeah which you don’t I think you guys have pretty much beaten
that into the ground at this point no the beating into the ground commences no cannot compensate for gravity and
momentum what ending collision imminent oh no bad I don’t see him do you see him
been somebody call for a hero Oh what was that for for scaring us
that’s what so um don’t do that again we’re just glad you’re all right
oh right I was like super awesome I was all like BAM and giant robot guy was
like laughs and he was all like oh no fuse and I was like bitch don’t feel
this there’s nothing we can do this shut you up is there nope all right you were
saying where was I oh yeah so I was like you’ll feel this and he was like close

6 thoughts on “Ben 10 Full Movie Compilation (All Cutscenes from All Games)

  1. In my opinion the Ben 10 video games were good all the way until Cosmic Destruction and they were all available on the PS2

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