Benedict Cumberbatch reads the poem 'Richard' at the Richard III reburial service | Channel 4

and now the actor Benedict Cumberbatch will read a special poem written by the poet laureate commissioned by the Cathedral here in Leicester from Carol Ann Duffy come a batch is due to play King Richard the third in the hollow crown the Wars of the Roses he's also a cousin of Richard my bones scripted in light upon cold soil a human Braille my skull scarred by a crown emptied of history describe my soul as incense votive vanishing your own the same grant me the carving of my name these relics bless imagine you retie a broken string and audit thread across the symbol severed from me when I died the end of time the unknown unfelt lost unless the resurrection of the dead or I once dreamed of this your future breath in prayer for me lost long forever found or sensed you from the backstage of my death as kings glimpse shadows on a battleground

37 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch reads the poem 'Richard' at the Richard III reburial service | Channel 4

  1. Как приятно послушать чистую английскую речь.

  2. As an upper level undergrad, I took a course at University of Michigan taught by a wonderful PhD in study of the Tetralogy, and Cumberbatch's work in this segment of Hollow Crown was impeccable. Watching the program was voluntary: we'd studied the text, but she'd featured some clips for our examination. I was enamoured and watched the entire series on DVD. I was so touched at the entire idea of his doing this reading at this solemn event (particularly given his connection to the king) that I sent this clip to my professor for anecdotal use as she wraps up that segment of future classes. I am now a graduate student involved in a research project with the same professor, who has a true passion and talent for British history and literature and is published in same. Anyone who really appreciates the incredible drama that unfolded in the story of this king has to tear up at seeing this clip. I know I did. Cumberbatch could be "posh" a thousand years from Sunday, but his talent and passion is undeniable. I wish I'd discovered his work sooner.

  3. Beautiful poem. A beautiful recite by a relative. These historical persons helped to shape all english speaking nations today. A little respect please for all who has gone before us and helped shaped our world.

  4. His voice is amazing! So powerful and spine tingling. Just wow!
    And is he really related to Richard III? OMG! That is crazy and very special!

  5. Richard deserved this. After centuries of misguided hate, this goes some way to righting those wrongs.

  6. This piece of shit shouldn't have even been at the funeral. Richard III likely would have had him struck for treason and heresy

  7. Reading a poem about your ancestor who is a real life king and which you also play in a tv show.

  8. My ancestor, Baron Walderne fought for the Planteagents. I never knew Benedict was a relation of theirs though.

  9. This certainly puts a smile on my face! I need to see a recording of the entire ceremony-it is not every day one has the privilege of viewing a funeral for a historical legend like Richard! Plus, Cumberbatch's voice in a cathedral? That cannot go by without a mention-that is something to listen to! And it is insane he is actually related to Richard! I wish I was…

  10. The whole ceremony, when you think about it, is *profoundly* ridiculous….but Cumberbatch gave a superb oration.

  11. I could listen to his voice forever bouncing off those cathedral walls.

  12. Supposedly this was the last English king to die in battle. The post mortem mutilation of his genitals as well as his head prove his enemies feared and respected him. He also had a protruding spinal column that made him a bit of a hunchback. This King was a badass, no wonder the Tudors tried to slander him

  13. They first evacuated all young women from the hall, for decency's sake.

  14. So does this mean that bingleditch is more of a legitimate heir to the throne of the British isles than the current campers?

  15. Ihaba S

    He sounds like an actor, that's what they sound like.  Majestic? why because he's distantly related?  Don't make me laugh.

  16. Richard III should have been buried at York, that is what he wanted and Leicester Cathedral is not grand enough for a King. 

  17. What? This was outrageous the whole event. Richard the third was a murderer and abuser. He would be on death row in some countries if he had done the things he did today. But hey hes a king so lets forget all of that. Another fucking waste of time and tax payers money for what. Ruling elitist royals who couldn't give two fucks about any "commoners" like you or me. Get a grip the whole thing was a farce for moron indoctrinated fools who think celebrating an evil person cause their tolled to through a controlled media is ok. What is wrong with this world. He was a twisted inbred royal who is known best for murder! People these days say we live in a world where there is no need for a god or religion, I say it should be the same for royals. Inbred twats with a silver spoon shoved up there arse. Think how many lives could of been saved with the money spent on this whole stupid fucking pomp.

  18. jacquefish you are a typical pathetic royalist, I have no interest in what this pathetic in bred family bring in I am more concerned in what they take out which is a disgusting amount of money and property when decent innocent people struggle to live from day to day, I have no doubt you live in an area which does not suffer from hardship, the monarchy should be disbanded and once Scotland is independent this will eventually happen we will be rid of these freaks, only one with any decency was Diana and they contrived to kill her of so piss off moron.

  19. The so called 'Royal Family' are outdated! Another elitist tradition in this country that is long overdue getting rid. I am a Socialist and it's time for a revolution.

  20. This type of demoralisation works on so many levels. Firstly, this YouTube promotion is an advert for this guy’s new movie coming out. Secondly, it's filling precious media time covering a reburial of someone that's already dead! And thirdly, it's an opportunity to re-write his image and paint an awful person in a positive light. It encourages Brits to be patriotic and respectful to the monarchy and its history. Let's not be fooled here. No one voted for a monarchy. They highjacked this great country and made your ancestors pay taxes, which wasn’t the case beforehand. A system we still suffer within today. This is a fucking joke. A terrible, sad and pathetic example of where humanity is currently standing today. And having YouTube shills writing comments on this video only strengthens my point. I guess if you’re mentally weak and like your evil organised, then continue to enjoy the show! Otherwise, I suggest you write from the heart, and feed data to this ever-learning system so that it understands what we truly want going forward. Demoralisation, tax profiteers and a monarchy is what the vast majority would rather do without.

  21. Richard the 3rd dug up in a car park give me a break that body could be one of thousands of people how do they know for sure it`s richard the 3rd DNA PROOF  i don`t think so this skeletton has been in the ground for hundreds of years there was no such thing as DNA then DOH.

  22. What an odd event. As an aside, how many other kings have been buried outside of the capital? Seems a little disrespectful to me to bury him in a provision city.

  23. As a direct descendant of Richard the III, (I'm his great, great + grand daughter) I was also impressed that Benedict Cumberbatch and I are also related!  I'm going to have to research more on the family history to see how, exactly. 

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