Benefits of Quiet Time: Literature Review

the selected study I am presenting tonight is the benefits of quiet time in the ICU a literature review the concept of the study is to confirm if implementation of quiet time such as decreasing the noise lighting level and lessening the interruption of sleep and rest periods from the nurses and hospital staff if these can positively influence the patient's quality of sleep in the ICU and therefore achieve better patient outcomes in addition the researcher Reimer Lim would like to discover other positive potential outcomes and what are the effects of open visitation during the quiet time researcher Lim performed a secondary source literature review of qualitative and quantitative works that probe the meanings of quiet time literature review is a critical summary of research of on a topic of interest often prepared to put research problem in context furthermore the data of this study was gathered based by research studies performed by other researchers other than Lim herself to further explain literature review Duke Medical University stated that literature reviews are published materials that provide examination of recent or current literature it may or may not include comprehensive searching and quality assessment there are typically narrative and analysis may be chronological conceptual or thematical to start off with limbs research she performed electronic literature search to the cinahl or what we call cumulative index to nursing and allied health literature she also went to pubmed to all the databases the Cochrane and Wiley Online Library she narrowed the search to studies from January 2000 to March 2017 she used the keywords quiet time interventions noise ICU and critical care inclusions criteria where the following effects of quiet time interventions sleep quality outcomes in the ICU that were measured by qualitative or quantitative must be in English must be peer-reviewed and full contacts must be available researcher Lim also gathered know she gathered seven articles total four out of seven were studies conducted in the US three were from Taiwan Denmark and Netherland all studies use quantitative approach

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