Best Book Writing Software for Authors – The Best Software for Writing a Non Fiction Book

hi guys my name is Elmer Bermudez best-selling author and publisher and today I want to share with you three main sofas that I would recommend for writing your book and we have from free to page so you can choose whichever works best for you so the three variety so for that I will recommend number one is Google Docs and this is free these works perfectly and if you are on a tight budget right now I will really recommend going through google words get familiar with it work with it it's an amazing it's an amazing program so use these if you're on a tight budget and you want to get your book out there you want to start writing you're feeling it floor you were amazed you're inspired and you want to start writing I will recommend using Google Books it's amazing okay so is step number two Oh choice number two I should say if Microsoft Word so Microsoft Word is the face of our typical dots but you can do a lot more with this and you can get the monthly subscription which works around $7.99 I knew with these pockets you get the whole microscope you get PowerPoint you get everything Excel if you like excels you can track your cells you can track them you can do little I love Excel guys I come from a finance background and I just love love love Excel so I know Microsoft words and and everything that comes in a PowerPoint presentations everything I just love Microsoft so you can get these for a monthly subscription as I said oh I think it's $7.99 per month if you're a student you get a massive discount if you're a choice you get a massive discount so guys this allows you to do a lot of stuff as well and this will be my favorite option the one I use ah but I find that many writers also like the next choice and it's not my favorite I'm not really a fan of this but I had to include this because for many people this is a vista favorite and this comes $45 and it's called Scrivener as I said it's not my personal choice it works amazing I've tried but I went back to Microsoft Word which is my favorite choice as I said but many people enjoy wise in the Scrivener so it's after you try um I don't know what everybody's whatever everybody's different and everyone has got different choices but for me Microsoft Word it's my number one choice and my only choice so I hope you enjoy this this video is very short and to the point right guys try this and see which one you like comment below and see if you have any other options where you like writing your books any other software that you use please let us know we would love to get from you and if you have any questions please let me know a lot of creativity around you you topic your question and I have created an amazing training which I'm sure you are going to love is my three secrets to write and publish a book in 36 hours you are going to know if this is free of charge and you can register with a link below on the description you will find a link that says free training click there and register is my is I love this content and as I said in one of my videos I took my heart and soul into this training and I'm sure you are going to find little value in this training so guys register as I said and I hope that you subscribe if you haven't already done so and you like this video if you liked it I'm a straight to a pony no fluff and guys I love sharing this message with you because my mission is to help you write and publish your best-selling book that is my mission that's my biggest passion I love books and I really hope that I can help you get there I'll see you soon thank you so much for watching this video and I hope to connect with you soon thank you

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