100 thoughts on “Best GCSE Results Reactions Compilation

  1. This was a brilliant video
    Shows that u don’t need the perfect grade to feel happy
    Whatever u feel is a accomplishment it is definitely an achievement
    Good luck for everyone in August 2019 x

  2. The last part was soo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  4. I'm so scared for the 22nd actually shitting myself 😭😭😭😭😭

  5. The guy whose pet goldfish died before the day he got back his results tho hahahaha

  6. I think I should stop playing Minecraft and start revising and study for my GCSEs considering I’ve done shit in my last mock exam

  7. My parents have such double standards with my brother he literally failed maths and my parents didn’t even care but with me they expect me to get a star

  8. What is the name of the blonde girl crying about her a*s in history and stuff?

  9. OMG!! 3 more weeks for Class 2019. I am so not ready😣. Oh Lord please please 🙏 help me😩

    Okay, its the 22nd of August let's see!
    Hope we all pass. Good luck everyone! 🙏

    🤣 Got em.. I mean I am both side of the spectrum.

  10. I love how it’s just one piece of paper that determines your whole future…. UGHHHHH whyyyyyyyy

  11. Congrats to everyone who did their tests, I’ll be taking my GCSE’s this next school year, hopefully I do good

  12. " If I fail this, it is not the end of the world, my family would just disown me or something"

  13. “My pet goldfish died yesterday”
    That’s enough to make a grown man cry…

  14. Omg I can’t believe that lady laughed in the last one! So disrespectful! I feel so bad for him…

  15. Boys and girls, it's a little under 2 weeks away. 12 days to be exact. You'll do excellent, don't doubt yourself and remember that if you tried your best, there's nothing you can do. Good LUCK!

  16. Getting my results tomorrow and i'm stressing myself out by watching these vids!!!!

  17. okay this is scary. just watching this to see what it will be like for me a year from now. just worried because of how tensed it will be on the results day. currently got my english results day coming up for me in 10 days time so i'm tensed i'll tell you that much lol

  18. why am i here? i done my gcse's
    oh right tmr is my results day for the first yr of 6 form hahahahaha

  19. I opened my results like a couple a days ago and I’ve never been so freaking happy like getting an A for literature is a damn miracle and the fact that I didn’t fail one subject was all I wanted

  20. The boy who took out the bleach and the alcohol is a whole mooooddddd😭 I’ve got 7 days to go…

  21. Just realised some of the people in this video who done A-Levels will be getting their results today?!??!

  22. If you don't watch Niko Omilana you'd actually think that was real. Loooool!

  23. Results day is in a week and I’m stressing cause some of these people getting 7,8,9s and I’m the bitch that’s gonna be homeless and got 2s

  24. how you gonna get a load of U’s and act surprised…? obviously u didnt try

  25. im shitting myself for thursday…im gonna fail im so scared shitshitshitshitshit

  26. Coming from a yr 10 (soon to be yr11) these people look huge compared to me, and im not even considered short for my yr, 🤔🤔🤔

  27. Fuckkkkkkk my result is today few hours left! Nd iam freakinggggg outttttr!!:£/£€>€!!€|^|^¥]$¥]* 😰

  28. whats the name of the guy with the brown hair, who says he's pissed off??????

  29. Dreading opening my English lit Thursday took it a year erly and pooing myself

  30. So I start year 11 in a few weeks and I’m shitting bricks. I have all my life planned if I get the grades I want. Part of me knows I’m going to ace it. But part of me has doubt. Anyone got any advice for me or somthing to help me out because the more and more I think about it. The more I stress

  31. I would be crying because of the beating I receive for not getting all 9s 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  32. My results day is tomorrow and I'm so scared…
    I just wanna pass at this point.💀

  33. To be honest this is going to be an unpopular opinion but you know you are not going to be destined for much in life when you throw your rubbish on the floor (the bit of envelope) and find you failed your exams. Nothing to laugh about there.

  34. Anyone else watching this the night before results and shitting themselves because they’ve failed everything

  35. I’m so disappointed with mine but here they are :

    Art : 9
    English Lang : 7
    Spanish : 6
    Maths : 4
    Science (Higher) : 44
    History : 4

  36. anyone else take about 30 mins to think about how you’re gonna run away before opening the envelope?


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