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hey there it's Kathleen and I'm so excited that you found your way to this video earlier this week I was actually actually over the weekend I was doing a five-mile run and I like to listen to people who inspire me to be to go be my best self and one of those people is Wayne Dyer I listen to people like hell elrod Mel Robbins Lisa Nichols Tony Robbins Wayne Dyer marianne williamson the list goes on and on and what I like to do is find people who teach the law of attraction and they have very specific strategies behind the law of attraction for how they became best-selling authors and I find it really interesting that virtually every bestselling author that I follow has one strategy that has worked over and over and over for them they either got on radio or they got on podcast shows in the past it used to be radio was the only game in town if you wanted a lot of visibility without having to be on camera and now podcast shows are the way to go and I as I was listening to Wayne Dyer he was talking about how he sold 35 million copies of his book 35 million now back in the day when his book your erroneous zones became a number one New York Times bestseller and stayed on that list for quite some time what he did is he actually got in his car he traveled with his daughter and he would do as many as 10 or 15 radio interviews per day that's per day now can you imagine the kind of traction one would get if they were on 10 to 15 radio programs per day across the United States well today you don't have to get in your car to travel to the locations to be interviewed today we have podcast shows and people like hell Elrod and Lisa Nichols Mel Robbins Tony Robbins all of them use podcast shows to actually talk about their books they don't overtly sell their books they just talk about their books they talk about what it's like to be an author they talk about their philosophy they share stories people will go to their website they'll go to their Amazon page and they'll buy their books I have a client I've been working with Lana Nelson who has been doing a lot of podcast shows and she said every time she's on a show her book sales go up every time well in the last month she's probably done 10 or 15 shows and she's just been out there doing an amazing job best part of all she doesn't have to lead the comfort of her home and so I you know I talked to a lot of people who say oh I want to be as famous as Wayne Dyer I want to sell as many books as Hal Elrod as Lisa Nichols as Mel Robbins and yet they don't have a strategy and the best strategy that you can use is to get on a lot of podcast shows and yet what happens is oftentimes people hit the wall of fear of like well what do I do how do I outreach to hosts how do I give a good interview what do i do on follow-up and that's the very reason I created the 100 Club the 100 Club is a mastermind boot camp virtual mastermind boot camp designed for up to 12 people per session and we go for 30 days up to 12 people per session where we meet once a week and every week we have strategies that you learn based on my experience of doing hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds even thousands of interviews I've been on both sides of the microphone and I know what it takes to give a great interview I know what it takes to get on shows I know what it takes to get invited back again and again so I created the 100 Club and somebody said well how did you come up with the name 100 well that came to me during a run day a lot of a lot of my ideas come to me during run days and it came to me when I was listening to Hal Elrod share the fact that he had been on 100 shows in a very short period of time when he was promoting his first book the miracle morning and then a few days later I was listening to Lisa Nichols and she said yeah I was on a hundred and fifty shows in about a five month period to promote one of her books and I forget which book it was that it became a New York Times bestseller and all of a sudden it hit one hundred one hundred that's the key to success if you can come up with a strategy if you can get on a hundred shows within a very short period of time when you're promoting a book you are gonna do fantastic however there are certain things you need to put in place in order to get on a hundred shows and that's why I created the 100 club I'd invite you to go ahead and click the link below just click the link below it'll take you to the information page for the 100 club we start on June 25th we go every Tuesday for five weeks and every Tuesday we lay a foundation we have check-ins there's accountability measures the last group that went through it every single person was successful at booking podcast shows and these are people some had never been on a podcast show before one person as a matter of fact Luria that you'll see her testimonial she said I didn't even know what a podcast show was I had no idea and she's gonna be in our second go-round because she loves the accountability measures that are in place so if you're looking for a program where you can learn the strategies get on lots of shows and have accountability measures put in place the 100 club is for you this is Kathleen gage inviting you check out the information and if it makes sense for you to join in the 100 club I'd love to have you join in I'm looking for high performers I'm looking for people who will take action I'm looking for people who will show up and do the footwork as I was out on my five mile run today I was thinking you know I don't get the five miles under my belt by sitting on the couch and thinking about I have to think about it and then get into action that's exactly what the 100 club is I encourage you if it makes sense join I'd love to have you and get ready for a great experience have a great day

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