Best Singing Voice Editor Apps to Make You Sound Better

No matter how good you sing, the voice editing
tools always come in handy for the final touch. It makes a good sound better and so on! If you take a look at the Play Store, you’ll
find a lot of voice editor apps for singing. But do they really work? Do these voice editor apps make you sound
good? The answer is: No! These singing voice editor apps won’t provide
you a studio-like output but rather you can enhance the voice texture by adding certain
filters and performing a couple of tweaks. [Music] Hi friends, I’m Rahul from
and in this video, I’m going to share, the best singing voice editor apps to make you
sound better. Make sure you watch until the end of this
video to know my personal favourite. 7. Red Karaoke Sing & Record First singing app in our list is Red Karaoke
Sing and Record. Red Karaoke is a good Karaoke app which you
can utilize as a singing voice editor app only to enhance the voice texture. You won’t get the ability to cut, paste,
or trim the audio. But it does the basic stuffs well. You can perform basic editing stuffs like
adding effects, filters, and voice balances. Although limited in the free version. Once done with editing, you can publish your
recorded song publicly to let other community members listen to your song. The app also offers privately publishing,
in case, you are shy or just want privacy. What I love about this app is: it’s community-based
newsfeed, where you get to find some new talented singers, as well as you, get little exposure
if you’re someone who wishes to get some fan following. Well, as a singing voice editor app, it lacks
important features like cut, copy, and trim – which is a shame. 6. Sing! By Smule Next app in our list is Sing! By Smule. Smule is a popular Karaoke app and not primarily
a feature rich singing voice editor app, but it does the job as expected. While it allows you to record your voice along
with music, you can also add amazing audio effects to your voice. Though it doesn’t offer much when it comes
to singing voice editing, as you miss the ability to trim and other crucial features
that make a singing voice editor app great. But the audio effects surely make you sound
good. Once you are done with recording, you can
publish the song publicly and share with the Smule community, where other users may listen
to your voice and provide you feedback. 5. BandLab Music Maker BandLab Music Maker is another good singing
voice editor app for Android. It is not meant for just the vocals but everything
that matters while making music. Tap on the + icon, you’ll get four options:
New Band, New Collection, Give a Shout, and Start Project. Here you’ll find options for recording any
sound either using mic or voice directly. You get various options for editing the recorded
tracks, adding lyrics, and other options like increasing or decreasing tempo, latency fix
and real-time input monitoring. Once done with your project, you can add title,
description, artwork and publish in your preferred band. As a music maker, BandLab music maker offers
you various options like importing pre-recorded tracks from other sources, plug in Guitar,
Bass, and Looper for beats and loop packs. You also get tracks recommendations just in
the case, you need some inspiration. BandLab music maker supports recording of
vocal tracks and adding effects while editing music, but it’s not limited to that only. What I love most about this singing voice
editor app is its collaborative feature. It allows you to collaborate with others to
get help. You just have to share your creation with
someone and then he/she will be able to continue from where you left. Thus, with collaborative effort, you get a better
output. The amazing newsfeed, power to explore and
much more – you can’t expect just a music maker app to be so awesome. 4. Music Studio Lite Next app in the list of singing voice editor
app is Music Studio Lite. When you first open the app, it presents you
with quick start guide and video tutorials – which are good for beginners. Music Studio Lite offers a complete package
for music production on your Android device. You get various options like playing keyboard,
choosing instruments, recording tracks, adding various effects etc. The Lite Version of the app is free but comes
with some limitations like saving, exporting and sharing is disabled. Also, only 11 out of 118 instruments are available
in the free version. You’ll get a limited number of audio tracks
and many advanced effects missing in the free version. You may purchase the full version which costs
$14.99 and unlocks various options including 3 additional effects, beats and MIDI import
or export functionality which remains disabled in the lite version. MIDI import/export functionality is a real
deal breaker and I won’t mind spending $14.99 for that. What I love most about this app is that it
presents you with tips and suggestions every time you open the app. 3. Lexis Audio Editor As the name says it all, Lexis Audio Editor
is focused on letting you edit the vocals on the go. With this, you can change the speed, tempo,
and pitch of your recording. It does not offer much but lets you normalize
and perform noise reduction for better clarity of your voice recording. You may also import or mix the current file
with another file. It is free to try, but to continue using it,
you will have to upgrade to the pro version through in-app purchases. Although, it isn’t much expensive. It costs you around 2.5 USD, and it is definitely
worth it. Lexis Audio Editor is actively maintained
by the developers and offers you the basic tools to take care of the vocals after recording
it. 2. FL Studio Mobile FL Studio is already a popular name among
the music professionals out there. The majority of the professionals choose to
utilize it on Desktop. But, what if you want something similar on
the go? FL Studio Mobile is the solution for that. When you first open the app, it asks for various
permissions. Grant all the permissions because the app
doesn’t work if you deny any of the permission. FL Studio Mobile is not just another audio
editor, but a compact studio utility for Android devices. It offers a variety of effects and filters. Also, you get the ability to make the music
tracks for a song with the MIDI controller support. If you are someone who is new to music making,
I won’t recommend this. You’ll find it a bit complex, however, the
quick video tutorial is just a tap away. Yes, FL Studio Mobile shows you a quick 4-minute
video as demo, which is enough to learn operating the app. The app provides you with various controls
and advanced options. Unfortunately, the app is a bit expensive
and costs 15.99 USD. No doubt, it is the best singing voice editor
app that’ll make you sound good, but I would say avoid it if you are making music just
for fun because it’s not worth investing that amount if you are not a professional music
maker. 1. WavePad Audio Editor Free WavePad Audio Editor is a basic audio editing
app for Android but comes with some advanced features. The user interface is quite basic but as the
saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m surprised how much-advanced options and
functionality it offers in that basic looking voice editor app. It allows you to add a variety of effects
to enhance your audio or voice. In a nutshell, you get the ability to record,
edit, and share the audio with the world. You may also amplify, normalize, and add echo
to the audio. WavePad Audio Editor also supports .wav and
aiff files. To improve the clarity of the sound, you can
utilize its high pass filter. The app promotes itself as “free” but comes
with in-app purchases. So be sure to check them out if you want to
get access to all restricted features including Effects, Output format, ad-free editing and
more! So that wraps up our list of best singing
voice editor apps that’ll make you sound good. Which singing app is your personal favorite? Do let me know in the comments section below. Did you enjoy watching? Please hit the like button and share with
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