Best & Worst Graphic Novel Movies

what's going on guys sin city a dame to kill for it's hitting theaters and that got me thinking about graphic novels that have been turned into major motion pictures today things are gonna get graphic and we have a cool panel to get graphic with first he is an actor and a comedian he's a good friend of the show Mike Carlson thank you he'll good to be here he is an actor and a director of NTSF SD SUV on Adult Swim and the upcoming hotwives of orlando alex ferny hello yeah so guys first off right off the bat I want to get something straight what's a graphic novel I think traditionally is things that were intended to be of a longer format it's also a phrase used by people that are embarrassed to read comic have to make it feel like it's actually like oh well it's a graphic novel it's not comic book you know what dialed those pretentious idiots are for the birds I agree with you hell yeah if that's you click a wet note to keep watching but walk away believe it run it yeah walk away believe it running so uh is this a graphic novel I think so in it because uh it tells a contained story everyone knows that exact copy of Watchmen yes the way Watchmen looks and I think to most people that's the way it's perceived not individual issues do you guys have any favorite film adaptations of graphic novels I'm going to say that first Sin City because I do like that it was a really interesting experiment in the sense that they were really just going for like we're gonna take the panels from the comic so we're gonna recreate it as perfectly as possible they really did it it's a beautiful movie to look at and it's a pretty fun movie as well and I think Watchmen tried to do the same thing I think you're right I think Watchmen gave it a shot but the whole point of Watchmen is playing with the form of comics of graphic novels and when they just tried to translate bad over a lot of it didn't work what my favorites is a Scott Pilgrim vs. the world it goes the other way really successfully where it grabs what I loved about the graphic novels and then changes things that need to be changed because it's a different medium it's like you should take the spirit of the thing you're working with and then adapt it to the medium and that's what Scott Pilgrim did so well I was looking up the highest grossing comic book and graphic novel adaptation RIPD made more than Scott Pilgrim that's why we can't have nice things ghosts men and black did better so we're talking about some graphic novel film adaptations that we like that we respect are there any that came out were you like oh boy no they blew it I'll throw one out there yeah League of Extraordinary general yeah it was like the filmmakers like this is a cool story let's just do it just get it out there III also say another one that just went like I didn't like the book either just wanted it just felt to me like like a 13 year old boy stop masturbating just long enough to write like his fever dream of violence and like yeah there you go and then you'll a went back to what that seems like so many things yeah and that was like so many things are inspired that I think the book ending with the middle finger to the audience and then like the movie doing the same sort of thing like like oh my god okay we've talked about a couple of these films already I'd like to run down the list of the highest-grossing graphic novel film adaptations at the box office and we'll just throw out some thoughts on them okay 300 it's pretty but like 15 minutes in you go like oh this is the whole movie this is what its gonna be like pretty apt Acula though no wanted we talked about that a little bit a little bit of a disappointment yeah Watchmen I think at this point its watchman is underrated I think it was also an attempt to make something that is I think fairly unfilmable in the same way there's like never been a great great gatsby movie I think Watchmen is going to stand as that as being like yeah take your shot at it but what was created is what it was intended to be uh ii 300 rise of an empire Road to Perdition I was kind of soso on I thought it dragged a little bit and then I don't like seeing Tom Hanks ISM murderer I want I want Tom Hanks like if humming system murder someone I want him to be like okay it's my last resort I'm a desperate I'm acting my kids yes um get off my boat the sort of thing right he's always saying that yeah my vote every if you go back and watch every Tom Hanks movie at one point just get off my boat Cowboys and Aliens Harrison Ford as the cowboy I had an issue with very strong cruise control going on hopefully flips the switch or star horse Oh brain please help please read no such I've never seen either yeah me neither um okay I might be in the minority on this one two guns I out do you guys see mm I think you guns I saw two guns I liked it that's it until it was Denzel and Mark Wahlberg I thought it was just you know a fun shoot-'em-up it was like a lesser Lethal Weapon movie Yeah right yeah Sin City which we can all agree was pretty well done why is this new one like nine years later or whatever it is it seems like there's a little bit oh it's kind of a throwback thing oh it's kind of a cute nostalgic thing rather be like Oh strike while the iron's hot let's get this franchise up and rolling it feels almost like some studio was like gosh we got this much money left we're gonna burn it otherwise we won't get it next year uh do another one of these yeah there are three more installments of the Sin City graphic novels that we haven't found yet maybe they're just waiting for Mickey Rourke I mean agree or disagree Mickey Rourke's real face weirder than his big Sin City face much weirder much weird cuz the big weird face you're gonna like that's a weird face that his normal fits you going like oh I don't wanna bring it up oh yeah and then Oh finally we haven't I can't believe we haven't talked about this yet V for Vendetta well what do you guys think about V for Vendetta it's fine yeah I think it's one of the most successful more adaptations on film mm-hmm but I don't think I've watched you since it came out there are a couple of adaptations that we haven't talked about yet I really liked Ghost World I thought that well sure yeah yeah yeah kick-ass we haven't talked about him um that was really well done I feel like that opened the door to a lot of different takes on superheroes I don't know if kick-ass to shut that door yeah but like it was there is sort of like an interesting counterpoint to like what the huge budget superhero movies are are there any graphic novels that haven't been made into films that you that you'd like to see I would say it's coming out in issues betting is intended to be read as one story it would be velvet velvet is about sort of this aging female ex-spy who gets kind of like yanked back into this world through betrayal and it's just been really fun and like just the what if James Bond was you know the 50 year old woman who retired I'd also like to see we three oh yeah because they're supposedly Grant Morrison has written a script and the guy from Kung Fu Panda wants to make it but no one wants to finance a weird movie where animals are fighting each other and humans yeah that needs to get made yeah so guys I'll see you at the movies this weekend for our Sin City dame to kill for date I'm gonna line up Thursday at midnight okay that does make a new chore okay you Milan Dubai the tickets I'll buy the popcorn Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. Mike Carlson Alex Bernie thanks for coming by and talking about graphic novels that were turned into movies pleasure thank you he'll ah so what's your favorite movie adaptation of a graphic novel tell us in the comments below we want to know this episode is brought to you by Best Buy where you can experience the best in Ultra HD TVs check out the sweepstakes link in the description below and enter for a chance to win an amazing Ultra HD TV from screen junkies I'm Hal Rudnick thank you for watching hit me up on Twitter bye bye shredder probably need to block hey that mutagen is alien like that fine no one cares about that from what alien planet or what's dimension right let's bring crane into the movie there's been five movies why ever we see Frank

38 thoughts on “Best & Worst Graphic Novel Movies

  1. Says he wants to see a movie about retired spies: hasn’t seen Red or Red 2

  2. Am I missing something ? No mention of the Crow? This video deserved more time given to it

  3. V for Vendetta is overrated and Watchmen is underrated. Watchmen for the win.

  4. 'From Hell' was a great movie that hardly ever gets mentioned.

  5. Wanted(comic) was amazing,the movie was meh. Watchmen was an amazing adaptation cmon guys.

  6. Love the shot out to Velvet. But that mention reminds me the book came out a long time ago and is on hiatus.

  7. WATCHMEN is the best movie based on the best selling graphic novel ever along with V FOR VENDETTA.

  8. I would love to see "Ultra" (from Jonathan and Joshua Luna) and "Desolation Jones" (by Warren Ellis) adapted to the big screen.

  9. The Wanted was much better than the book.The book had some amazing concepts and ideas but was really poorly written and executed.The movie tho was pretty badass.I get why some people hate it but the final monolouge in the movie was really awesome and sort of inspiers you.But the one flaw the movie didnt have and the book did was Shithead.

  10. Road to Perdition is a fantastic, and beautiful piece of cinema. Best comic book movie ever. You have to see it.

  11. Kick-Ass was one of the movies I have ever seen in my life. It was saterial take on superheroes.

  12. I don't understand why some people feel so strongly about calling comic books "graphic novels". Who cares what they're called? When movies were considered silly and childish no one called them "visual novels" or "motion novels" or "textless novels". And they grew past it without being stuck with an overcomplicated name.

  13. It's ironic that they call Watchmen a graphic novel, while Alan Moore hates using that term altogether. Speaking of hatred, V for Vendetta was a complete failure as an adaptation

  14. An adaptation I would like to see would be the Bone Saga. I think it could be adapted into really fun movies. Plus there are 12 books and a spin off series so it could lend to franchise nicely.

  15. who likes v for vendetta or Scott pilgrim vs the world I do if you disagree just remember its my on opinion

  16. No mention of Tintin by Spielberg? A decent adaption. Heck, I didn't even find the animation of the human characters too creepy at all.

  17. Do an Honest Trailer of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1&2

  18. Constantine! Badass movie and R rated to boot. Can't believe they left that out. Not even an honorable mention.

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