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Venice is the setting for all of Donna Leon's novels the us writer has lived for 30 years in the Italian lagoon city our detective stories have been translated into 34 languages and have made her world-famous how would you describe your personality what this is not the age in which to confess this but I think I'm a pretty happy person it's much more fashionable to be unhappy but I'm stuck with being happy who's your personal hero Admiral Lord Nelson I find him such an admirable courageous noble man I've always liked what's a big temptation for you big temptation chocolate and pistachio ice cream what's your life philosophy that fun really have fun what's your dream my dream is to be involved with Alan Curtis and his growth offer orchestra Elphaba so Morocco to record at least 10 more handle operas then I would die a happy woman what drives you bananas noise really noise everywhere we live in a world in which there's noise there's people with the telephony Mia on trains everywhere television everywhere in the post-office there's noise and stored there's noise in restaurants why can't we just stop what describe your perfect day I get up I don't have coffee with Roberta we need for coffee I go home and work I have lunch I work and then I go to the Opera

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  1. Great interview, also in the above intro …
    (My personal wish to her : to watch many more Brunettis, he he)

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