Bestselling Novelist Stephen King Discusses the Art of Storytelling

why don't people read short stories anymore there are a lot of ways to kind of be politically correct about that question but some of the truth is that people have forgotten how to read the short story they've fallen out of love with the short story even now I find myself not wanting to say what I really believe which is that people are too goddamn lazy to bother anymore to pick up a let's say a book or a magazine where you're required to start over and over and over you read an and B T story like solid wood and you read it you're knocked out by it and then you realize well though that was only 18 pages now I got to go on and read some other guy and maybe I won't like it as well so this is you know the way that people are they have a tendency to be cautious and they say man this is a grab bag this is a pinata I don't know whether I'm going to get a nice prize or a bad prize but I do know that if I tune in American Idol instead of reading short stories I'm going to be exposed to the same comforting level of mediocrity week in and week out and so people are lazy you

31 thoughts on “Bestselling Novelist Stephen King Discusses the Art of Storytelling

  1. I love short stories. Esp. Stephen King's short stories. But yeah… people are getting too lazy.

  2. Stephen, your comments just insult my fellow human beings. As a reader and lover of singers and singing competitions, the two are not exclusive.

  3. I'm more inclined to be lazy in reading a long, dramatic story, about someone recalling their past. King's short story anthologies were the meat and potatoes.

  4. Back when I was a child, I preferred short stories. But now, I choose writers, I'd even read my favourite artists' grocery lists.

  5. Haha this is so true! It's also partly why books like twilight and 50 shades are so popular – because not only are they lazy, they're dumber than the used to be. The quality in what is considered popular fiction has gone down drastically. Thank god for people like JK Rowling who still manage to make a well written story also extremely engaging and readable …

  6. Dude I totally agree with you "people are too goddamn lazy to read anymore"

  7. There's nothing like a good short story to start the morning either.

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  9. You sound like a fan, though you don't want to be recognized as one. You are ashamed of being one? (just asking, not judging)

  10. It's funny, the books that I have by Stephen King are all collections of his short stories.

  11. There is only one short story that I liked from King that absolutely dumbfounded me which to me makes it worth reading all his short stories because, even though he's not really good at it, there is one that is outstanding.

  12. I lost a lot of respect for Stephen King when he started to bash the Twilight book series. I'm personally not a fan of Twilight, but I acknowledge the true facts that it has entertained millions of people – which means it has fulfilled the objective of what a work of fiction is supposed to do. I will continue to make YouTube videos defending Twilight from all the unwarranted hatred it receives.

  13. Next your gona tell them I was your protogy…… Ands your dome is about The Simpsons…. How about that kid that got run over….Its a little girl and she had her head crushed under a bus… not a boy and when I went to bed I had cold chills for hours

  14. Are there any grownups I can chat with there? Besides your mum, that is.

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