Better or Verse: Autumn Haiku Poetry Challenge

Missy: Hey guys!
Jacey : hey
Missy: How do how do poets sneeze? HAIKU! [said to mimic an “achoo” sound]
Jacey: [laughs]
Eld: Wow. Wow.I need to go. Jacey: I feel like I should’ve seen that coming but I didn’t and it was very cute.
Missy: [laughing] [Swords clanging sound effect] Jacey: This is our final season right?
Eld and Missy: Yeah
Jacey: We started with winter. Missy: and now it’s autumn. Alright, quick recap! What is a haiku? A haiku is a 7, 5, 9 [in German] nein nein nein neing! [laughs] A haiku is a 5, 7, 5 syllables three-line poem from Japan. And we’re
gonna focus on nature themes and not describing emotion directly. No human
emotions—all just natural descriptions. And today’s theme is autumn or fall!
And with me I have the wonderful incredible Jacey Chase. Jacey: [gasps] Hi, what’s up!
Missy: And the amazingly talented
Eldkrind Eld: Heyyy [sounding bored] Missy: So welcome back to another haiku.
Jacey: I was like so flattered
and blushing and Eld’s like Uhhh Missy: Like can’t you think of anything better to tell me?
Eld: [sarcastically] Come on Missy, you know I’m the most amazing person ever
[Missy and Jacey laugh] Missy: Alright! So I forgot what was last time our timer.
Jacey: Oh gosh was it seven minutes?
Eld: yeah, it was 7 minutes.
Missy: yeah, I think it was 7 minutes. Jacey: What about six?
Missy: Okay 6 it is
Eld: You and your bargaining Jacey! Jacey: [laughing] yeah I always to negotiate.
Missy: 6 it is!
Jacey: alright 6 minutes? Are we, are we are we just gonna go? Jacey: Arlight are you guys ready? Uhh Missy: ready…
Jacey: 6 minutes….
Missy and Jacey: GO!
Jacey: Alright! Eld: I haven’t been thinking about this at all
Missy: No I need to actually figure out what I want to write.
Eld: Oh god! Eld: Now I’m a competition
Missy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… okay hmm? Seven! Missy:I have my middle one.
Eld: Did we… I can’t remember…
Oh yeah especially because we did sprint and summer in the same session. Jacey: Yeah. Oh gosh! I have a syllable question. What do you think the word fiery is? Is it fi-e-ry, three syllables? Or fier-y, two syllables? Missy: I would have said two
Jacey: Two? I think the way I say it I was thinking three. Jacey: Like fi-e-ry. Fi-re. Is fire one or
two? I feel like that always comes up.
Missy:I have in mind like “fee-ry” Jacey: oh yeah
Missy: as an alternate pronunciation.
Jacey: Gotcha.
Missy:I’m not sure. Missy: I think I looked it up actually at
some point like years ago and I can’t remember Jacey: Yeah, I feel like I gotta look it up
[typing] “how many syllables in fire?” Missy: I’m already stuck
Jacey: One!
Missy: I have my middle line, that’s it.
Jacey: okay if fire is one then fiery is two.
Missy: yeah
Jacey: yeah, 2 . There’s a site: Jacey: that’s actually really helpful. I didn’t know about that.
Missy: I already have everything about
Eld: [whipsers] Oh god. Missy: autumn or fall aesthetic that I can add to anything. So I’m done. I don’t know
Jacey: oh wow Missy: no I I’m missing two lines. I’m just… I have no idea any more
Eld: Oh got I’m REALLY stuck on the middle line Missy: What is fall without being Halloween? I don’t want to add any Halloween. Jacey: yeah I mean if you get the two poems maybe you could. Missy: I’m just not a fan of Halloween because Halloween is starting to replace October and I like golden October so much better Jacey: Wow that’s interesting. Yeah I like Halloween but I kind of think of it as like it’s just part of fall. Jacey: it’s like one aspect of it that I
Missy: Yeah it’s just it’s such a American holiday thing and I hate that is
replacing the local holidays.
Eld: yeah Eld: Oh no! Jacey: Yeah I could see that. We have three minutes left by the way.
Eld: Is leaves one or—
Missy: NO! Jacey: [laughing] We’re too out of touch! We’re too out of practice! Jacey: Uhh leaves? One.
Missy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… okay! Umm Eld: God this is not good. [laughs]
Missy: [softly] Shit! Eld: Oh no! [coughs] Who’s idea was it to go smaller?
Missy:I don’t even have one by the end of this! Missy: Why did I argue for this faster limit? It’s too much pressure! [Quietly typing] Missy: Ack!
Eld: Grr
Missy: What else is autumn? What else?
Eld: [whispering softly to himself] Jacey: You know, I feel like I should have more practice with this.
Eld: yeah.
Jacey: I’ve been writing haikus as a reward on my stream, [unintelligible] but they’re all like joke
Missy: yeah joke would be so much easier right now as a theme. We should do that
at some point.
Eld: yeah Eld: Oh God Eld: I all of my ideas are like linked to so many human emotions and human actions. Jacey: yeah it’s hard!
Eld: yeah I only have one.
Jacey: I got one done. Eld: Oh God everything is everything is human emotions! What the hell? I don’t like this!
Yeah I feel like especially because fall is like “Oh everything is going to sleep” but
that is a very human and animal thing, to go to sleep. Missy: yeah I keep going back to
harvest but harvest is also like way [unintelligible] Eld: yeah that’s very true.
Missy: And I’m trying to
figure out a way to make it less so.
Eld: Hmmm. Jacey: Oh god! We have like 10 seconds!
Missy: NO! [frantic typing] Jacey: Uhhh. We… are… out of
Eld and Missy: Nooo
Jacey: I got one poem done. Eld: I got one poem done too. We overachieved.
Jacey: [laughing] We did! I don’t know that another minute would have really saved us though to be honest.
Eld: Who know?
Jacey: Who knows. That’s true. Jacey: Yeah we fell out of our groove.
Jacey: We lost it. Missy: Yeah. We should have done this more regularly.
[Everyone laughs] Jacey: Ahem, so… uhh. Who wants to rip the bandaid off and go first? Eld: I can go first.
Jacey: Alright go for it.
Missy: I still don’t like my last words so I haven’t written it yet.
Eld: oh wow wow so you’re kind just cheating?
Missy: No, I, I
Jacey: Or failed. Missy: I am a failure!
Eld: NO! NO! I don’t like calling you a failure! Eld: cheater is better!
[Missy laughing] [Everyone laughing] Jacey: I kind of agree actually. ‘Cuz you know I can condone like cheating sometimes. Eld: yeah
Jacey: but failure means you gave up and that’s not good
Eld: yeah. I’ll give you some time by reading mine. The air crispens up, leaves falling in the forest, the world slumbering Eld: I just realized slumbering it sleep! So I
can’t get away! I can’t get away from action. I just realized that.
Jacey: Oh yeah I don’t
know that I—that mine works but it’s really hard cuz I was trying to write a
second one and I realize it was all about how things like smell and taste and
I mean does that make sense cuz we’re trying to go for imagery but um I didn’t
have time for that one so I scrapped it but the one that I got is: Red orange yellow, fiery colors in the wind, yet cool to the touch Eld: Oh that’s nice
Missy: Interesting Jacey: so that idea of like, there’s leaves. And they’re swirling around you.
Missy: Yeah Jacey: But it’s cold, but the colors are very warm. Ialways think that’s interesting about fall is that there is such warm color but it’s chilly.
Missy: Starting to get cold.
Eld: yeah Jacey: Eld’s make me want to take a nap
Eld: Maybe it’s just because of sleeping. Missy: To be fair, sleepy is a very fall aesthetic. Eld: Yeah. I think it’s hard to not go with very sensory things during fall because fall really punches you in the face with
everything happening. Meanwhile summer is so like calm and everything is just the same
Jacey: yeah and fall’s like it’s cold! and there’s pumpkin spice everywhere and—
Eld: Oh my god. Last week we had—
Missy: Yeah I was hard trying so hard not to add pumpkins to mine! Missy: Alright I figured out a better
word Okay so! Golden corn swaying, red leaves
dancing on the breeze, fields of harvest grown. Jacey: oh I like that. I like that a lot!
Eld: very farmer
Missy: thank you Jacey: I like how colorful it is too.
Missy: Yeah, like for me fall and or
autumn or whatever you want to call it it’s very much like yellow and orange
and red leaves dancing around me like in little of whirls of wind. So I wanted that feeling. Missy: and then I had like my middle sentence and it was like okay so
what else? Jacey: Yeah.
Eld: I feel like you definitely did well.
Both you and Jacey, you did really good. Missy: Even though I cheated?
Eld: Yeah. I’ll look away for this once, but only this once. Jacey: [laughing] Everybody gets one.
Eld: Yeah. Eld: Jacey already used theirs like five times
Jacey: Yeah that’s true. Jacey: I’m actually cheating because I’m still trying to write a second one just cuz it’s in my head. Jacey: Okay this is the second one Iwrote. Because I really want to get some
pumpkin spice coffee.
[Everyone laughing] Jacey: So I wrote:
a touch of sweet spice, steam
rises from a hot cup, pumpkin spice coffee! Missy: just adding like a Starbucks ad.
Jacey: Mhmm. Yeah uh, hire me.
Eld: this can be Venture Crew’s first sponsor.
Jacey: first sponsored video!
Eld: Starbucks
Missy: with a new jingle for starbucks Missy: Alright so…
Jacey: Man! That was hard! [laughing]
Eld: [laughing]
Missy: I loved yours though. Jacey: Thanks. Yeah I really liked you guys did. I still wanna take a nap from Eld’s.
Missy: Yeah Missy: I mean we came up with something!
Eld: yeah!
Jacey: Yeah we did! We did! And we only barely cheated. Eld: We had, we had fun doing it?
Jacey: and that’s the most important part!
Missy: and we had a time panic.
Eld: fun panic. Jacey: so is that it’s gonna wrap up haikus for us for a while?
Missy: yeah, I think I want to focus on Missy: yeah, I think we did a year on haiku. Now we’re gonna have to start looking at other poetry. So I hope you like this! If
you wrote along and did the challenge please share either in the comments or
in our discord. Link below. Like, subscribe all those fun things! Hit the button! Push
push the button!
Jacey: Ring the bell!
Missy and Eld: Ring the bell! Jacey: I don’t know what that means but do it! Missy: Yeah uh, thank you! And see you again soon hopefully! Bye! Jacey: Bye! Until our next adventure!
Eld: Until our next adventure
Missy: Until the next adventure! Yeah!

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