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welcome welcome to between the covers the show for readers and writers and lovers of books I'm Stephanie Larkin author book developer publisher and head penguin of read Penguin Books we're a publishing company that publishes and works with authors of all genres and types so whether you have a book and a manuscript all ready to go or maybe a book that's still kind of stuck in your head or your heart just go to read Penguin Books calm and we will help you to unleash your inner author a big thank you tonight to our sponsor Don Pablo coffee all of my authors out there know how important a good cup of coffee is because you're probably up all night long and if you are Don Pablo coffee is absolutely the way to go I'm so thrilled tonight to be joined by not one not two but three fabulous fabulous children's authors so please welcome Paul Pola and Delaney thank you so much before we get to anything I have between the covers membership cards our members get and please go to between the covers and you can sign up for to join you get wine I mean hey and we tell our members come over anytime were filming we get wine but we they also borrow all of our books Paul you've been with us you have a membership card tough Elaine and bola you get this down you you are our second returning author I'm an alumni yes you're an alumni and I love that because our other author who came back bill Magee of he was here for a novel and then he was here for a nonfiction book that is kind of an expose on the airline industry you know he's he is actually you know the consumer advocate for the airline industry and you were here for a novel series and now you're here for a children's book so I love this and and in talking to the two of you I hear there were also you're here for children's books and both of you said oh was I supposed to bring my adult book oh there's adult books – so I guess you're coming back because if there's other books yeah I guess you're coming back but please if you I hear about news from our show get free book offers meet our authors more in-depth ly please go to between the covers and you could watch all of our past episodes and learn more about our authors well since we were doing children's books today I couldn't help but find like some of my favorite children's book quotes so I want to see if mine kind of match up with yours so Bobbie do we have that first children's book quote there we go from the little prince it is only with the heart that one can see rightly what is essential is invisible to the eye now I have three children's authors here did you read the book no no did either of you I had to read it in French class in French and that that quote really fell on deaf eyes when I did it in French let's try for our second one here's our second one I think you've read this book from Peter Pan okay and the famous quote the moment you doubt whether you can fly you cease forever to be able to do it that's hardly my favorites it's a great quote that's a great quote and I was I was almost kind of depressed thinking you know like you if it's true maybe it is maybe little kids can do everything and then all of a sudden they become big kids and they say I can't do that and it's kind of like you know when you stop believing in a lot of things I go through a magical period and all of a sudden they become little adults and that's it and that's it who's that capability you know I really I really do believe that the younger they are the closer in touch they are with you know the real essence um you know they say we only use what five percent of our brain I think little kids can do a lot more before we clutter it up we do we clutter it up and I think we do clutter it up with a lot of no and a lot of you can't do that it's a video like like Peter Pan you can't fly I was kind of depressed when I wrote that quote but I'm gonna try to get over it next quote our next quote and I know you read this book too from Winnie the Pooh okay okay I think hopefully you'll like this one promise me you'll remember you are braver than you believe stronger than you seem and smarter than you think bad we should all four of us over our desks right and I know you know children's authors you work with kids and want to build them up and I know that's what you're doing is you your books when we talk about Wow it's about building up the kids yes it really is so much about building up the kids absolutely don't they don't they I mean it's just awful I feel like every single day I turn on the news and some young child you know killed themselves over bully or something it just is so incredibly tragic the worst part is when something happens and the parents didn't realize what was going on right they find out about it too late it's too late that's got to be the worst feeling oh I can't even imagine I can't even imagine I I have three of my own kids and yeah I'm very much in their face and they know it cuz I want to know everything that's going on yes absolutely wheeling yes my husband will tell you yeah they call me 24/7 which is good I agree I agree and our final quote and I loved this one here's a quote from Charlotte's Web trust me Wilbur people are very gullible they'll believe anything they see in print very true how many people I saw it on the Internet yeah I know I know sattell days I read it the times you know gonna be true it's got to be true well we have a huge responsibility as authors because people believe us I mean that's fabulous but it is a huge huge responsibility I know the three of you are up and it's a it's a responsibility but we should remember yeah oh absolutely yeah I agree with that you know we do have power you have power I mean look at how much has changed in the world because of writing even not just nonfiction I'm not just talking the Federalist Papers I'm talking you know Upton Sinclair I'm sure you know novels have changed the world that we live in so we're looking at three very powerful people here well I'm 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reality welcome back to between the covers and thank you so much for joining us our first author guest today is actually a repeat author Paul milah was on with us before promoting his book killer in paradise which is actually part of it a whole five books five book series of paul is an avid scuba diver photographer all sorts of things and we're going from killer in paradise which by the way I loved your book absolutely I'm dying to go back there now because of it but we're going from killer and paradise to a very different we're not killing anything here Harry Hawksbill helps his friends but again with the underwater theme right fantastic this is a gorgeous absolute look at this book I mean this is just stunning well we wanted to what we wanted to do is try and use some underwater photography because kids love the real images and creatures I can't imagine or all these your photograph yes except for the tool that one I mean that's uh there was one on page okay of course you can't take a selfie take a selfie well you could the whatever I didn't write and a very last page a close-up of oh yes okay but every one of the other pictures so you actually see this stuff when you go that's what you see down there doesn't look quite that bright because the water you know the Blues take over so you need bright light to bring out the colors oh oh good flash is what you need to bring out the color when you're on the wall oh the way the book came about was that I happen to be the scuba exposition in New Jersey called beneath the sea and there was a publisher there called best publishing company that did underwater dive medicine hyperbaric medicine and they do some dive fiction and nonfiction and then one of the branch into a children's line so I happened to be doing a book signing for my other books in two different booths and they said would you like to do a Troubles book and I said I never thought about doing that but give it a shot so I went back and kind of went through my photos and I said well what can I take if we're gonna use photographs instead of an illustrator I need some some creature that gives you good shots all the time right and turtles all right up there hang around unless you didn't do something stupid I try and reach them Muslim you are the first author you know you all ask author guests how did you come about picking your protagonist their name their character you're the one first one who went for photogenic second thing is characters around this main character and who hangs around turtles but angelfish oh the water went rebels eat sponges and things the little bits float around and the angelfish hang around and eat them so they're always around so I thought I have a main character I have some other characters that have some nice photos that can I do a nice story about it and how did you get inspired by the story well that was interesting when I was growing up my mother used to have 33 and a third LP oh yes the big one and when I was four or five she'd be doing housework and South Pacific was on all the time oh we heard that I heard it on this was a bet loved it was great and there was one song in there that I that kind of stayed with me and if you want to queue it up because maybe listen to it now Bobby do you have our a little clip from South Pacific for us thank you you well thank you for letting a little Broadway enjoy doing covers welcome musicals are great absolutely budget Hammerstein and Alan Jay Lerner and Loewe fans you know so anyway so as a kid I took that kind of literally I said why do you want to teach a kid like I don't understand it it was until I got older that I understood you know these right right not to take it literally and what it really meant and another funny part of that is that when I was growing up up until the age of like four years all I used to go to the table and sing some enchanted evening anyway so so anyway so I said okay that's a pretty neat story to tell kids I said that'll be a great story for this book so I was looking for something to teach kids that would not be too preachy you know anyway but a nice message for today's well it's a great message for today so the message of the book is that you know Harry has his angel fish friends who because they're they look different or not getting along with each other and they don't hang around with each other and he teaches them that why they look different from each other they're more alike than they realize if they spend time getting to know each other they like each other that's the message of the book besides learning a little bit about sea life that's the main message of the book oh that's fabulous so it's a beautiful book with an important message that's it absolutely and now what do you do i I know with our adult books you might do book readings and things like that with the children's book well I I know that there's one big fan of your book right now because when you were on the last time you graciously asked me is there somebody in your life that would like a book and I have a young goddaughter great it's just five years old everything he autographed it for me and I brought it over and she the authors that's what you want to hear that somebody loves you oh she absolutely adores your book but you do work with children at all I go into as many schools as I can get into to try and read I just did a reading recently for a Carl place in the Cherry Lane school for all these second graders and they had a fantastic time they related to the book ask great questions really got into the theory of the theme of the book and it was wonderful so plus I bought some books so which was great as well and you know when you're going in you're talking about acceptance and you're also talking about you know preservation of sea life right you know there's there's kind of a double message when you go in that you're talking about environmental issues and of course and you'd be surprised how up on these topics kids are today because they see it on the news they they they watch all the national Geographics it's right there so they're very conversant about a lot of these issues which is great to see when you go into these they're and they're very engaged they love it so it's so going into the schools of something you're open to yes oh yeah did you hear that viewer she's open to it you know we have a way to do it that you know well I'm reading I have another somebody else can be turning the pages so the kids stay engaged right and and what a beautiful book for them to be looking at from their seats oh yes just so vivid and beautiful it's been great and I'm thinking about doing a sequel kicking around some ideas in my mind you know so we'll see if a sequel can come about maybe in the next year or so yeah well well the sequel have the turtle the Gator oh yeah we have Harry Harry will help somebody else this time oh okay what I'm thinking is maybe he might be helping Gracie the green turtle find a place to lay her eggs because now all the beaches have been condos out and oh I doubt you know all this building on the beaches and turtles have to go back to the same Beach they were born from the lay their eggs it takes about 25 years for twiddled mature to be able to come back and those 25 years the beach might not be there anymore it might be a Hilton you know oh gosh I didn't even think about that yes right or right or condos so have to make it from the beach back to the water yes which is 25 years 25 years and the odds against turtles are pretty high because a turtle will weigh about a hundred eggs a 1:1 nest and during the course of the season she might lay several nests but the odds of a turtle making it to adulthood to reproduce is about approximately one in a thousand so out of every 100 nests of eggs maybe one might make it maybe none might make it so it the odds are really against them like nature we have to you know either help nature or not get in the way can you tell our audience where we can find you both for your children's book and your well they're on Amazon's yes under my name Paul viola or you can just look them up and also my love books calm my website where they can I can autograph a copy and sign it and send it and those are the two main ways and they're on Kindle carries not on Kindle he's just a physical book but all the other books on Kindle and also paperback terrific and if you're not quite sure where to find his books you could always go to between the covers we have all of Paul's links to his website to his books and such so please grab a copy these are beautiful books whether you're an adult or child we're going to hear from our sponsors and would be back with our next author thanks [Applause] [Applause] are you a Thai lover you love the diversity and ties because they come in different colors fabrics patterns etc get access to a wide variety of neckties buy from or trade with other Thai lovers don't wear ties anymore you have more ties than you know what to do it wants to turn all those ties into real money do you just meet a Thai you just need a tie for a special occasion now you can buy a tie today and sell it tomorrow the necktie exchange the online retailer where you buy sell and trade neckties register today welcome back welcome back to between the covers I am so delighted to be joined tonight by polar GRU theist she gave me a pile of books and and during the commercial break I said do I have them all she said well no I have more in my hand so obviously it incredibly there's Fraulein her brother but look at this in case I forgot the the latest book I don't know if that's the most recent one I'm okay but there it is there's the book there's the t-shirt that was my first children's I was your first oh that's so special that it was your first your first of how many now kind that well 8h but you'll see in a way it's six but you'll see there's three versions of one of them okay tell us a little bit about your books and then okay well I've been a rhymer I love that she's not a writer she's arrived and as a speech therapist I was motivated to put some rhyme together yes and I used to print it out and give it to the kids until I was inspired to have it turned into a real book by this wonderful company leg work yes and it was basically a message about self-esteem to help kids but also because I talk about all different activities it was also for social skills so I was able to reach out with that one fabulous and because I worked on vocabulary with the kids I wrote one about you know when you were born some years ago not one single word did you know and then talk about how they ended up Bobby's medical or coming in oh okay so this one is just introducing the whole concept of how we learn and the reason I talked about six versus eight is I was inspired by somebody to do a different version our children with some physical challenges and some with hearing challenges so it's also teaching about vocabulary but with some different rhymes in I love that are appropriate for them yes beautiful and because I was doing vocabulary with children I did a rhyming book on all kinds of vacuum we had different topics as a speech therapist so this one's on occupations and right now I'm working on one on transportation and working on emotion so I have a few different vocabulary books right coming with different topics as somebody who got so depressed by watching the news I just wanted to get a message thank you yeah well that went up high it's not about our religion culture or race it's about putting a smile in everyone's face rhymes been inspired here that I love and then I was inspired by somebody since I'm rhyming all the time why don't you do want to teach children to listen to their parents oh my tur Lao you know in college but hey man this was incredible I was full of Lieberman in South Africa where they are really working on recycling well and I had this conversation with somebody and you know I happen to mention that I do children's books and she said put one together about recycling that's it okay well home and I did some research people you're the only person I know who would know how to rhyme recycle and if you picked your protagonist on the basis of photogenic she picked it on who rhymes with I love that so that's and I'm you know I'm just really enjoying rhyming Wow how long has it been since the first book – now that was about ten years okay so this is a ten year journey that we were looking at here how exciting and you work with what ages as a speech pathologist basically kindergarten to sixth grade okay and you get to use your own material yeah isn't that fabulous do you or other speech pathologists using your material is that I usually hand out the vocabulary book to them and sometimes I'm okay I mean right right hand out a lot of books because I want to get these messages out you know yes well that's why I was asking Paul even like about readings and schools and what do you do to get the books out of mine not just as a selfish thing on I want people reading my book but because you have a gift and it's a message and I enjoy it so much I'm always having a great time being in front of the kids and you know asking them questions or after I'm okay you know what was the message of that book and you know I just talked about different things and I have questions on the vocabulary one like a thinking question like it'll actually say your parents could put you down almost anywhere and say how could they do that when you were first born like trying to get them to think about oh I wasn't walking in I wasn't crawling here so I I try to put different things in the books that that give me questions to ask the kids when I go in and we have authors nights sometimes and sometimes we even get to speak a few minutes libraries once in a while where we'll give a little speech and I'm so excited for so exciting for the kids to meet author I told you that poet my goddaughter saw your name on it just you know the authors Paul I'm gonna make you I have a pin here because I want an autographed copy of this but you know it is very exciting when you're with the children and you're the author and you wrote the book and you're there you're you're reading and you're showing and that alone says such a powerful message to the children about you can do anything you choose another message we want to get out there for them yeah absolutely absolutely it is that's fantastic now tell me a little bit about process when you write a children's book you know there's got to be a lot to get it from the message to this beautiful glossy now this is very different from you know mr. photographer over here do you have in visions of what you want each page to look like and someone that you work with or how does that work originally I went on a website and then I gave all those pictures to an illustrator okay and this Marion pikmin she was an illustrator for a few years recently I was inspired to go on a website and I've been using this website called Shutterstock okay I know so I end up just kind of picking my own pictures all right then no they're they're not photographs though no so they have on Shutterstock pictures that are non photographs yeah okay yes they had photographs but that's not what I've been using you know I've been using I didn't even realize that that was a thing that shutterstock had pictures graphic yeah they have so many choices I had no idea yeah I've I've used Shutterstock for photography it never dawned on me that there was graphic design there also well but what's nice about that for you and this is not to meet you oh look at this let's let's be careful with the straws yes absolutely is that you get to select you know I am sure every children's author works differently and some work with an illustrator and some I would guess send off the text to an illustrator by by selecting pictures almost like you were speaking about selecting pictures it puts it a little more in your ballpark creatively mm-hmm that you get to select exactly what you want it to be it's just kind of a nice doing that yeah so that's a different process for you then you hope you you haven't worked that way previously right just the last couple of books okay something for our authors out there in the audience to consider that they can go to shutterstock and maybe give this a whirl you know I've had other authors I had an author and illustrator duo on and they work so closely together they were like two peas in a pod and what a wonderful relationship but if you don't have that kind of a relationship with somebody you know you're you're you know left with other options or strangers or you know I'm Beth so I'm glad to hear what path you chose and it's working I'm really enjoying it now you had two other books there besides these books what are those two well years ago when I was rhyming some of my experiences in life and also emotions that I was going through and this got published by somebody else and I was just inspired also by somebody to put it together I had never planned at that point to do business books until they went back to speech therapy and then because I just a happier person these days I was just giving people advice on being happy letting go of the pen yes this is the same you a different view just how we can grow and get past things like how you ride the title I'm still loving recycle Michael I love to rhyme I fall over here and we're just gonna hear from our sponsors we'll be right back you got a lot of books a sign when you trust yourself you have the power to make up your life studio 1031 is an environment where excellence is always expected we work with all types of people from all walks of life we give deserving women something that they wouldn't give themselves come join this makeup movement when you're feeling down turn your life around make up your life do you have a book either in your head 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tonight next up we have Elaine Gilmartin who is a social worker yes and writer and that gives a completely different perspective well this is interesting because we have a scuba diver and writer a speech pathologist and writer and a social worker and writer so we're getting like all facets of how to approach our children yes absolutely so tell us a little bit about lucky in the shoebox tales and how you came to be writing and what you do because I'm just fascinated and we also have to tell you why it's on EA Gilmartin as Tivoli could we were talking before about like children's books a quote you've had like when I was a child books to me were like paradise I would just love to see like a summer afternoon I would just stay in my room and read I love to write so it's a child if you love reading as a child everything everywhere you like hands on really I just I was an avid reader are you still an avid reader yeah but I know I'm the enemy I know so I've always loved to write so I've kind of done it just for pleasure over the years ROM but now I'm a social worker by profession and what I do is I work with children primarily who are in foster care looking for permanent families right so getting to know them and seeing what these kids struggle with it's it's incredibly sad it's really really sad so for these children they can get really lost in their imaginations because reality for them is not pleasant so reading a fantasy book like that isn't escape to them okay so I vacuum written two books that was based on that the other one which I didn't bring was counting rose which is actually more of like middle school aid okay but lucky in the cubox Tales it's for a slightly younger group what I do is this book is about an eight year old girl whose mother is struggling so she's neglectful mm-hmm but that's really not a child wouldn't really pick up on that so much right so really what the book is this young girl who has no connection she's very Lois very scared goes through this one episode which I won't go too much into the plot because it's you don't really know surprise book yes yeah but he learns our own inner strength resiliency it's it's it's kind of a fantasy book a lot of it is her imagination right but through more imagination she then learned that you can conquer challenges and she gains a little self-confidence and then of course is happy ending at that book because again for the thank goodness with yes we want like that's kind of the themes I have in the book is that like for the children I work with there is no security and tomorrow there's no permanency oh my god breaking but don't even like even possessions mean nothing to them because these are kids who've lost everything so having some kind of inner strength resilience knowing there's at least one adult out there who will always be a constant source of support is it just absolutely essential for these kids when you wrote this book did you have you don't have to tell some names but a particular child's that you're working with in mind well interestingly not with this child so much okay this was kind of more of like just a compilation of different kids I've worked with but I wrote and Counting rose and that book actually was again it's like middle school and twelve-year-old children but I wrote that book from the perspective of a number of classmates okay and within the class is a 12 year old boy who's kind of new to their school and he's odd he's an odd duck and now the kids know and kids pick on him and they bully and a teacher gets annoyed because he's distracted but then one of the knows your kids kind of finds out with his kids living in a foster home and he suffered a lot of abuse and loss and that child was somewhat based on child I work with yeah so that was like and so I was kind of reading like so I actually had one of his his viewpoint was also in the book as well right so I was trying to imagine knowing what he experienced right what his feelings were now on the flip side besides what inspired you to write the book as far as people mm-hmm were you inspired to write so that your I don't know what you call them the children that you work with clients for the kid would read the book you know like was it written yeah there's there's so many reasons why we write all of us writers yeah some people write for catharsis I I can't imagine going to work the way you do and and thank God you do and I thank you so much for all of those kids I can't imagine seeing what I'm sure you see on a regular basis so you know I could understand if you said to me I wrote the books because I had to dump everything that was in my head in my heart onto the pages as a matter of a cathartic act I could also understand if you said to me you know this is exactly the book that I would like to hand to every kid that I work with so I wrote that story so that when I meet with them I could say here's a book take it you know there's a lot of there's a lot of use in my head what what exactly did inspire you it doesn't necessarily be I mean it's anytime I write I think it is cathartic the act itself but I really meant it not just for the children who are in those circumstances but for other kids to understand the circumstances yeah because I feel like so I work with these kids and they they go to public school they're in a foster home or a so pre adoptive family so it could be the child sitting next to you in the third grade you have no idea when their family situation is long yes and because these kids do not like the reality of their lives they are want to create their own fiction and so these kids have said things like oh my dad's a superhero he's just great firefighters saved everyone well in the meantime ya know what your dad is or does and dad's in jail or you know so other children see them as being odd offbeat they're just you know and so I that's why I like for other kids to read them yes okay now again it has the typical family or you know some kids have lost everything and they're suffering right so don't judge because the behavior might be odd maybe they did lie to you find out no dad's not the superhero or you're not a millionaire or a princess right okay you know what accept this child for who he or she is and you know be open to having a friendship but I love that I love that because you know so often we have no idea what I mean the person sitting next to you on the train could have such struggles yes yeah and you know we as humans I think need to be a lot nicer we as adults yeah you know need to realize that that person who's sitting in the next seat could be going through the darkest times and just a little smile just a little excuse me do you know anything could be the human contact they needed and so much for our children too you know because they really I mean I would never even think that my own children could be sitting next to a child who has lost everything what are you describing yes because they're also so highly defended they can come across as a little oh I'm sure that if you know my children god forbid we're in those circumstances they very much act out yes exactly so just yeah I would guess that would be the message just to be more patient with one another more understanding in general you know not only I think is this a great book for children to read but for their teachers to read as well you know and I and I certainly hope that our teachers are reading all of the books that are on the Shelf in their classroom library partly because I'd like to think they're screening or at least you know have an understanding so when a child comes up to the teacher and says what what is this all about but I'm sure that the teachers have no idea what's in their classroom yeah no they don't they don't until then we work with the families like ideally the situation is that we get the child into a pre adoptive home we work to the point when they get adopted right but in the meantime they have to go to these teachers and say okay well you know Johnny's coming in here in January because he was placed in her home and this is background because they don't know and right away the the you know if the child's acting out or is you know not focused the teacher might be yes and and you know the teachers have 30 children in front of them in there yeah yeah pulls thin and I certainly understand how difficult but maybe a book like yours just to give them that you know perspective mm-hmm yes you know for the school children and for the teachers yeah for all of us you know this is the first I've heard of this to be honest I would never honestly think that as my child was seeing in or playing in the playground that there was a possibility that the children that they were with were anything other than from the kind of scenario that my kids are from yes and this is incredibly eye-opening to me and if I don't know certainly the kids have no idea thank you just have a special a do they get to help them with the kids I will that depends some of them do need an aide other ones don't have an aide and because these kids again they're you know suffer great loss in their childhood right their development is delayed emotionally and socially too right so they tend to act younger they don't have you know skills that other children would have you know as patients and so on so yeah and that's what's so important it kind of reinforces that negative image they have of themselves that the other children oh it's bringing them so yeah so it's well seen you sitting here and you are like a bright light and I'm sure that all of those children and families it's the families are tremendous they are tremendous because they give these children unconditional acceptance Wow and it takes time it takes years for these children to really start to believe I'm okay if that's what happened to me but that's not who I am right but it takes a lot of devotion and time and commitment by these parents well they are the shining light that at Children's off there's all three if you are really trying not just have pretty pictures you know but to actually get a message across because the kids need so much to hear that message so thank you thank you for all the parents out there and from all the kids for getting that message out there to our kids now besides how you know fabulous you all are are you having fun writing yes what's the best thing about being a writer can you think about that is there a good thing well you just mentioned one to me Paul during the commercial break is that you did not know when you started writing and then you joined the Long Island authors killed but you would make such great friends along the way but incredibly interesting people who also are out there to help you know and it's just amazing the friendships and the contacts and the relationships I've made you couldn't put a price on that's fabulous that's a great bribe by-product because I think it's joy you know to have this creative gift any other great things of being a writer because we want to inspire people we want to inspire people to read and write yes yeah just getting our thoughts out there and whatever we want to teach I just I find them just I can't even explain it and it just fills me up I never feel like I don't know what the word boring means because I have nothing sometimes I get thank-you notes from the kids after they've gotten the books and filter back either through teachers and it's amazing to see what they write and how you affect this how you how you touch somebody else's life through your writing is an amazing thing well that's what do you read my mind on my next question was well you know what it did you have a certain moment that you you kind of remember that did it for you you know that was like that that pinnacle moment now for some people it's you know when they receive their Pulitzer but maybe one day but you know there's a million reasons to write a book and a Pulitzer is a very very small reason um you know is it is it the notes is it the seeing their faces is it that first time when you get the book back from the printer and you see your name on the cover it's kind of exciting it is really nothing is exciting is getting that book back and seeing your name on a lot of people compare it to having a baby the creative process though the creative process of birthing the book own it like yet it's all your effort and that's your this is absolutely you with your name stamped on the front and how exciting is that yes oh wow well we're just gonna hear from our sponsors and then I'm ready to hear from our authors about what they're reading Thanks Miami Don Pablo yes a masked event a honest man amore de una Columbiana viaje a soup is pecan OC une estilo de cafe muy distinto muy specia our estamos cafes excellent days Dory's amoebic Remus diferentes resultado in you Natasa complejo in Mullica to support the wave Unamuno quietly exit and I even got to keep the girl you inspired by aerobic classes in a dream body by Tomica has helped hundreds of women reach their fitness goals one size doesn't fit all and neither should your fitness experience body Matt Smith is about creating an environment where women can come together to work out meet new friends and get inspired whether you desire to lose weight tone up or prepare for a mommy makeover body bytes Mika is here to help body parts Mika is considerate to female weight loss challenges resulting from pregnancy and/or life changes that can be extremely resistant to diet and exercise a stubborn problem areas body by Tomica offers non-invasive aesthetic procedures such as laser lipo and wood slimming body contour book your free consultation today – see for yourself are you a Thai lover you love the diversity and ties because they come in different colors fabrics patterns etc get access to a wide variety of neckties buy from or trade with other Thai lovers don't wear ties anymore you have more ties than you know what to do it want to turn all those ties into real money do you just need a tie you just need a tie for a special occasion now you can buy a tie today and sell it tomorrow the necktie exchange the online retailer where you buy sell and trade neckties register today welcome back to between the covers thank you so much for joining us here well while we were on break we were just having quite the chat over here Elaine you brought a book along I did when I said what are you reading now and it's on my night table I am ready so tell us about it hold it up so everyone can see the cover okay yeah so this actually my daughter read this when doors at California shout out to you Sara Lee oh yeah so he read this first hillbilly elegy and then she gave this to me nice hole inscription as well and so I just finished this I love fiction but I've been reading a lot of nonfiction lately I love this book okay tell us why you love it has actually made quite a stir yeah yes indeed yes and you know almost ties into something like issues I work right you talking about families that are fractured yeah there's a reason substance abuse poverty right right cycles of that so this young man who you know it's on the back of coverage he went on to Yale Law School tremendous and he's brilliant but he was one of the lucky ones yes and again it goes back to that like resiliency you need to have something in your childhood that gets you through all the adversity things but it's just an interesting to read this because you're seeing he grew up in like Ohio something Kentucky right it was middle America yeah middle America yeah yeah and what he saw around him like despair yeah and people not seeing possibility right did you say that's not in their experience fabulous book I'm dying to read it with the knife reading ten thousand other books but it is there yes and Paul what did you bring along right you brought a big fat below showing obsolete no it's will show it off books in one OK bookstore I love Peter Benchley's writing oh yes we talked about we talked about jaws the less I wrote the beast and the girl for the Sea of Cortez I did not know about those the thing I like about Benchley's writing is that in a very few pages is able to make you care about a character right away and get you invested in that character which is something I've worked on and tried to do with my writing so I kind of like tried to copy his writing from that perspective I love that that's a great inspiration of everyone with us right now I love that well before we cut can you just remind our viewers who you are where we can find you where we can find your books oh okay my love books calm yes and also on Amazon after on Kindle and regular paper bag fantastic my books are on Amazon and I would love to you know bring them into school oh I'm glad you mentioned in that poll I think that oh I know that Paul mentions going into schools and doing readings that's something that you'd be open to also and yes and that's an opportunity sometimes it's to know authors night and sometimes you're going into a classroom during the day and it's all a very positive experience fabulous fabulous Elaine and yes I have the two books counting Rose and lucky on Amazon as well I have one other on publishing okay so you can find me on EA Gilmartin rights calm yeah he killed Martin right calm and you can find all of our authors at between the covers all of their links are there their books are there if you are involved in a school or another setting with young people and would like to have one of our authors in to talk with your kids they all have such incredibly important powerful messages they would love to speak with young people read show them the books and talk to them about the message thanks for joining us on between the covers TV calm and happy reading you you

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