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there's already so much drama thanks to the nine or – oh no reboot fans have been so excited about this comeback but is the show in serious trouble before it even begins everyone it's really funny and we wanted to show that side of them we'll bring together a lot of comedy some drama sounds like BH 902 100 is bringing more drama than they expect it the novel total reboot is actually going to be we have no idea we haven't started yet the Fox series set to air in August just lost its showrunner and a big chunk of its writing staff not a reality show whatsoever no it's a scripted show definitely we're playing ourselves eventually recreating a reboot the show may be a comedy but behind the scenes not so much according to Variety one source said the writers and showrunners jump ship because two of the lead actresses are running the show but another source said they were unhappy with one of the executives Jennie Garth seemed to confirm the tension in a birthday pose to Tori Spelling saying Wow we've been through some and today was no exception shannen doherty addressed the rumor she's being a control freak head-on she says the only thing I'm a control freak over is my health and I refuse to be cast in the same villain role because journalists lack imagination and I certainly refused to be cheapened as a survivor and as a woman by them but the show must go on the fact that we get to do this again it's kind of like a double bonus with a new short runner in place the gang is headed back to work hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep you pop-culture

8 thoughts on “"Beverly Hills, 90210" Reboot Loses Showrunner & Writers | E! News

  1. I wonder if Brian Austin Green will allow Megan to watch this season

  2. As much as I loved the show, it turning comedy tuns me off, and without Dylan it’s shaky already, they could have done without Shannon I have never cared for her acting ability! I just hope it’s going to b worth the long wait for us the fans of the original! Crossing fingers, no emoji for that, mmm mmm!

  3. THIS WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER WORK WITHOUT DYLAN! RIP Luke Perry! We dont wanna see this w/o ALL OG cast members! Sorry not sorry!

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